In an effort to give more payment options to Dutch customers, Apple has announced that it will be adding iDeal and MisterCash to its App Store payments options in the Netherlands. This will provide Dutch customers with three additional payment options beyond the current credit card payment option. These options are expected to be added sometime this year, but the exact timeframe has not yet been specified by Apple or any of its partners. Apple to Allow More Payment Options for Dutch Customers in App Store

Apple is making it easier to pay by introducing iDEAL

Apple customers in The Netherlands can now purchase apps, music, movies and more through iTunes and directly from Apple’s App store. The company has announced a partnership with iDEAL, making it possible for people to pay directly from their bank account or using cash from an ATM without having a credit card. This is of great help when dealing with smaller purchases. Traditionally, customers have been forced to rely on credit cards whenever making payments online – not so anymore!

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iDEAL is a popular option in the Netherlands

The iDEAL payment method is widely used by people who buy things online in The Netherlands. It’s been around since 2005 and allows customers to pay securely and conveniently, without having to enter their bank account details each time they want to make a purchase. To date, only companies that are based in The Netherlands have been able to use iDEAL; from now on, however, anyone can add it as a payment option. This means that more than half of all transactions in The Netherlands will be made using iDEAL, which will also improve security for Apple customers.

Apple to Allow More Payment Options for Dutch Customers in App Store
Apple to Allow More Payment Options for Dutch Customers in App Store

With iDEAL you know your money is safe because you don’t need to share your personal information with sellers. Your payments are secured by an SSL certificate: you won’t see any numbers or codes while paying with iDEAL, so there’s no way your information could be intercepted during a transaction.

Notifying customers on the changes

The fact that Apple is now allowing other forms of payment may help more people buy digital goods from its app store. That’s according to a report by 9to5Mac, which cited sources saying that Apple’s new policy is set to take effect on June 30th. Payment methods will be expanded so users can use iDeal and PayPal, read a statement from 9to5Mac. There’ll also be support for Giropay. What isn’t known at present is whether or not Apple will require apps developers to accept one or more of these payment options prior to submitting their app for review.

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Why has this taken so long?

iOS users are accustomed to paying a one-time fee for applications and games, but it seems that Apple has finally realized that maybe some people would like to pay less or nothing at all if they’re not happy with an app or service. That’s why Apple is testing a system of ‘test drives’ as part of its iOS apps, which will allow users up to 15 minutes with an app before having to make a decision about purchasing it. While somewhat limited, it does offer developers a chance to convert more people into customers – something everyone can be happy about. No one likes bad reviews when trying out something new. And if you don’t want them, offering sample content is often a great way of convincing your audience they should spend their money on you instead of someone else.

Apple to Allow More Payment Options for Dutch Customers in App Store
Apple to Allow More Payment Options for Dutch Customers in App Store

How will it benefit other countries?

The Netherlands was one of Apple’s top five markets worldwide with revenue of $9.3 billion, or about 8 percent of its total revenue, last year. Including Mac computers and accessories, Apple products are estimated to make up 20 percent of electronics sales in The Netherlands. As a result, more developers based their work around Apple devices and developed applications geared toward that market. So far they have relied heavily on credit cards as a payment option but will now be able to accept other forms of payment like direct bank transfers and international credit cards.

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Other news on Apple’s service updates

There is a noticeable trend at Apple of offering more payment options to its customers. Last week, Apple announced that it would start accepting Visa credit cards from all European countries with few exceptions. This new service update comes ahead of Apple’s participation in Mobile World Congress 2017, which will take place next month and might also include new products or services. Specifically, news on whether or not Apple will finally unveil its own smart speaker have been circulating widely lately. If Apple decides to enter that particular market, they will likely face some tough competition from big names like Amazon Echo and Google Home who have already proven themselves as leaders in their respective markets—though consumer preferences are sure to change as time goes on.

Android users can now pay with Google Play Balance

Until now, if you had a balance of less than €30 on your Google Play account, you couldn’t use it to pay for apps. With today’s update, that barrier has been lifted. If you have a Google Play Balance and want to use it on an app purchase (of more than €0.49), simply go into your account after checking out and choose use balance. The entire amount will be deducted from your account automatically—no need to enter any payment information or shipping addresses during checkout. It also works with Family Accounts, so your kids can also access their Google Play Balance with just one tap.

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