Rekha Sharma lately made an appearance in the megahit show Yellowjackets, playing the part of Jessica Roberts, a fake journalist probing the mysterious survivors of a aeroplane crash. Her character is full of wit and conspiracy, as she attempts to uncover the verity behind the survivors ’ stories. With her conclusive charm and clever questioning, she snappily finds herself at the center of the action, digging into the secrets and dark motives of those around her. Read on to find out further about Rekha Sharma’s compelling performance and what she brings to the part of Jessica Roberts. Rekha Sharma as Jessica Roberts a fake journalist probing the survivors of the crash

Who’s Rekha Sharma?

Rekha Sharma is a Canadian actress who has been in the entertainment business for over two decades. She’s best known for her places on Battlestar Galactica, The 100, Supernatural, and The Breadth. Most lately, she has taken on the part of Jessica Roberts in the new show, Yellowjackets.

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Jessica Roberts is a fake journalist probing the survivors of a mysterious aeroplane crash in a remote corner of Canada. Rekha Sharma is assigned with bringing this character to life, and she does so with remarkable skill and emotion.

previous to Yellowjackets, Rekha Sharma had a wide range of places, from sci- fi to drama to comedy. She has appeared in numerous television shows and pictures similar as CSI, Smallville, Final Destination 2, Man of Steel, and Altered Carbon.

Rekha Sharma is an incredibly talented actress who brings an inconceivable quantum of depth to any part she plays. Her performance in Yellowjackets is no different- she brings an intensity and complexity that makes her character come alive.

What’s her part in Yellowjackets?

Rekha Sharma plays the part of Jessica Roberts, a fake journalist probing the survivors of the crash in the Netflix series Yellowjackets. As Jessica Roberts, Rekha has to play the part of an independent investigator, uncovering the secrets and mystifications girding the survivors of the crash. She’s also assigned with figuring out how they all got involved and why they’re all connected in some way. The part requires her to use her investigative chops to try and get to the bottom of what happed and how it all ties together. Rekha has said that it was a grueling part, as she had to learn a lot about investigative journalism, but that she was eventually over for the challenge.

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How did she prepare for the part?

Rekha Sharma is no foreigner to the world of acting, having appeared in several pictures and TV series throughout her career. When it came time to prepare for her part as Jessica Roberts in Yellowjackets, she dove into the script with enthusiasm and fidelity. She did expansive exploration on the characters and their connections to one another, fastening on how they would interact under the extraordinary circumstances that the show explored.

In addition to studying the script, Rekha also did her own exploration about the setting and atmosphere of the show, familiarizing herself with the world in which her character lives. She wanted to be sure that her depiction was authentic and reflective of the real- life gests of those involved in a aeroplane crash. Eventually, Rekha also worked with an acting trainer in order to really get into the mind of her character and make her performance as credible as possible. All this hard work paid off, and Rekha’s performance as Jessica Roberts has been praised by cult and critics likewise.

Rekha Sharma as Jessica Roberts: a fake reporter investigating the survivors of the crash
Rekha Sharma as Jessica Roberts: a fake reporter investigating the survivors of the crash

Rekha Sharma as Jessica Roberts a fake journalist probing the survivors of the crash What did she suppose of the script?

Rekha Sharma was veritably impressed with the script for Yellowjackets. She set up it to be a witching and violent story that drew her in from the launch. According to Rekha, the script was well- drafted, with plenitude of twists and turns that kept her engaged throughout. She particularly enjoyed the character of Jessica Roberts, whom she felt was complex and intriguing enough to keep her intrigued. Rekha was also surprised by how important of the plot she was suitable to prognosticate ahead of time, which she believes is a testament to the quality of the script.

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