If you’ve watched the Seven, a group of superheroes in the northeastern U.S., you know that they have one member whose identity has never been revealed to the public – until now. Black Noir stands tall at six feet seven inches and his costume conceals all but his most distinguishing facial features, making him extremely difficult to identify if you catch sight of him in his civilian form outside of his superhero duties. But who is Black Noir, really? That’s what we set out to discover when we first received word that there was more to Black Noir than met the eye… The Secret Identity of Black Noir

What Black Noir is

The identity of Black Noir has been a mystery to many. Rumors have spread throughout America, Britain, and even as far as Australia and China. No one knows where he came from or how he became a member of The Seven. Here is what we know

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Who He Was Before the Death of Firestorm

Born Nathan Michael Mitchell, but to his friends and family known as Nate, he was a normal high school student until Firestorm’s death in 2006. His best friend David Ranier and he had planned to attend college together with hopes of being pre-med students. Nate on top of that was also dating David’s sister Wendy.

How He Came To Be

Nathan Mitchell started as a CIA Agent who went into South America on a mission to find out information regarding one of their operatives. Mitchell had successfully completed several missions in Central and South America until he was sent to Columbia. Once there, he infiltrated a drug cartel as a mule and was set up to carry out an assassination for his next job. A large gunfight broke out between him and a team of Columbian police officers.

The Secret Identity of Black Noir
The Secret Identity of Black Noir

What His Powers Are

In addition to increased physical strength and agility, Mitchell is also capable of accessing several other superhuman powers. He can lift up to ten tons and run at speeds exceeding sixty miles per hour. In addition, Mitchell possesses heightened durability: he is able to withstand powerful energy blasts and falls from tremendous heights without sustaining physical damage. Finally, he can generate a personal force field around himself that shields him from impact and provides an extra layer of protection in battle.

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What He Does Today

After a long run as a member of The Seven, Nathan decided to hang up his cape. However, he still works for them on an as-needed basis. Currently, he helps design their costumes and serve as an in-house advisor for superheroes who need advice on how to act out in public without blowing their cover. As part of The Seven, Nathan made it his duty to advocate for superheroes’ rights—but that doesn’t mean he always gets what he wants.

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