Santiago is the main character in Ernest Hemingway’s book The Old Man and the Sea. Santiago was an old man who lived alone in Cuba and dedicated his whole life to fishing, which had been his only passion, with the only help of an apprentice named Manolin. Santiago’s Journey to Becoming the Chosen One

Who Is Lourinelson Vladmir

Lourinelson Vladmir, a mysterious entity of unclear origin, has long been labeled The Chosen One by a select few who have understood that he is among us. He resides here, in our very midst. His presence has been felt but he was not discovered until his true nature had become apparent. Now that we know who he is and what he will do for us, it is time to discuss his journey on becoming The Chosen One. For it is only with knowledge of how Lourinelson Vladimir came to be what he is today will we truly understand what is yet to come…

Lourinelson Vladmir as Santiago

The chosen one, who is meant to receive a book that tells him about his destiny. He loves books and has read many of them in his lifetime, which can be seen as a metaphor for good education and being taught wisdom from an early age. Santiago’s main goal throughout his journey is to find treasure at all costs, even if it means losing himself in doing so.

Santiago's Journey to Becoming the Chosen One
Santiago’s Journey to Becoming the Chosen One

Many students take the easy way out and only think about getting out of high school or college with minimal effort rather than thinking long term goals such as college degrees; because they will end up valuing just what they have done right now more than their futures themselves.

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Until now, Santiago had been like any other boy.

I would play with other boys on my street and get into scraps. I was no different from any other boy of that time. He had been raised by his uncle whom he loved, but he knew little about his father who had left for Portugal for work when Santiago was still young. His mother had died when he was an infant.: When I was young I didn’t realize it, but I think she probably got sick from all those toxins from South America. She used to complain about getting headaches after going down there; my uncle told me that she complained about eye pain as well.

It was in this cave that he discovered how to become the chosen one.

Santiago sat down on a rock and thought about what he would do with his life. If he would ever be anything more than an ordinary shepherd. As he looked into some water, he saw his reflection but noticed that in his reflection was a man standing behind him; Santiago could see only his face but not his body, as if it were made of smoke. He asked who was there, and received no answer except for a sense of calmness from within himself. Santiago felt himself being pulled by something behind him; though not able to see anything, he turned around anyway and found himself staring at thin air. Confused and frightened, Santiago decided it would be best to head back home where no one else could see what had just happened.

Santiago's Journey to Becoming the Chosen One
Santiago’s Journey to Becoming the Chosen One

After having a vision about a great tree, Santiago found out about his destiny.

Santiago was, for a long time, simply an every day man. He had no real purpose or direction in life until he went on a business trip. While at his destination, Santiago had a vision about a great tree and suddenly knew that he was meant for greater things than what he was currently doing with his life. He sold all of his possessions and used all of that money to travel across South America in search of something: what exactly, he didn’t know yet. Eventually, Santiago found himself outside of an old house that hadn’t been visited by anyone in quite some time; yet when Santiago tried entering it, it refused him entry at first before letting him pass…as if someone inside could sense who he was meant to be and allowed him access as such.

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He became thirsty for more power, and as he completed more missions, he began seeing himself growing more and more powerful. Vladmir didn’t seem to be afraid of taking any chances at all, until one day, after he had begun his journey as a member of The Syndicate. Vladmir didn’t only come across obstacles along his way; but also many other people that were looking up to him. There was no turning back now… He knew what he had set out to do, and it could never be taken away from him because there was no turning back on such an important cause.

Santiago's Journey to Becoming the Chosen One
Santiago’s Journey to Becoming the Chosen One

But destiny was not so easy to follow.

Santiago often wondered about his destiny, whether he truly deserved such honor. If it were truly a gift, should he not feel more joy? Was it not a curse? Perhaps his tribulations were only just beginning… As time passed, Santiago found himself falling back into old habits; without an immediate goal or challenge to guide him he was once again aimless and lost in thought. Life had been kind up until now; what new hardship awaited him in days ahead? All that was certain is that these times of uncertainty would serve as preparation for some epic battle with no end in sight. There was only one thing that could be expected at every turn: Santiago would have to fight if he wished to live. Every day presented itself as yet another struggle towards greatness, towards destiny.

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