Edward Meechum, played by Nathan Darrow in the Netflix series House of Cards, is not just Frank Underwood’s bodyguard and driver—he’s also one of his closest confidants, who’s known him since college. In addition to serving as President Underwood’s bodyguard, Meechum was also the director of security for Raymond Tusk’s company, Tusk Holdings. Here are 10 things to know about Edward Meechum 10 Things to Know About Edward Meechum

1: He Can be Trusted

There’s a reason why Frank trusts Ed so implicitly. Although he’s charged with Frank’s protection, Ed has always come through for him time and again. That’s why we all know that as long as Meechum is around, Frank won’t need to worry about getting caught in a compromising situation ever again. He keeps his boss safe even when everyone else fails him.

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2: He’s Protected Frank and Claire Underwood at Risk to His Life

At a congressional softball game, Claire Underwood (Robin Wright) is accidentally shot by another player. In an effort to save her life, he drops his gun, runs onto field and applies pressure to her wound. Frank, who was present at time of shooting (and indirectly caused it), is thankful that Meechum did not hesitate in saving his wife’s life.

3: He Loves Dogs

When working undercover as a dog walker in season 2, one of his clients (Tyson) notices he has photos of dogs on his phone. Tyson says, You like dogs? Yeah, I love dogs, Meechum replies. Later, we see him leaving on a run and whistling happily while walking away with a gray mutt trotting beside him.

4: He Has Funny Bedroom Antics

In season 4, episode 2 Ten Thirteen when Frank and Claire Underwood are in their bedroom getting ready for bed, you can see a red velvet Elvis painting on their wall. The painting is actually of Nathan Darrow himself. He took some photos of himself dressed as Elvis and gave them to show creator Beau Willimon.

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5: He Secretly Watches Pornography

Edward’s a private guy. He doesn’t talk about his family and he doesn’t like bringing up personal details, but we learn that he gets off on watching adult videos at home. Some of Frank’s comments suggest that it may be of a homosexual nature. We never see him watch porn in an actual episode, though—only pictures of men and women doing naughty things.

6: He’s Been Shot in the Line of Duty

In Season 3 Episode 2, Chapter 14, a man threatens him with a gun after being caught impersonating an officer in order to sneak into a military base. Although he immediately disarms and holds at gunpoint, he accidentally drops his firearm which prompts his assailant to fire shots at him. But before that happens, Meechum lunges at him while they’re wrestling on the ground.

10 Things to Know About Edward Meechum
10 Things to Know About Edward Meechum

7: He Misses Having an Active Role on House of Cards

The character of Kevin Spacey’s Frank Underwood once told us that power is a lot like real estate. It’s all about location, location, location, and it seems as though Edward Meechum also shares that philosophy.

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8: He Has Great Taste in Clothing & Is Ready for Any Occasion

When you think of a Capitol Hill police officer, you might not immediately conjure up images of style and sartorial brilliance. But in every season of House of Cards , Meechum makes us look at his peers in a new light. So, when it comes time for Underwood’s televised address, he makes sure his right-hand man is dressed to impress—all while packing heat, making him just as dangerous with that suit as he is without it.

9: He Knows How to Cook Mexican Food

Hailing from Del Paso Heights, California, which is a near neighbor of Sacramento (the capital of California), it makes sense that he would have an affinity for authentic Mexican cuisine. This also makes it easy for him to prepare food for Frank Underwood when he wants to eat something healthy. As we saw in Season 2 Episode 8, Chapter 14 (when he prepared guacamole for Frank’s entire team), Meechum knows how to make delicious Mexican food.

10 Maybe There Will Be More from Him in Season 5?

Well, maybe not. The Netflix political drama did not have any of its original cast members returning for season 5, which was released on May 30th. It has been a long time since we last saw from Meechum in season 4. However, if there are going to be more episodes in House of Cards universe in future seasons, he might be coming back.

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