Mother of the Bridgerton children (Benjamin, Anthony, Dominic, Isabella, and Mary). Her role on the show is that of mother to her six children and doting grandmother to her five grandchildren. If you’re looking for some laughs and feel-good television in your life, this show will not disappoint! Here are just five examples of when Violet Bridgerton was the best mom on TV! 5 Times Violet Bridgerton Was the Best Mom on TV

1) She encourages her daughters to be more independent

The Bridgertons are known for a sense of familial support, and no one is more supportive than their mother, Violet. She allows her daughters to experience life, even if that means taking risks and falling flat on their faces from time to time. In fact, she encourages it—encouraging her daughters to explore their options as they grow up and encouraging them not to settle when it comes to finding love.

2) She forgives her daughters mistakes (and cleans up after them too!)

The Dowager Viscountess (that’s a real title) from Jan Karon’s Bridgewater series has got to be one of our favorite fictional moms. She loves and supports her daughters, allowing them to live their lives according to their own rules, even if it means letting them fall flat on their faces. While she may not always agree with their choices, she accepts that they are capable women who can make their own decisions. And when they need help cleaning up after those decisions? Well, there’s no better person for that job than your mom!

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5 Times Violet Bridgerton Was the Best Mom on TV
5 Times Violet Bridgerton Was the Best Mom on TV

3) She isn’t afraid to let loose and have fun

Just because she’s a dowager viscountess doesn’t mean Ruth Gemmell, who plays Violet Bridgerton in season three of PBS’s Downton Abbey, is too uptight to have fun. We saw her dance up a storm with her grand-daughter at last year’s Christmas ball and then gush over said granddaughter in a fashion show. What we didn’t see her do? Be anything less than encouraging to her son, Anthony (Matthew Goode), as he struggled with his feelings for Lady Mary (Michelle Dockery). She might be set in her ways—after all, she has been married for 50 years—but that doesn’t mean Violet can’t be open-minded about some things. And it certainly doesn’t mean that she can’t put aside her own prejudices when it comes to someone like Lady Mary. That takes real love—and real bravery. There are plenty of times when children need their parents more than they ever will again—and those moments call for courage from both sides.

4) She never lets her past define her

It was heartbreaking when Nicholas died in A Bride Most Begrudging, but it didn’t stop Violet from loving her children, and there are no limits to what she will do for them. She’s always there for her kids, and that’s why we love her. She doesn’t take any of their crap: In The Duke and I, Violet had a lot of patience with her daughter Daphne, who wasn’t ready to settle down. But even though Daphne could be frustrating at times, Violet never gave up on her or treated her like a child. Instead, she encouraged Daphne to find happiness and supported all of her decisions—even if they were different than what she would have chosen for herself.

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5) She stands up for what she believes in

On Bridgerton, Ruth Gemmell had no problem standing up for her daughter—and she didn’t even have to say a word. Whenever daughter Lady Isabella was in danger of succumbing to pressure from her overbearing father, Viscount Bridgerton (John Standing), Violet quietly warned Isabella that she should never change herself to please others. Whether it was being told she wasn’t pretty enough or not intelligent enough, Isabella could always count on her mother’s unwavering support. When John put incredible pressure on his son Colin (Ed Westwick) to propose marriage to a high-society debutante, Violet stuck up for him instead and supported his decision not to marry without love.

Who plays Violet in Bridgerton?

Rosalyn Landor. She’s an English actress best known for playing Livia / Julia Caesonia in HBO’s Rome, a role for which she won a BAFTA award for best supporting actress. In 2012, she played Carlisle Cullen’s wife Esme in The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 2.

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What was Violet Bridgertons maiden name?

Violet is an intriguing character because she’s a strong woman. Being in charge of seven children and being forced to work with her family was difficult. It always amazes me how well these women were able to manage so many kids at once. I think that’s why I like characters like hers so much because not only did she handle raising all those kids but she found love as well. Now, if you don’t know who Violet Bridgerton is, then shame on you!

5 Times Violet Bridgerton Was the Best Mom on TV
5 Times Violet Bridgerton Was the Best Mom on TV

What else has Ruth Gemmell been in?

Although Ruth Gemmell played Violet, Dowager Viscountess Bridgerton on The Bachelorette, she’s also been in a number of popular movies and TV shows. In 2006, she was in Rise of the Footsoldier as Marie. She was also in 2008’s Death at a Funeral as Mrs.

Who was Ruth Gemmell in EastEnders?

Ruth Gemmell was a British actress born in Essex, who was best known for her role as Carol Jackson in EastEnders, which she played from February 1996 to September 2002. Gemmell began acting when she was eight years old and first performed at The Edinburgh Festival. In 1971, she appeared in Peter Hall’s production of Edward II at The Old Vic and made her television debut in 1975 with a small part in Grange Hill.

How old is Daphne in Bridgerton?

Daphne Bridgerton is just 3 years younger than Violet. Her birthday is May 12, 1785, making her 30 years old in 1815. In comparison, her brothers are all 10+ years older than her; Benedict was born in 1775, Colin in 1778 and Gregory in 1781. Edward and Jasper have a birth year between Daphne’s and Gregory’s.

What is the Queen sniffing in Bridgerton?

The Dowager Viscountess is old-fashioned, but that’s part of her charm. While other aristocratic women try to hide their emotions, Violet wears hers like a badge of honor. She is fierce and loyal and protective, in large part because she knows just how devastatingly easy it is to lose everything you have ever loved.

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