Hughie Campbell, one of the main characters in the Starz original series Power, has always had a bit of an issue with his impulsive behavior and refusal to listen to advice from anyone around him. This isn’t really news to anyone who watches the show. In fact, it’s one of the reasons that we all love Hughie so much. After all, who wants to watch a show about someone who always does what they’re told? Hughie Campbell’s Superpowers

Hugh Hughie Campbell Jr.

A civilian member of The Boys who joins the group after his girlfriend Robin is killed by A-Train. At times, Hugh can feel unloved and unappreciated and longs for a life outside of The Boys. He gets a promotion at his job but ends up leaving it, getting into a motorcycle accident which he blames himself for. He soon begins training to become stronger, faster and better than ever before, taking on attributes reminiscent of superheroes.

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His power sets

When he sees that he has no choice, Hughie sees into people’s future, but only if they have a chance to change their fate. He can see what would happen if someone stayed on their current path and then decide whether or not to help them alter it. The visions are snippets of other possible futures; he doesn’t actually cause any harm by having them, as such his power isn’t classified as an offensive weapon.

Hughie Campbell's Superpowers
Hughie Campbell’s Superpowers

Tricks used in the movie

There are a few tricks in Ocean’s 11 that we’ll briefly discuss here, but for those interested in learning more about how to perform these tricks, we recommend reading a book by Richard Kaufman (available on Amazon) called Magic as a Second Language. Hughie doesn’t have any superhuman powers in Ocean’s 11 (besides being incredibly good at card counting), but he does know some simple magic tricks that you might be able to do as well.

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The future for Hughie

Although Hughie hasn’t been seen in any Marvel comics after Battlestar Galactica, his character is still alive. If Hughie were to return for a potential third season of Battlestar Galactica, it is likely that he would be trying to rebuild his life without being involved with either The Cylons or The Colonials. It would be interesting to see what Jack Quaid would be able to bring to the character if given a chance for redemption.

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