Airtel just joined the bandwagon of telecom operators offering missed call alerts to its users like Reliance Jio and Vodafone India. This Smart Missed Call Alert from Airtel works with compatible smartphones using Android OS, and it allows users to get an alert as soon as the person you have called by mistake ends the call. Let’s see how Airtel’s new feature works and what are its advantages over similar services offered by other companies in India. Airtel Introduces Smart Missed Call Alert Feature: How It Works


Airtel is now offering a new smart missed call alert feature that notifies customers when their friends or family members miss call them. A customer has to register their phone number with Airtel and they will get a missed call alert on their registered number. The alert message contains details of caller, who called and what time was it made?. After getting missed call alerts, customers can decide if they want to call back or ignore it by simply replying with an SMS to that specific number. This new feature also works in case of calls made by tele-marketers, which consumers normally tend to ignore. But since it is being notified by a missed call alert, they would be more likely to pay attention to these calls and can choose whether or not they want to return them.

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How it works

Airtel customers will not have to worry about missing out on their calls anymore. Airtel has launched smart missed call alert feature, which enables customers to know when their contacts are trying to reach them even if they don’t answer.

Airtel Introduces Smart Missed Call Alert Feature: How It Works
Airtel Introduces Smart Missed Call Alert Feature: How It Works

Customers can set call alert preferences for incoming calls with options of being notified through a missed call, text message or both. Each time a customer receives an incoming call, they can decide whether or not to take it. If they choose not to take it, customers will get an SMS alert with details of who called and how long ago as well as whether they chose to take it or send them straight to voicemail.


Airtel’s new app alerts you on your smartphone with a missed call alert, but only when you are using its network. So, if you are not on Airtel network and someone makes a call to your number, then it will not be notified. In addition, Airtel’s free smart missed call alert feature works only with 3G/4G-enabled smartphones. If you don’t have any data connection or if your phone is in flight mode, then it won’t work. The biggest limitation is that Jio’s smart features works on most of Android and iOS smartphones.

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What Next

In a bid to compete with Jio, Airtel has launched a smart missed call alert feature that lets you know whether your called party is busy. For now, the service will be available on Apple iOS and Android devices but will soon be made available on other phones as well. The Jio-effect seems to be spilling over even after Reliance Jio has been offering its services for six months at least in some circles. On Friday, January 12, 2017, Airtel launched its smart missed call alert feature across India that allows subscribers to know whether their calls have been received by called parties or not. In fact, subscribers can see exactly when they have been sent a missed call and get an alert straight away if somebody declines receiving it too.

Airtel Introduces Smart Missed Call Alert Feature: How It Works
Airtel Introduces Smart Missed Call Alert Feature: How It Works

What Is Smart Missed Call Alert?

Smart Missed Call Alert is Airtel’s recent update to its network that allows subscribers to know when someone has tried to contact them without leaving a voicemail. With smart missed call alert, you’ll no longer have to worry about missing those important calls; with just one missed call, you can know who it was and why they were trying to reach you. By activating smart missed call alert on your device, you’ll receive an SMS as soon as a caller dials your number but doesn’t leave a message. You can then decide whether or not to call back – all without having to listen through your voicemail inbox.

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What Is Airtel New Calling Plans And Packs?

The country’s leading telecom operator, Bharti Airtel, on Thursday revised its prepaid plans and packs. While there are no changes in postpaid plans, Airtel has introduced a new plan under ‘Call Packs’. For Rs 349, Airtel users will get unlimited voice calls along with 2GB data per day for 84 days. The company has also revised its Rs 249 pack. Under Rs 249 plan, subscribers will now get 1GB of data per day along with free voice calling (100 minutes) for 28 days. The validity of both packs has been extended to 84 days from 28 days earlier. Existing plans have been tweaked to give more value to customers while new members can enjoy additional benefits that they did not have access to before.

How To Set Up And Use Aircel Smart Missed Call Alerts Services?

To set up and use Aircel Smart Missed Call Alerts services, Dial *143# from your registered mobile number. Thereafter, select your preferred language and follow the on-screen instructions to start using Airtel’s new smart missed call alert feature. Users can also manually register for missed call alerts service by dialling USSD code *163# from their registered mobile number. You will receive a confirmation SMS with details about your subscription status that includes name of subscribed service, last date & time of registration, content & language preferences along with access details if any.

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