First of all, I’m not a big TV guy. I don’t have cable and the shows I watch are almost always on Netflix or Amazon Prime, because let’s face it, most of what’s on network television these days isn’t worth my time. But if there was one thing that managed to get me to watch TV more in the past few years, it was The Walking Dead – and so when word got out that AMC was producing another show called The Boys, I admit I was skeptical that they could pull off another hit series. The Boys: A New Show with a Surprising Amount of Depth

Luca Villacis Portrays teen Butcher

Luca Villacis is a talented young actor who portrays the character of Butcher on The Boys. Though his character is violent and often angry, Luca brings a certain vulnerability to the role that makes him sympathetic. It’s clear he’s struggling with the weight of the world on his shoulders, and it’s interesting to see how he deals with that. He’s an outsider among outsiders, and so he becomes a leader through force. When given power by the government in order to keep everyone in line, you can see his youthfulness come out when dealing with people from all walks of life- as well as when he’s trying to make decisions for others (though sometimes those decisions don’t turn out well). Luca does a great job of portraying the struggles that come with being both older than your peers but also younger than society. Butcher feels like someone we could meet on the street if we looked hard enough, and this idea was one of Garth Ennis’ original intentions for the character. In a way, he’s not just what you would expect from a superhero protagonist- there are layers to him that could never be fully revealed in such a short time. And it seems like viewers are getting what they wanted: an unconventional hero with complexity and depth.

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Who Is Luca Villacis

Luca Villacis is a seventeen year old actor who has already made a name for himself in the entertainment industry. Luca was born in Ecuador and moved to Los Angeles, California when he was six years old. Luca’s first role was on the hit show Modern Family as Manny Delgado. The show ran from 2009-2017. He also starred in All American Girl alongside Constance Wu, which aired for two seasons. Luca played Constance Wu’s son Eric Lee Jr., a struggling high school student. He currently stars on The Boys as Ben Vargas, one of the main characters in this new Amazon Prime series set in New York City where superheroes are treated like celebrities and celebrities are treated like superheroes.

Joshua Zaharia Portrays young Butcher

Butcher is the leader of the Boys, and he’s absolutely ruthless. He’s also incredibly intelligent, and he always has a plan. Even though he’s the one who comes up with the missions for the Boys, he’s not afraid to get his hands dirty. He’s an excellent fighter, and he always puts the team first. He has some regrets about what he did in the past, but that doesn’t stop him from doing what needs to be done.

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What’s cool about Joshua Zaharia as young Butcher is that even though we don’t know much about him yet, there are hints that we’re going to find out more. For example, when Annie and Kelsey go back in time at the end of episode 3 and come across young Butcher for the first time, you can see how smart he was when he turns around without a word and leaves them alone. I have no idea what this means or why it happened but it makes me want to find out more about him! Who is Butcher? Is he bad or good? And what does he look like now?

Who Is Joshua Zaharia

Joshua Zaharia is the main character on The Boys. He’s a teenager who is trying to find his place in the world. He’s had a tough life and he’s been through a lot, but he’s a good person at heart. He’s the kind of person who would do anything for his friends and family. He’s loyal and protective, and he has a good sense of right and wrong. He’s also incredibly brave, and he’s not afraid to stand up for what he believes in. It doesn’t matter how hard it gets or how many people tell him he can’t do something; he’ll keep going.

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Maya Misaljevic Portrays young Annie January

The show follows the lives of a group of young friends who are all struggling with their own issues. Maya Misaljevic does an excellent job as Annie January, the girl who is trying to find her place in the world. The character is well-developed and Misaljevic does a great job portraying her. The show is definitely worth watching for Misaljevic’s performance alone. And there are other actors that viewers will quickly come to love too. Keep your eyes peeled for Alex J. Patterson playing Sam Six. Six has a dark side that he struggles with when it comes to girls and drinking, but he’s also sweet at times too. Tanner Calderon plays Andy, another lovable friend on the show who has dealt with some tough family stuff in his life.

Who Is Maya Misaljevic

Maya is one of the main characters in The Boys. She is a teenager who has just moved to Paris with her family. Maya is rebellious and doesn’t always follow the rules. She is also intelligent and resourceful, which comes in handy when she’s trying to uncover the truth about the titular boys. Ultimately, though, Maya wants to have fun and live life like an American teenager. As one of the only girls at her school, she often feels isolated but takes solace in her best friend Melina and their band Girl One.

You may not expect this from a show on AMC based on an acclaimed comic book series by Garth Ennis and Darick Robertson. But that doesn’t mean there isn’t depth! We’re only three episodes into the show so far but it already feels like there’s so much more than teenage rebellion going on here.

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