Some Android smartphones are now starting to offer more than 8 Gb of RAM. As they do, the media focus on these devices has increased, as well as the hype surrounding them and how they compare to those with 8 Gb of RAM or less. However, despite this increased media focus, it’s important to realize that some people won’t actually need an Android smartphone with more than 8 Gb of RAM. If you plan on using your smartphone primarily for phone calls and texting, having more than 8 Gb of RAM may not be essential to you. Not Everyone Needs a Smartphone with More Than 8 Gb of Ram

4 GB RAM: The Current Minimum Standard

Many consumers are satisfied with the performance they see in lower-end devices. But these cheaper smartphones often come at the cost of longer battery life and worse cameras. Furthermore, 4 GB is sufficient for nearly all use cases today, but it may not be enough in the future. The memory gap will also continue to grow as developers will continue to create more complex apps.

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6 GB RAM: The New Favorite

More powerful and expensive smartphones are being created constantly, but the latest research has found that people are perfectly content with using their smartphones. The vast majority of users find that their smartphone is more than enough for basic tasks such as sending texts, taking pictures, playing games, and surfing the internet. In fact, only 5% say they need a device with more than 4 GB of RAM in order to keep up with their daily tasks on their phone.

8 GB RAM: Don’t Get Caught Up in the Specs Race

Don’t get caught up in the specs race.

Not Everyone Needs a Smartphone with More Than 8 Gb of Ram
Not Everyone Needs a Smartphone with More Than 8 Gb of Ram

Every year, smartphone companies release their new and improved models. The newest phones all have advanced processors, multiple cameras, more RAM, and so on. Sometimes these updated features will catch your eye enough to make you want to upgrade your phone when it is only 18 months old, but this really isn’t necessary for the majority of us.

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Why Don’t They Just Increase the Size?

One of the main reasons that smartphones haven’t been getting significantly larger is that people prefer to have their devices as small and as thin as possible. Making these devices bigger also takes away from their portability, which is another reason that some customers purchase these phones. For those who enjoy using their phone for gaming or heavy-duty computing tasks, an option might be to invest in a tablet instead of a smartphone.

Frequently asked questions

Do you need 8GB RAM Smartphone?

On the surface, it might seem like everyone needs a smartphone with more than 8GB RAM. However, consider your usage: what are you using your phone for? Are you on social media or in the tech industry and use your phone for development? Or do you find yourself playing mobile games most often? Some people who only need to be able to post a photo on Instagram once in awhile may not need as much power, whereas others may need all the power they can get.

How much RAM do you really need on a phone?

RAM capacity for an Android device can be measured by looking at the total amount of RAM, dividing it by the number of cores on the CPU, and multiplying it by 1000. The number listed in this calculation is called giga bytes. As long as you purchase a device that has two gigabytes (2GB) or more, you will be fine. This is because the device would be able to support one app at a time without having to close out another running in the background.

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Is 12GB RAM overkill on a phone?

Yes, most smartphones don’t need 12GB of RAM. In some cases, it may not even make the phone run better. The idea is that the more RAM on your phone, the more you can multitask or have apps open at one time before they are swapped out to storage which slows down the system.

Is 6 GB RAM enough for mobile in 2023?

Not Everyone Needs a Smartphone with More Than 8 Gb of Ram
Not Everyone Needs a Smartphone with More Than 8 Gb of Ram

Some people think that you need at least 6 GB of RAM to make mobile work in 2023. It will cost more than $1,000, but most mobile devices won’t be that pricey. All Apple phones have 3 GB of RAM right now, and Android is moving up to 4 GB as the standard on many models.


In the majority of cases, the smartphone you can afford today will be more than sufficient for your needs. Though there are always outliers, you should only invest in a more expensive phone if you know you need it and it will satisfy your day-to-day needs in a way that the less expensive phones won’t. If not, don’t waste your money.

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