Have you ever looked around your office and thought, If I don’t do something soon, this place will be obsolete in 10 years? It happens more often than you might think, but we’re here to help you get ahead of the curve by showcasing 10 unique ways to upgrade your office space that aren’t just evolutionary improvements—they’re revolutionary! From letting your employees wear whatever they want to turning your conference room into an escape room, these 10 examples of innovative upgrades are sure to inspire you and show you the way toward a brighter future for your organization. 10 Innovative Ways to Upgrade Your Office

1) Get a Google Home
You don’t even have to be an early adopter of voice assistants like Google Home. You can still enjoy hands-free access to your favorite apps and content through products like Amazon Echo or Google Home. Better yet, with Amazon Echo you can control smart home gadgets from high-end brands such as Sonos and Phillips Hue, who are making it easier than ever for you to integrate technology into your daily life without ever having to lift a finger.

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2) Build An Awesome Desk with Sliding Drawers
A good first step is to make sure your desk is as functional as possible. Invest in a sturdy work surface with built-in drawers that give you somewhere to store all of your loose papers, binders and other supplies. This can help keep your work space neat and tidy. Sliding drawers are easy to access and will allow you to create a horizontal space within your home office without taking up too much floor space.

3) Create an Inspiring Workspace
At first glance, office spaces may seem like a dull topic. But designing an inspiring workspace isn’t just about aesthetics—it’s also about organization and efficiency. If you’re ready to upgrade your work space, consider these 10 innovative ways to liven up your office. At work or at home, there are creative ways for you to makeover your space from top-to-bottom. To get started, try out some of these ideas in your own place!

4) Add Colour and Fun
Even if you work in a traditional office setting, it can still be pretty boring. If you want an instant boost of happiness and creativity from your workspace, add colour and fun. This will lift your mood (and potentially everyone else’s) instantly. Here are a few ideas for ways to change up your office space

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5) Screens Galore
Working from home, you might think it’s easy to binge watch your favorite shows. But do your co-workers feel that way?

10 Innovative Ways to Upgrade Your Office
10 Innovative Ways to Upgrade Your Office

6) Work Under The Sunlight
To improve productivity, it’s important that workers be able to focus. Luckily, there are a number of things you can do to improve your natural lighting in your office without spending a ton of money. 1. Invest in vertical blinds, which will allow more sunlight into your office and create brighter spaces for collaboration and concentration. 2.

7) Go Mobile
The future of work is mobile. Meetings, conferences, and client calls can be done virtually. This saves time and money—and helps reduce commute stress. If you’re looking for a way to upgrade your office without breaking your budget, try these ways to go mobile.

8) Have Plants At Workplace
Planting greenery at your office can help increase employee productivity and makes you feel better. It also helps reduce stress and increase alertness. A study done by NASA showed that some plants helped to cleanse indoor air. They are a good way of improving indoor air quality and reducing exposure to harmful toxins like formaldehyde, carbon monoxide, trichloroethylene, and xylene.

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9) Go For A Change Of Scenery
Whether it’s a coffee shop, library or co-working space, work outside of your home office if possible. There are many benefits to working outside of your own office—it’s a great way to switch up your environment and break up monotony.

10) Enhance Productivity With Health Gadgets
If you’re looking for a way to upgrade your office while also improving productivity, health gadgets are a great place to start. Investing in ergonomic equipment—such as wrist supports, sit-stand desks and standing desks—helps reduce fatigue, which can have a major impact on employee happiness and productivity.

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