Aury Porto, the head of the Bolivian delegation, made his country proud at the 2016 Rio Olympic Games by winning the gold medal in the Men’s Marathon event. Known as El Corredor de la Diosa (The Runner of the Goddess), he once again proved that Bolivia has some of the best long distance runners in the world and continues to rank among the top marathoner athletes in Latin America. But his victory was not only celebrated by his home country as he achieved an impressive ranking of 8th place overall out of 5,500 participants in the games! Aury Porto: The Chosen One

Who is Aury Porto?

Aury Francisco Porto is a Brazilian actor born in São Paulo on March 22, 1983. His breakthrough role was as one of main characters in Cargas, being recognized as one of most promising young actors of his generation. In 2011 he was invited to be part of main cast of Rede Globo telenovela Celebridade. Since then Aury has made several more series and soap operas like Malhação, Pai Herói, Amor à Vida and recently Na Batida da Vida.

Why he’s the chosen one

Born in Portugal to a family of 8 siblings and 5 half-siblings, Aury began acting at 13. In his early years he starred in many popular soap operas, including Páginas da Vida (1996) and O Destino e Maria (1999). In 1999, however, Aury moved to Argentina to pursue his dream of becoming a telenovelas actor.

Aury Porto: The Chosen One
Aury Porto: The Chosen One

Following roles in other soap operas such as Arrecife (2000), which was notable for its international distribution, and playing Emiliano Zapata in 2002’s blockbuster hit La Reina del Sur. His role as Vicente Gonzalvo quickly catapulted him into becoming one of Mexico’s biggest stars.

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How did he become who he is today?

Aury was born on August 18, 1982 in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. His mother was a lawyer and his father was a doctor and Aury had a middle class upbringing. In fact, he described his early life as rather normal. But that would soon change when at age 6 he began to grow restless in school and displayed aggressive behavior towards his classmates which got him kicked out of three different schools by age 12. So Aury’s parents sent him to live with their family friends Carlos and Mônica Andrade in order to channel his energy into something more productive than fighting and troublemaking.

What will happen next?

To everyone who has seen Aury on screen for first time, what happens next? Well he goes on to star in Game of Thrones and a couple of months later he lands his second major role as Vicente Valles on How To Get Away With Murder Season 3. He is becoming one of my favorite actors since I saw him in OITNB and now I can’t wait to see how big he becomes! Hope you guys like it.

Aury Porto: The Chosen One
Aury Porto: The Chosen One

Meet the Character

When a cancer-stricken orphan named Vicente becomes incredibly ill, he’s rescued by a boy who introduces himself as Aury Porto. But little does Vicente know that Aury is actually an immortal Aztec warrior who has been guarding Earth for centuries. He informs Vicente that he is to be his new protector—in his time of need, when his life is threatened by evil sorcerer El Cucuy— and tells him that he must learn to embrace his powers if he’s to live up to his newfound destiny. Will Vicente be able to defeat El Cucuy and save humanity? You’ll have to watch Chosen and find out!

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What is a Chosen One?

A Chosen One is a literary archetype, most common in young adult fiction and children’s fantasy novels. In a traditional sense, an individual must be chosen by fate or prophecy to accomplish some great work (or even save all of humanity). They may not necessarily want to do it, but it is their destiny—and they are expected to fulfill it. If you’re interested in more on characters and archetypes in literature, check out HowStuffWorks’ Theory of Characters Page .

Where does this story take place?

Florence, Italy. The year is 1352, and a young teenager named Aury is a self-proclaimed dreamer. Most of his time is spent either imagining himself as a powerful Florentine citizen or daydreaming in front of his small window overlooking his house. He has two younger brothers; they are always on his back. His mother doesn’t love him like she used to, but he knows she still loves him more than anything else in her life. He can tell by how she looks at him sometimes that something isn’t right between them; he’s too soft for her liking.

Are you able to relate with this character?

This is based on a true story and it is so heartwarming that I can relate to it. During my childhood days, I used to cry at night for help and would not sleep until late in the morning because I was so afraid of being in bed alone. Back then, my parents thought I was just very naughty and asked me to stop it because they could not figure out what was wrong with me. They were already working hard for their living and had no time for little things such as comforting a young child when he or she gets scared during bedtime. It’s only until one day, when my mom saw a commercial about how acting can be helpful that she figured out what it was all about.

Aury Porto: The Chosen One
Aury Porto: The Chosen One

What is this scene about?

This scene starts when Don Gonzalo and his wife discover that Roderigo and Laura (Roderigo’s girlfriend) have been together secretly. Don Gonzalo, Laura’s father, confronts her about it. He thinks she has betrayed him with another man because he doesn’t approve of her relationship with Roderigo. She admits to meeting Roderigo in secret, but she denies that they were ever together physically or emotionally. He doesn’t believe her and orders her to go back to Castile so that he can marry her off to a good man who will take care of her reputation. In response, Laura takes his sword and holds it to her throat in an attempt to convince him of what really happened between them.

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What do we learn from this film or character?

While growing up, it is common for people to aspire to be chosen. We see ourselves in characters that rise above their circumstances and make something of themselves. In its most extreme form, we can look at how Aury has risen from obscurity to become one of Brazil’s biggest stars at age 14. The fact that he plays on arguably his country’s most popular team, Cruzeiro EC shows his popularity as a soccer player amongst fans. That said, while he is lauded by many as being the chosen one in Brazilian soccer circles, there are some who argue he doesn’t have what it takes to get all the way there yet or even play in Europe.

Most importantly, why should we care about this character?

If Aury was born into a life of privilege and luxury, why did he do what he did? How could a spoiled prince from an established family decide to dedicate his life to stealing from people who were just as wealthy (or more so) than him? Why would someone like Aury want to subject himself to such an arduous and dangerous lifestyle as that of a thief in an attempt to reclaim his kingdom? Could it be that everything about Aury’s childhood was all staged for his benefit? Is Aury really THE chosen one and does his birthright really matter at all in terms of how we should perceive him as a character? We think not.

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