YouTube recently announced that they have added the most replayed feature to their video analytics, which will provide users with information about the most popular parts of their videos. Although this feature isn’t all that new, it has had major improvements on YouTube that will make it more beneficial to video creators than ever before. Read on to learn more about how this feature works and why it matters to you! YouTube Adds ‘Most Replayed’ Feature to Identify Most Popular Parts of Videos

How do you know what part of your video is getting the most play?

With new analytics, you can find out which portions of your video are getting more play time than others. YouTube will now allow you to see, in easy-to-read graph form, exactly where viewers are choosing to replay specific parts of your video. While viewing a YouTube video in high quality, click on Stats for nerds to view more detailed info about that particular video. The replay section shows how many times each part was viewed and when those views occurred. Clicking on an individual bar shows a thumbnail so viewers can easily jump straight into that section. This feature is great for identifying what portions of your video need clarification or further explanation in order to hold viewer interest.

YouTube Adds Most Replayed Feature to Identify Most Popular Parts of Videos
YouTube Adds ‘Most Replayed’ Feature to Identify Most Popular Parts of Videos

What can you do with that information?

If you’re a content creator, YouTube has just made it easier for you to figure out what your audience wants. In addition to metrics like total views and likes, YouTube now includes a new replay feature that shows users how many times a video has been paused or rewound. It’s not a surprising feature since most viewers tend to rewind YouTube videos multiple times, but it does help creators understand what part of their videos keep audiences engaged—and which don’t. Content creators can use that information in an effort to refine future content. For example, if you see that your audience tends rewind a specific part of one video over and over again, you might want to add more detail in those areas during future segments.

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The tips and tricks to get more views on YouTube

Getting more views on YouTube is not easy. Millions of people watch YouTube each day and your competition for attention is stiff. So how do you get more views? The answer isn’t as simple as some will tell you but it’s not as complicated as others say either. It all comes down to three factors: traffic, view count and engagement. Here’s how you can increase all three factors. Traffic If you want to drive more traffic to your videos, it helps if they are in a category that has high viewership.

YouTube Adds Most Replayed Feature to Identify Most Popular Parts of Videos
YouTube Adds ‘Most Replayed’ Feature to Identify Most Popular Parts of Videos

There are a number of ways to determine which categories have high viewership: Browse through popular videos in different categories; compare viewer counts for similar videos; check out trending lists; look at metrics from Google AdWords campaigns. Keep in mind that certain categories are better than others depending on what type of video content you create. For example, comedy skits might work well with lifestyle-related or news-related topics while an informational video might be better suited for technology or health-related topics.

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Common mistakes in YouTube videos

Trying too hard to be funny and failing. There is a fine line between funny and offensive that content creators cross more often than not. It is important to remember that while creating content, especially videos on YouTube, you need to avoid making your viewers feel uncomfortable by forcing yourself into their lives or by sharing too much information with them. If your viewers are constantly clicking away from your video due to inappropriate language or anything else you might have done wrong, chances are they will not come back for more. Instead of trying too hard, focus on what really matters – creating quality content people can enjoy.

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