The Bridgerton family, which consists of eight brothers and their families and friends, all living at Bridgerton House in London, has captivated millions of readers worldwide. As the newest installment in this beloved series, A Wedding to Remember has recently been released to rave reviews, which have praised author Julia Quinn’s wit and sense of humor that is characteristic of her writing in this series. But Bridgerton fans know there’s another character that has stolen our hearts—Philippa Finch, the middle Featherington daughter, who married Alistair Bridgerton at the end of Bride & Prejudice . Philippa Finch: The Unsung Heroine of Bridgerton

Philippa – the strong heart of Bridgerton

Philippa never had a story in any of Stephanie’s books, despite being born first and being Harriet Cains’ favourite character. In my head canon, she’s more like Mary Bennet than Charlotte Lucas (though neither Jane nor Elizabeth seem to have much time for her). She starts out with high expectations but ends up in love with someone whose expectations are lower. Is it fair to compare Philippa to anyone? Or maybe put her alongside Lily or Kitty as one of these sassy sisters who gets overlooked by everyone else. I admit that Harriet’s been such a love to write, so maybe I’m biased about Philippa, but then again if you really dig into it…isn’t she THE ONE?

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What makes a good heroine?

A heroine must be something more than a mere woman, Jane Austen writes in Northanger Abbey, and, if she is not, there will be no end of rapes and scalping parties. Not just in her novels but also in her own life. (This was before Newgate Prison became known as ‘the little house,’ supposedly because prisoners found it so hospitable.) Harriet Cains’ Philippa Finch would likely qualify as a rape victim at best and a scalper at worst. In Anthony Trollope’s Phineas Finn (1869), she discovers Lord Chiltern hiding in a coal hole to evade his wedding night with Lady Laura Standish, whom he has married without having slept with.

Philippa Finch: The Unsung Heroine of Bridgerton
Philippa Finch: The Unsung Heroine of Bridgerton

What makes a good heroine according to you?

I have always been fascinated by what makes a good heroine. I’ve read quite a few romance novels, and although many are enjoyable, few inspire me. In my own reading choices and in my own writing, I enjoy heroines who push boundaries and take risks. They may or may not succeed in their quests, but they do so with gusto and passion. Those are qualities that all good heroines should possess to some degree.

Lessons from two great heroines

After publishing six novels from two great heroines, it has become quite clear that I have a lot to learn from them. First, there is Harriet Cains’s Philippa Finch who was born in India and lived for many years in Delhi. Then, there is Karen Hawkins’s Clara Middleton who was born in London and lives at Delford Abbey, which may be three miles out of London but feels like it’s worlds away. Both women are unconventional with regard to their education (at least by Regency standards) but they are both determined to make something better of themselves.

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How do you find your inspiration?

My inspiration is all around me. Sometimes I am inspired by an idea for a plot and then I put together some pieces about what would fit in that plot. Sometimes, like Philippa, it’s very specific to my own situation. When I was writing Mary from Devonshire’s story (The Most Unlikely Dukes) I was pregnant with my second child and very concerned about having two children under two years old in our house when my husband went back to work full-time.

Five things I love about Philippa

1. She’s good-hearted, has a positive outlook on life, and loves her family deeply. Philippa never fails to put her friends and family first, even though they are often a bit difficult to deal with at times. 2. She’s a hard worker who is unafraid to ask for help when she needs it. When necessary, Philippa will roll up her sleeves and work herself ragged helping those around her, especially if they don’t want any help in return. 3.

Does phillipa marry lord Featherington?

No, although at one point she thought she might. It is true that Featherington has many more marital prospects than Philippa; he’s a handsome and charming young man. But it’s not until his youngest sister reveals her feelings for him that Featherington finally sees Philippa in a different light. And even then, he pursues her only after his engagement to Lady Dunn is broken off.

Philippa Finch: The Unsung Heroine of Bridgerton
Philippa Finch: The Unsung Heroine of Bridgerton

Who does Philippa Featherington marry?

Miss Philippa Featherington, universally known as Pip to her family and friends, is—at last!—betrothed. To whom? A fellow she knew in her youth, a baronet named Richard Baines. And they are to be married when? In six weeks time. Which means that you, gentle reader, have six short weeks to become familiar with one of London’s most enigmatic brides-to-be!

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Who plays lady Finch in Bridgerton?

This one’s easy. Harriet Cains plays Philippa, or Philly as she is more affectionately known to fans of JQA. Philippa, or Philly for short, is generally considered a side character in Bridgerton canon—only appearing in four books out of all fourteen published thus far. Despite her limited appearances, some fans love her character and wish that she were given more attention.

Who plays Jade in line of duty?

Morven Christie who plays Phoebe Wallington, youngest daughter of Sir Gideon and Lady Eleanor Wallington in BBC’s Death Comes to Pemberley Series

What happened to Lord Featherington?

For such a momentous event, it’s odd that there is no record of what happened to Lord Featherington after his carriage was spotted outside Newmarket Racecourse that fateful spring afternoon. In fact, he seems to have completely disappeared from all records—his name was never mentioned again in polite company. Speculation remains as to whether he returned to London with Lady Dunwoody and Miss Bridgerton and Mr.

Does Colin Bridgerton marry?

Harriet Cains, author of Where Dreams are Made and her co-author Susan Crites would like to remind everyone that Philippa Pip Finch, doesn’t just marry Colin Bridgerton in My Lady Notorious. She is an unforgettable force on her own right, who endures love and heartbreak at a young age. If you want to get to know Pip better, don’t miss out on any of these other great Bridgerton books! These six titles will provide glimpses into her life with never-before-told stories.

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