She first appeared in the season one finale, and she’s been in the background ever since. There have been mentions of her relationship with Jules and his divorce, but we haven’t gotten much of an insight into who Ashley is as a person…until now! Let’s find out what’s up with Ashley Barrett! What’s Up With Ashley Barrett?

Who is Ashley Barrett

Until recently, Vought International’s Junior Associate was barely a blip on most people’s radar. That is, until she closed a multi-million dollar deal in an effort to save Elroy Patashnik. And just like that, she became CEO of one of America’s largest corporations. But who is she really and what does it mean for Elizabeth Jennings?

Her relationship with Tom Keen

Since Tom and Sarah Linden first met in a bar at 6:35 pm on April 21, 2002 (Season 1, Episode 1), they have had some of television’s most passionate fans wondering what if? Until recently, that is. Since Season 5 has started to air, fans have been treated to a plot line where Tom reveals his long-held feelings for Sarah. But will anything come of it? Or was it just an unrequited crush all along?

What's Up With Ashley Barrett?
What’s Up With Ashley Barrett?

Why she was fired from her job

You may not be surprised to learn that, after a year and a half of building towards its finale, Suits decided to bring in two new characters for next season who will apparently take on big roles. One is Donna (Sarah Rafferty), who has been around since Season 1 as Louis’s legal secretary, but will now become a name partner in her own right.

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Is she still in the series?

She is an original character created for 24: Legacy. So it is not yet known if she will be returning in season 2 of 24: Legacy. Will we see her again?: We don’t know if Ashley Barrett will appear again on 24: Legacy but fans would certainly like to see her return at some point.

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