All six Bridgerton siblings have made waves in the ton, but Lord Jack Featherington might just be the most memorable of the bunch. The eldest Bridgerton son, Jack Baron Featherington, has starred in some of the most memorable books in Julia Quinn’s beloved Bridgerton series (which are all available on Audible). He’s also been portrayed by Rupert Young in the second season of The Bridgertons on MASTERPIECE on PBS, based on Quinn’s work and produced by New Pictures and Hulu. Jack Baron Featherington: The Patriarch of the Bridgerton Family

History/background story

Jack’s been a bit mysterious in his appearances to date, so we asked BBC America’s executive producer (and two-time author) Julian Murphy to tell us about Rupert Young as Jack and what it means for season 2. Rupert has brought something very different to Jack than any actor before him, Murphy tells us. He’s quite a dashing character who does things that are unexpected and may even appear stupid or rash, but are ultimately smart and get them out of trouble. He’s a little reckless, with an attitude that can be off-putting at times because he doesn’t look like he cares what anyone thinks.

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Lifestyle and hobbies

Although Jack and his wife, Lady Bridgerton, appear to have a happy marriage, there are some hints that he has not always been faithful. Before marrying Lady Bridgerton, he had a mistress, who was about to be announced as his bride at his engagement party when she suddenly left London to marry someone else. When he later proposed to Lady Bridgerton (and it seemed likely she would accept), his mistress returned briefly and tried unsuccessfully to rekindle their romance. Many years after they were married, Tom and Alex noticed that Jack was flirting with Lucinda Haverbrook at their sister-in-law Sophia’s funeral reception; Tom said then that Jack had never done such a thing before (although in A Bride for Mr.

Jack Baron Featherington: The Patriarch of the Bridgerton Family
Jack Baron Featherington: The Patriarch of the Bridgerton Family

Marriage and children

Before his marriage, Jack was known as a womanizer and rake. His love for Hermione would change him forever, and he would only then realize that all he wanted was to be with her. They are now happily married with two children; Will (age 5) and Mary (age 4). Their family home is in London at Winstead Hall, their townhouse on Park Lane. Jack loves his wife more than anything else in life, although he tends to worry about her overprotective nature towards Will and Mary.

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Q & A

What was it like to play Jack Baron Featherington in Season 2?

Playing Jack was a lot of fun. He’s very much like Prince Charles in terms of both his genteel personality and his role as head of an aristocratic family. Although he does not want to get married, he knows that he must for duty’s sake. When Anthony finally enters into a courtship with Julia, Jack is supportive; it’s just too bad that it takes them three years to get together!

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5′ 10 (1.78 m) Write a professional review based off the following description:

Bridgerton is a historical romance novel series written by Julia Quinn. The series focuses on eight different members of two families, The Bridgertons and The Darcys, who are interconnected through their various relationships with each other. Each book in the series is told from one particular character’s point-of-view, with that character being involved in some way with all or most of the other characters within that book’s storyline. As such, there are multiple subplots going on at any given time.

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The series was originally planned to consist of six books (as can be seen in an interview with Julia Quinn), but has since grown to include nine books so far and three more planned for future release. The first book, What Happens In London, was released in 2005; however, it was not until 2006 that the series gained popularity when A Lady Awakened won both Romance Writers of America’s RITA Award for Best Historical Romance Novel as well as its Golden Heart Award for Best Historical Romance Novel. Since then all novels have been New York Times bestsellers and received similar awards.

rupert young partner

In season one, he is married to Natasha (Joanna Vanderham), a Russian émigré with whom he has two children. Upon her return in season two, they are reconciled and are expecting another child when she dies during childbirth. Jack is devastated by her death and resolves to remain a widower. He also allows his three daughters to marry into other aristocratic families, much against their wishes.

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