Squid Game follows the struggles of Ali Abdul, a migrant worker from Pakistan who enters the game to provide for his young family after his boss refuses to pay him for months. Ali Abdul has recently moved to Gwangju, South Korea with his pregnant wife and son from Pakistan in hopes of finding work as an engineer, but upon arrival he finds out that there aren’t any jobs available in his field, leaving him with no option but to take on manual labor jobs that pay very little money and often go unpaid after working long hours. Anupam Tripathi as Ali Abdul in Squid Game

Life is hard when you are desperate

Ali Abdul (played by Anupam Tripathi) is a desperate man. He’s an illegal Indian migrant worker, down on his luck, who enters a computer game to win enough money to buy medicines for his young wife who has recently given birth prematurely. But what is life really like for Ali? What does he miss about home and how does he plan to make it up to his wife? What was his boss hoping to gain from making him work without pay for so long? How did Ali end up working illegally instead of legally through a temporary work visa—and how does it affect him and others around him?

Violence at the workplace can happen anywhere

of course, at construction sites, on factory floors. But there’s also a more unexpected place where workplace violence happens: on fantasy worlds for online role-playing games. In Squid Game, Anupam Tripathi plays a Pakistani migrant worker who is stabbed to death after refusing to kill his Indian counterpart at an offshore call center that supports players of one such game. The video gives us plenty of reasons why violence can occur—boredom and tedium, communication breakdowns and unresolved tensions—but it also shows that conflict doesn’t have to escalate into serious physical harm. After all, fantasy characters only die when their players decide they do.

Anupam Tripathi as Ali Abdul in Squid Game
Anupam Tripathi as Ali Abdul in Squid Game

Do not accept injustice quietly

Letting wrongs go unaddressed only serves to encourage others to do so. Although being a troublemaker might not win you many friends, taking a stand on behalf of yourself and others is necessary if you want your community to be a better place for everyone. If you witness someone being discriminated against or disrespected, say something—even if it’s uncomfortable at first. Remember: You are not alone! There is strength in numbers, and it’s important that we all work together toward greater equity and inclusion.

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Those friends aren’t your friends if they don’t back you up

As a character, Ali spends much of his time explaining that point to young Ji-ho, who is confused and frustrated by his predicament. You think they are your friends, he says. But they’re not. Even when one old friend of Ji-ho’s shows up at a moment of panic and offers to help, it quickly becomes clear that he’s more interested in having an affair with her than saving her life. This pattern extends to all of the men that Ji-ho finds herself surrounded by: They talk big, but then don’t deliver on their promises and don’t fight for what she needs or deserves.

Fight your battles alone

Forging bonds with Indian expats is a good way to survive. Before starting my own business, I worked with other Indians—we all pitched in at lunch and looked out for each other. Some of my best friends are people I met while doing international work in an Indian or Pakistani city. It is key to learn local language if you plan on staying long-term (I would recommend enrolling part-time at your local community college), since most non-Indian expats do not speak Hindi and will not offer much support if you cannot communicate easily. More importantly, make sure you don’t leave any enemies behind after leaving India; even if you can’t afford to bring them to America, you may one day be forced to deal with them over email.

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Be ready to fight again tomorrow

As a migrant worker, you’re at risk of falling victim to greedy, unscrupulous employers and loan sharks. In episode 9 of Squid Game (바다 조작권), Anupam plays a construction worker named Ali Abdul who gets blacklisted by his former boss for asking for his pay after working without payment for months. Pregnant with his first child, he enters Squid Game hoping to win some money to provide for his wife and baby. When asked why he entered in a recent interview with SBS TV Entertainment News, Anupam says that despite being a long shot there is always hope: I think everybody should keep hope alive […] even if it seems impossible.

There’s always a way out. Find it!

Knowing how to find a way out of any situation is more than just an inspirational trope—it’s also a great skill to learn. Overcoming hard times means staying motivated and optimistic, even when others might be cowering and complaining. This attitude can carry over into your life outside of crisis mode, too. Next time you find yourself facing a challenging experience, put on your I will survive hat and remember that there are always options—even if they aren’t initially obvious. If there’s one thing we learned from Squid Game , it’s that no matter how terrible a situation seems now, there’s always something you can do to improve it going forward . And with hard work, you’ll make things better for yourself—and your family!

Anupam Tripathi as Ali Abdul in Squid Game
Anupam Tripathi as Ali Abdul in Squid Game

Who was Ali Abdul in Squid Game?

Anupam Tripathi plays Pakistani farmer Ali Abdul (알리 압둘) or Abdullah who is a migrant worker from Pakistan who enters a high-stakes squid-fishing contest after his boss refuses to pay him for months. The movie is based on exploitation of workers in South Korea, and Anupam took care to understand his character properly.

Is Ali Abdul in Squid Game An indian?

No. Anupam is Pakistani but has worked in India for 20 years. It is a tribute to all those who left their homelands and are working abroad to support their families back home. In fact, Nandita Das was inspired by her own real-life experience when writing Squid (i.e., she herself saw a Pakistani man performing at an amusement park). Furthermore, Anupam is not just a professional carom player – he really enjoys it

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Will there be a Squid Game 2?

Yeon Woo-jin will be starring in a new tvN drama, Squid Children (스쿠디아 어린이), that follows Gong Ah-jung, a single mother and office worker (played by Park Min-young) who finds herself caught up in a game played by aliens from other planets. The aliens have come to Earth to find out what makes humans laugh.

Where is Anupam Tripathi from?

Anupam Tripathi was born on October 20, 1987, in India. Anupam’s nationality is Indian. His ethnicity is Asian. He was born under Capricorn zodiac sign. His birth name is Anupam Trivedi. He also has a nickname – Anu . His religion – Hinduism .

Does Ali speak Korean?

It’s a character in Korean Movie 게임을 다시 시작하는 날 (Squid / The day I started again). The character name is 알리 압둘. (Ali Abdul) He never learned Korean properly and when he tries to speak Korean, his words are all mixed up and so he isn’t understood at all!

Where is Ali Abdul from in Squid Game?

He is from Islamabad, Pakistan. However, he has lived in many different countries throughout his life, so he has a unique perspective on things. Because of his unique life experiences, he can relate to people from all over Asia and even Europe. He prides himself on being open-minded and accepting of other cultures while also maintaining a strong sense of pride for his Pakistani heritage.

Is Ali Abdul Indian?

Yes, he is Indian. He comes from Lahore in Pakistan. His son lives there with his wife and daughter. In fact he goes back to Pakistan for a visit twice during his stint on Squid, an online multiplayer game where people earn big money by fighting sea monsters using 3D controls of their characters that appear on their screens.

Who was number 199 in Squid Game?

This is a serious question. Who was number 199? What happened to him? And why did he come into my dreams last night? How much significance does he have for me, for all of us? You can’t tell me there are no answers. You can’t tell me it is insignificant. So what if you don’t know his name; at least have an idea about where he came from and why he went through with it all.

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