Sissy Cooper isn’t just the best character on Rectify, she’s the best television character on TV right now. She’s funny, flawed, and yet completely lovable and real in every single way. Her journey from season one to season two has been one of discovery and self-discovery, allowing her to grow into one of the most fascinating women on television today. Here are ten reasons why Sissy Cooper is the best character on Rectify. 10 Reasons Sissy Cooper is the Best

1) A good deed is its own reward

Sissy shows kindness, thoughtfulness and respect to nearly everyone she encounters. While it’s true that she sometimes lacks a little self-confidence, there’s no denying that she has nothing but good intentions. Some might even say her personality is infectious!

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2) Always consider the long-term consequences

Why stick with a long-term partner if you’re unhappy? If you feel like your relationship has become a burden and you feel like things aren’t getting better, then there’s no shame in leaving. Life isn’t always easy, but it is better to live a more authentic life than stay in an unhealthy situation. Don’t sacrifice who you are for anyone else—you deserve happiness!

3) Be present in your life and with people around you

Sissy has one of TV’s best senses of humor, and she’s also ridiculously grounded and empathetic. She realizes how much her family means to her, which isn’t something many people on TV can say about their own families, let alone other characters’. And for all of those reasons, she might be my favorite character on television right now.

4) Delegate, but still be in control

If you’re looking to delegate work, and want to remain in control of how it gets done, assign workers tasks based on their expertise. For example, if you have a designer who can create beautiful graphics, ask her to design all of your marketing materials. If you need someone who can write well and quickly, hire a freelance writer for that role. This way, everything related to your business will look cohesive and intentional—which will make customers more trusting.

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5) Being positive can change someone else’s day, week, month

Even on a really bad day, you can still make someone else’s day by simply smiling and being friendly. Next time you’re having a rough day at work or with a friend, turn it around by focusing on what makes you happy. If that doesn’t help, try giving to others — volunteering at a soup kitchen or animal shelter (or adopting an animal) may just be what you need to feel better about your life. 10 Reasons Sissy Cooper is the Best

6) Knowing yourself makes it easier to know others

One of Ripper Street’s core strengths has always been its characters—the actors who bring them to life and flesh out their backstories with individual quirks, mannerisms, and motivations. As such, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that Sissy Cooper—one of most dynamic characters in all of Victorian-era drama—couldn’t be captured by any one actor.

7) Change can bring out things from within us we didn’t know were there

Sometimes a change of scenery or situation can bring out things in people we didn’t know were there. This happened to me when I met and fell in love with my wife. It was as if a new part of me was formed, something wonderful that brought out many qualities that wouldn’t have been present otherwise. I think Sissy has much the same effect on others around her; from Carl to Harlan, it’s clear she’s a catalyst for inspiration, warmth and kindness.

10 Reasons Sissy Cooper is the Best
10 Reasons Sissy Cooper is the Best

8) Don’t punish others for our mistakes; forgive, move on

In an attempt to prevent their affair from being discovered, Vanya and Carl have gone behind each other’s backs. This is an unhealthy practice that can only lead to resentment in one or both partners. Learn from your mistakes and forgive yourself for them; then move on by putting 100% of your energy into making sure they never happen again! When trust has been broken it takes a lot of hard work to restore it.

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9) Good friends don’t have an expiration date

While you may have a lot of acquaintances, some will fade away after a few years. A good friend, however, sticks with you for life. What makes one person a good friend versus another? You must be able to trust them and confide in them when need be; there are also times when your friendship can save your life . . . literally. These are just some of many reasons why Sissy Cooper is one of TV’s best friends ever.

10) True friendship lasts forever

One of my favorite things about The Deuce, and also one of its most subtle strengths, is that it’s unflinching in its portrayal of friendship between women. Whether you’re a man or a woman, watching Maggie Gyllenhaal and Emily Meade’s characters awkwardly bond at Vincent Martino’s dinner party with their fake smiles and false pleasantries has to be both entertaining and familiar.

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