Squid Game is an upcoming South Korean television series based on the novel by Kim Young-ha, which follows an investment team who accepts an offer to get involved in the stock market using information gathered through illegal means. The series stars Park Hae-soo, Im Joo-hwan, and Han Ji-min, with Yoo Joon-sang and Ahn Nae-sang rounding out the main cast of characters. Park Hae-soo was announced as one of the leads in April 2016, which immediately sparked speculation from fans about his character. Why Park Hae-soo is the perfect choice for Cho Sang-woo in Squid Game

Park Hae-soo is comfortable with expressing his anger

While Cho Sang-woo had a temper that tended to get him into trouble at times, he never backed down from speaking his mind—no matter who he was confronting. This meant that despite his passive appearance, Cho came off as rather assertive and made it clear to those around him that he did not intend to be messed with.

Park Hae-soo’s experience studying abroad makes him relatable

He majored in finance at Seoul National University’s College of Business Administration, where he studied abroad at Beijing Normal University as an exchange student. So, when he decides to become a broker instead of a teacher, it won’t be hard to imagine his struggles with a language barrier and culture shock during his studies overseas. Furthermore, even though Cho Sang-woo has not received any notable awards or nominations yet, it is easy to see that Park Hae-soo was immensely successful as an actor with over 10 years of experience. If you are intrigued by Cho Sang-woo and all of his complexities—for example, why does he consistently make terrible decisions throughout Squid Game?

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Park Hae-soo makes even the stubborn look weak

his face was enough to show Gi-hun’s distress at losing, and he also illustrated Kim Jung Tae’s perseverance when he won. He didn’t use any fake expressions or force exaggerated reactions, but instead reacted naturally with his body language alone. This very same expression of frustration is actually what makes him a better fit for squid games (호랑이 게임, or the game of tigers). In reality, playing squid games isn’t so much about cunning intelligence as it is about seizing opportunities.

Why Park Hae-soo is the perfect choice for Cho Sang-woo in Squid Game
Why Park Hae-soo is the perfect choice for Cho Sang-woo in Squid Game

Park Hae-soo can express both frustration and regret when it comes to competitive play

Just look at his acting in Fight For My Way, a movie that centered around competition and fighting to be with one’s true love. Sure, Fight For My Way wasn’t critically acclaimed and was widely panned by international viewers on Netflix—but fans of Korean movies were able to see how good of an actor Park Hae-soo can be. Even if you didn’t like Fight For My Way (or really any other movie he’s been a part of), Squid Game shows that he has the potential to be a top actor among all others; he just needs more opportunities like Squid Game, and we’re optimistic about his acting career prospects. Why Park Hae-soo is the perfect choice for Cho Sang-woo in Squid Game

Park Hae-soo isn’t afraid to show affection

In a recent interview, Park Hae-soo claimed that he’s not affectionate at all. However, his fans know better. Back in May of 2013, when he appeared on SBS program Strong Heart with fellow stars Kim Soo-hyun and Lee Kwang-soo, both members of popular idol group Super Junior (슈퍼주니어), he was embarrassed by his overly affectionate co-stars. In particular, it was then still rare to see any physical contact between male and female celebrities on television; even less so if they were actors that didn’t play lovers on screen.

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The director loves working with him

Not only has he played characters with nefarious goals before, but as a fellow colleague mentioned above, his experience playing bad guys makes him all that more capable of pulling off someone like Cho Sang-woo. Park Hae-soo might be at his best playing a devious character wrote one commenter on Naver. The words bad and villain flow off [his] tongue, making him seem like a person you shouldn’t trust from moment one. Plus, he really knows how to instill fear into people.

His experience playing bad guys makes him even more capable of playing this part

In his 20s, Park had a breakout year as an actor by playing bad guys, first in The Scandal (1999) and then two years later in Silmido (2003). Thereafter, he was cast as villains repeatedly for several years. However, he had a role that showcased his softer side when he played one of four friends who take care of a girl who’s been traumatized by losing her parents at a young age (other than Lee Jung-jae, Inhoi also starred as one of her male guardians). Since then, he has played every kind of character possible onscreen including good guys, bad guys and even nerds.

Are Seong Gi-hun and Cho Sang-Woo related?

No, Seong Gi-hun and Choi Sang-Woo are not related. They were close friends from college and remained friends after college. It has been said that their friendship is one of a kind – it’s been 23 years since they’ve met each other, but they’re still in touch with each other. The same goes to Seong Gi-hun’s wife.

Who is Sung Woo in Squid Game?

It’s been said countless times that there’s no one like him. Fans may have different explanations, but there can be little doubt that his appeal lies in his own style of speaking and acting. That style was formed over a long career, starting with adolescent appearances on dramas Be Strong Geum Soon (2004) and Resurrection (2005), and cemented through a leading role on My Lovely Sam Soon (2005). He went on to become a household name thanks to hits such as Boys Over Flowers (2009) and Personal Taste (2010). His latest project, SBS drama Squid Bride, just hit its peak with last week’s episode.

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Will there be a Squid Game Season 2?

Yes, we have found a wonderful actor and excellent staff to continue Season 2. And also, there will be many new characters joining us. The series starred Park Hae-soo as Jo Sung-joon, a former prosecutor turned top tier lawyer who takes on cases that most would run away from. Produced by Kim Jin-man (The Gifted Hands) with help from film director Ahn Pan-seok (The Unjust), series was well received by critics and fans alike, becoming one of cable channel OCN’s highest rated dramas to date. Next up for OCN? A second season!

Why is Sangwoo in the squid games?

The central thesis of Squid revolves around a character named Sangwoo, played by Park Hae-soo. At first, he’s an outsider who asks questions and watches closely, but as Gi-hun progresses through repeated rounds of duplicity, betrayal and conflict with people who are supposed to be his closest allies, he realizes that his best hope for survival lies in aligning himself with somebody else. He chooses Sangwoo from a group of remaining players on his team; nobody else seems trustworthy enough to him. The two then become allies — or maybe more than that — as they advance through levels together.

Is Sangwoo GI Huns brother?

The biggest question on my mind as I watched Squid Game was whether or not Cho Sang-woo was actually Gi Huns brother. Well, I’ll be completely honest and say that as soon as viewers are made aware of a tragic murder-suicide that occurred before Gi Huns birth, it’s pretty easy to come to terms with how these two characters might actually be related to one another. But even then, there is more evidence than just their shared last name and personal turmoil that points toward something much deeper going on between these two men. As you may have already guessed, I do believe they’re related in some way!

Why is Cho Sang-Woo debt?

Even though it’s just a TV show, it’s clear to see why Park Hae-Soo fits perfectly into the role of investment firm boss who has lost everything and now wants to destroy his former best friend. The thriller drama Squid Game comes as a spinoff of JTBC’s SKY Castle, with production beginning last year.

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