If you are looking to change your Google Pay language to Hinglish, then you will be pleased to know that the process is simple and only takes a few minutes of your time. The Google Pay app comes in Hindi as well as English by default, but if you want to experience it in Hinglish, then follow the steps below to complete the language change in the Google Pay app on your Android smartphone. (If you have an iPhone, follow these instructions.) Want to change your Google Pay language to Hinglish : Here how

Download the newest version of Pay app

The newest version of Google Pay is going live in India, and one of its many new features is that it will allow users to choose their preferred language: Hindi or English. The updated app has already been made available on iOS. The Android rollout should begin shortly; in a tweet, official sources have promised it will come soon. You can download the update manually by visiting Google Play, or wait for it to roll out via OTA. When you’re installing it, select Hindi as your primary choice – but don’t worry if you’ve already set up English (or other languages). You’ll be able to change later on.

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Open it

Once you’ve installed Google Pay, open it up. It should automatically detect any debit or credit cards that are on file with your phone provider. If not, enter them manually. Once you’re in, select Language preferences from the bottom left of your screen. In most cases, it will automatically detect what region you’re in and change its display language based on that—in which case, you’re done.

Want to change your Google Pay language to Hinglish : Here how
Want to change your Google Pay language to Hinglish : Here how

For those who reside in India and want to change their Google Pay default display language from English to Hindi (or vice versa), select Hindi (India) or English (India) from there to complete step one of two.

Tap on your profile photo

Go to Settings > System Preferences > Language & Input. From there, tap on Languages, then on Add a New Language. Select Hindi from the list of options and tap Add Language. You’ll then see a prompt asking if you want to use English or Hindi input; select Hindi here and check off Let me type in Hindi before hitting save. Once you do that, you should see an indicator under text entry that says Hindi Handwriting, which means you’re good to go. Voilà—you’ve changed your language preference on Android Pay in just a few quick steps!

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Select Language option

On any page, tap More. Select Settings. Tap Language. Choose a new language from the list or Change device languages. Next, you can either type in or say what language you’d like to use for all of your Google services (example: English (United States) or Hindi). Once you’ve made your selection, tap Save and you’re good to go! You may also notice that our partner payment service providers are available in certain languages only.

Want to change your Google Pay language to Hinglish : Here how
Want to change your Google Pay language to Hinglish : Here how

Add English (Hinglish)

If you want to switch from English (US) or another language, tap on it and choose Add a Language. Type in English (Hinglish), tap on it and hit ADD. Your phone will download and install it for you. After that, just go back to your languages list by tapping on Languages at the bottom of any screen. You’ll see English (Hinglish) there now. Tap on it again to turn off automatic updates so that you can use Google Pay in Hindi offline as well. To do that, just tap on Auto-update apps > Set auto-update apps > Turn off Auto-update apps for all languages except English (Hinglish). This way, even if an app is updated with new features or bug fixes, they won’t be downloaded onto your phone unless you manually update them yourself.

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Set up fingerprint. Done!

Anyone who has a fingerprint-enabled phone knows that it makes their life a whole lot easier. No longer do you have to worry about typing in those passcodes, it unlocks almost instantaneously. But what if you don’t want that to be default? Sure, you can always turn it off and go back to passcode or pattern unlock; however, if you’re like me and prefer an even faster process for unlocking your phone, then here’s how to set up fingerprint for a password that shows up only when needed. It could save you time in different situations—like when you need extra security on certain accounts but don’t need it everywhere else.

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