You could be forgiven if you thought Margaret Odette and Sasha Snow, Billie’s best friend on Once Upon A Time, are one and the same person. After all, they share the same name and have pretty much identical personalities, right? In many ways, that’s true—Margaret and Sasha have both been in love with two completely different men, so their jealousy of one another makes sense. Margaret Odette and Sasha Snow: Two Sides of the Same Coin

The Physical

Margaret represents strength, power, courage, confidence. On one side, she’s an experienced martial artist with a healthy sense of self-preservation; on another, she’s a caring friend who keeps Billie from doing something stupid. She can also be cold when necessary—but that’s only because it works to her advantage more often than not.

Margaret Odette and Sasha Snow: Two Sides of the Same Coin
Margaret Odette and Sasha Snow: Two Sides of the Same Coin

The Emotional

Not all women are emotional, contrary to popular belief. In fact, some studies suggest that women are even more rational than men. I’m sure you’ve heard someone tell a woman that she’s being too emotional, but what they mean is they don’t want to deal with her feelings because it might force them to confront their own. In real life we see these kinds of relationships between friends, bosses/employees and especially within romantic relationships.

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The Mental

Margaret is successful in her chosen field, has a large group of friends that she’s close to, and is good with casual dating. She believes firmly that there is something more substantial in life than finding a husband, which is what Billie wants most. In Margaret’s mind, she’s not missing out on anything. This causes friction between them because she feels like Billie cannot be satisfied in just having a family without also having an equally successful career; nothing less will do for Billie.

The Practical

So you’ve been told that self-help gurus like Tony Robbins or Dr. Phil have everything figured out when it comes to relationships. While that may be true, you can always learn from a third party perspective—specifically, your friends who are happily married themselves. Billie’s best friend, Sasha Snow (portrayed by actress Margaret Odette), tries to convince her that she doesn’t need love to be happy in life.

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