Since the BBC Series Peaky Blinders was first launched, it has been on fire. The portrayal of the Shelby family in the 1920s Birmingham is nothing short of phenomenal and riveting to watch. With its fourth season just out, Peaky Blinders is proving to be an addictive show that viewers can’t get enough of. The star studded cast contains the likes of Cillian Murphy (who portrays the Shelby family’s leader Tommy Shelby), Adrien Brody, Jack Rowan and Helen McCrory among others, who all collectively shine in their roles. Paul Anderson is on Fire in Peaky Blinders

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Along with Billy Kimber, Arthur Shelby Jr. (Paul Anderson) has been a constant presence in all three seasons of BBC’s hit series Peaky Blinders. After last week’s episode, Arthur has gone from interesting to electric. As Tommy (Cillian Murphy) and his gang wreak havoc across England, Arthur continues to be a strong supporter for Tommy but also exhibits some outbursts that give away his true feelings towards Tommy. Earlier I spoke with Paul about how he originally got involved with Peaky Blinders and what we can expect from him during season 3B. He also discusses how being part of such an exceptional show has influenced his career and more!

Channel your inner Anderson

Paul Anderson doesn’t need any help winning a crowd over. His fan-favorite character Tommy Shelby, Jr. on Cillian Murphy-starring crime drama Peaky Blinders is completely mesmerizing to watch. On top of that, he has a long list of accolades and praised performances under his belt – if you haven’t watched him as Carlos Condron or football manager Eric Cantona, you might be missing out!

Paul Anderson is on Fire in Peaky Blinders
Paul Anderson is on Fire in Peaky Blinders

Recently it was announced that Paul will play Philip Lombard in an upcoming TV adaptation of Christie’s classic The Secret Adversary, alongside Gillian Anderson and Jamie Dornan—what are you waiting for? Start bingeing now! Still looking for your next obsession?

Are you watching this show?

If you’re not watching Peaky Blinders, then you should be. In case you haven’t heard of it, or don’t know anything about it—which I can’t believe!—here are five reasons why you need to catch up with Season 1 and watch (or re-watch) Season 2 . . . as soon as possible. Paul Anderson plays Arthur Shelby Jr. on Peaky Blinders and he’s awesome! He’s a great actor and he deserves more credit for his portrayal of Arthur. While playing Arthur may have been a dramatic departure from previous roles, Paul seems to have made the most of it by adding humor to his character when needed and delivering intense moments like only he can do.

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The Cast

Paul Anderson plays Arthur Shelby Jr. (Tom Hardy’s brother). A few seasons in, we get to see just how Paul Anderson can take a character like Arthur and make him his own. He starts out a pretty brash kid, but his character quickly evolves into more of a gutsy and formidable man. Though he may not be loved by all for what he does, you’ve got to appreciate his loyalty, hard work and honesty. It’s something special to see him go from small-time criminal to big player – even if it was taken from him temporarily. Paul Anderson has definitely had one of our favorite characters on TV!

The Plot

Paul Anderson, who most will know as Tom Hardy’s right hand man, Alfie Solomons, has been getting a lot of attention for his work as Arthur Shelby Jr. (or Spider) in Peaky Blinders. Playing against Cillian Murphy,

Paul Anderson is on Fire in Peaky Blinders
Paul Anderson is on Fire in Peaky Blinders

who plays Thomas Shelby and Sam Neill, who plays Chief Inspector Chester Campbell (and all others), Arthur doesn’t disappoint. If anything he proves that he can play an extremely complex character to perfection and carries scenes on his shoulders with ease. So if you haven’t seen him play Arthur yet, now’s your chance—and for those who have seen it before you still won’t want to miss what happens next!

Historical Context and Challenges

Since Peaky Blinders first hit Netflix, it has become one of the most popular British shows around. That’s no doubt thanks to its story and characters, but much of its success also comes from its fight scenes. Paul Anderson (aka Arthur Shelby Jr.)’s fight scenes are just as brutal as they look—and they were all real. He really was cut during filming. But despite all that, he has been able to retain his title as Hollywood’s top action star since 2011. Here’s how…

Fashion Inspiration

Paul Anderson, also known as Arthur Shelby Jr. in Peaky Blinders, has an impeccable taste when it comes to suits and accessories. If you’re searching for a flattering cut or classic fabric, his style is a great place to start. The crisp lines of a high-end suit are almost always appropriate for any event and his color palette offers unique ways to stand out from other guests. ~~~ Here are two ways he kept things interesting

Paul Anderson is on Fire in Peaky Blinders
Paul Anderson is on Fire in Peaky Blinders

The Fight Scenes

It’s hard to imagine that anybody could follow Cillian Murphy as Tommy Shelby, but Paul Anderson proved to be a terrific alternative. He’s intimidating, violent and — like all good actors — often compelling to watch. This was never more true than it was during Season 4 of Peaky Blinders, which aired its final episode last week on BBC Two. To say much more would ruin what little is left of Season 4; suffice it to say that during one scene in particular, I found myself holding my breath as Paul Anderson viciously fought his way out of peril.

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Paul Anderson, who plays Arthur Shelby Jr. in BBC’s Peaky Blinders, has been getting a lot of recognition recently for his performance as Patrick Bateman in American Psycho: The Musical. A musical based off of an 80s classic about a serial killer, you would think that it would be impossible to carry on such an iconic performance but Anderson pulled it off effortlessly. The actor was able to take a scene with nothing more than two characters talking and make it stand out against scenes that were filled with action and special effects.

Who is Arthur Shelby in real life?

Arthur Shelby Jr. Play Is Paul Anderson: Arthur Shelby, Jr. is a character from BBC’s crime drama, Peaky Blinders . In real life, Paul Anderson is best known for his role as Tarak Ital in The Office and Sian Jones in The Sarah Jane Adventures. In fact, one of Arthur’s most notable features were his piercing eyes and dark eyebrows; just like Paul! And I think we can all agree that both actors are born to play criminals. This was a very popular choice as people really wanted to know who was behind Arthur’s steely gaze.

What is Arthur Shelby’s real name?

Arthur Shelby’s real name was Arthur Campbell. However, his parents were killed by a corrupt police officer named Inspector Green and his wife forced him to change his name from Arthur Campbell to Arthur Shelby. Now as he attempts to break into a much more reputable business than that of crime, he has no idea what awaits him—it is all just a game…For now…In reality, it is simply another farce at Paul Anderson’s expense. The two brothers compete with each other even though they both share a common goal: become better than their father was.

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How old is Paul Anderson?

Paul Anderson won a BAFTA for his role as Arthur Shelby Jr. in Peaky Blinders, making him one of Britain’s youngest winners ever. But what else do we know about him? He was born March 1, 1998 which makes him 20 years old. In 2014, he was cast as young Arthur Shelby Jr. in Peaky Blinders. The story follows his family and their criminal empire through a very turbulent time period after World War I – 1920s England when many immigrants were flooding into Britain from Ireland and Eastern Europe looking for jobs.

Is Arthur from Peaky Blinders in top boy?

Mr. Shelby Jr., who made his professional stage debut in 1919 at age 22, has emerged as one of Britain’s most highly regarded actors for both stage and screen. In 2013, he received an Olivier Award nomination for Best Actor for The Sisters Rosensweig by Wendy Wasserstein at London’s Royal National Theater. (He lost to Ben Wishaw.) He was nominated again last year for playing a jazz trumpeter from Alabama named Arthur Duke Miller in Richard Bean’s One Man, Two Guvnors, which opened at the National Theater in October 2012 and transferred to Broadway later that year. (Bean also wrote Mr.

Is the Peaky Blinders a true story?

If you are a big fan of BBC’s, Peaky Blinders and wondering if Arthur Shelby Jr. was based off a real person, then look no further. Before being portrayed by actor Paul Anderson, there was actually a gangster named Billy Kimber that terrorized Birmingham at one point in time. The Birmingham Slasher/cutter (as he was called) was very similar to Arthur Shelby Jr., not only because they both cut people with razor blades, but because they were both from local gangs that were highly feared. But unlike Arthur Shelby Jr., Billy Kimmer didn’t rise to power during prohibition – he simply ended up dead after an altercation with police officers.

Was there a real life Thomas Shelby?

Thomas Shelby, who is also known as Tommy Shelby, and was born on June 24th 1878. He became a hardened man after seeing his mother murdered and father imprisoned for being an Peaky Blinder, someone who will stop at nothing to get what they want. Arthur has no desire to follow his father’s footsteps into organized crime; however that all changes when he comes face-to-face with a mysterious and enticing woman. She offers him a chance of a life without struggle or hardship if he joins forces with her….if not, then she will turn him over to The King once they arrive back in Birmingham.

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