Luther Hargreeves, better known as Number One, has super strength and he lived on the Moon for four years as a mission from his father. He was the only one of his siblings who did not leave the team and during a mission he was severely injured. To save his life, his father performed surgery on him and removed his heart which powers him with superhuman strength in order to replace it with an artificial heart to keep him alive. Tom Hopper Reveals More About His Role as Luther Hargreeves

Who Are The Rowdyruff Boys?

Ever since they were created, The Rowdyruff Boys have been one of children’s favorite cartoons. Now that The Powerpuff Girls is back on TV, it’s time to discuss who those boys are and what they mean to American culture. It’s hard not to think about Craig McCracken’s original series when talking about its return. Everything from different advertisements to music videos reflect on how popular The Powerpuff Girls was in a viewer’s early years.

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What’s it like being cast in a world famous TV show?

To be honest, it was a bit overwhelming at first. So many people watching you and all that kind of stuff. Plus there are so many great actors here too, they’re all so talented and I feel lucky to be working with them. What’s been particularly exciting is seeing just how well fans have reacted to our work and now being able to talk about it openly! I can’t wait for everyone to see what we have in store for season two!

What’s it Like Being Part of Cartoon Network’s 25th Anniversary?

I went to London and sat down with Tom Hopper, who portrays Number One in ‘The Tomorrow People,’ to discuss his new show, life in America, and what it’s like being part of Cartoon Network’s 25th anniversary. I can’t believe it’s my third year now, said Mr. Hopper. It feels like a long time ago that I first got into New York.

Tom Hopper Reveals More About His Role as Luther Hargreeves
Tom Hopper Reveals More About His Role as Luther Hargreeves

Do you identify with your character?

Tom describes how he is not his character and that Tom laughs every day of [his] life.

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