Nathan Franklin, A-Train’s older brother and trainer, was introduced in the first season of Power, played by Christian Keyes. Before working with his famous younger brother, Nathan was also a star athlete – but he chose to leave that world behind and become an inner-city boxing coach, due to his frustration with the NCAA’s unfair treatment of student athletes who come from poor backgrounds. Though Nathan seems like the perfect role model, he’s actually not all that different from his infamous sibling. When it comes to women, Nathan Franklin can’t keep his hands off them! Meet Christian Keyes Nathan Franklin A-Train’s older brother

The role in the show

Nathan is A-Train’s eldest sibling and his older brother in real life. He is a retired professional boxer and owns his own boxing gym Knockout Boxing. His primary goal is to guide his younger brother on a path that doesn’t cross over into corruption. If you thought he was successful inside of the ring – just wait until you meet him outside of it! Let us introduce Christian Keyes who portrays Nathan Franklin in Power.

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How he got into acting

The first role Christian ever landed was a speaking part on an episode of The Walking Dead. He got it by going to an open casting call in Atlanta—and he went because his girlfriend at the time pushed him to do it.

Meet Christian Keyes Nathan Franklin A-Train's older brother
Meet Christian Keyes Nathan Franklin A-Train’s older brother

The character development

In season one of Empire, we learn a lot about what makes young Andre A-Train Lyon tick. We see him as an impressionable teen—the son of hip hop legend Lucius Lyon (Terrence Howard)—who is interested in money and music. Through his eyes, we discover that he is prone to anger; but he also shows that he has a talent for writing music and making friends.

The character journey from season 1 to season 2

In season 1 of HBO’s Ballers: The Christian Keyes plays a larger role as A-Train’s trainer and older brother. In season 2, Keyes will play a smaller role but still appear in multiple episodes. Most of his storyline shifts to show a more comedic character instead of serious one. He is also seen with his children and family on top of scenes at The Grass Shack training facility where he coaches football players for their careers.

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