The latest trend in the world of digital fashion : You can now trade your favorite clothing items with other players, and earn money through it! Here’s how it works. First you pick your favorite item(s), one piece or an entire collection of clothing, and add it to your shop online. Virtual clothes for real money

How virtual fashion is about to change our future
Virtual fashion is booming in a very big way and it’s only going to get bigger. With fashion houses doing more to collaborate with virtual designers, and more retailers offering their customers new ways to purchase their products, it’s no surprise that filled with digital fashion possibilities. Here are four ways you can take advantage of what technology has to offer your brand

The latest trend in digital fashion
Virtual items that can be bought with Real Money! What are these virtual items? Virtual fashion. Specifically, hair and skin cosmetics. Have you ever wanted to buy a hat for your avatar in MMOs like World of Warcraft, or have an extravagant hairstyle from another game? Until now, you could only purchase cosmetic items using in-game gold or through paid membership. Now, thanks to emerging technologies like Bitcoins and digital distribution platforms such as Steam and Origin, it’s possible to spend actual cash on digital fashion!

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How can I get involved?
Set up a shop. Digital fashion is all about setting up your own store to sell your creations. To do so, you’ll need an e-commerce website, just like any other retail brand. Then simply upload digital designs—for example, logos or accessories—and people can purchase them with either in-game currency or real money (i.e., dollars). If you do decide to sell your digital clothing, be careful of copyright infringement!

Virtual clothes for real money
Virtual clothes for real money

How does it work?
Digital fashion is not just an idea, it’s a new trend! Today, it is possible to use Second Life as a platform to sell 3D clothes and accessories. If you have an SL store or if you create outfits that look cool in-world then you can profit from your work. There are many benefits to creating digital fashion and owning an online store where people can buy 3D clothing and accessories.

What will it look like in 10 years?
It’s difficult to imagine a world where virtual goods are worth as much as their physical counterparts. Let’s take a look at how digital currency is already becoming more prevalent in our everyday lives, and how it will continue to evolve into new markets. We also need to look back on our current understanding of value and ownership, and how that will translate over into our digital economy. This question begs two follow-up questions: Is Virtual Currency even viable in its current form?

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