I have to admit that I wasn’t aware of Netflix’s newest original series, Heartstopper, when it came out. After all, the streaming service released over 700 new titles in September alone, which means that it’s nearly impossible to keep up with everything they have to offer, especially since most of it comes and goes in a matter of days. But I was recently reminded of the show by an article by The Guardian’s TV critic, Lucy Mangan. Netflix’s Heartstopper is a Sweet and Touching Romance

What is Heartstopper about?

Based on Alice Oseman’s webcomic of the same name, Netflix’s Heartstopper tells us an endearing story about love and friendship in middle school. The show follows Charlie Spring, who has to navigate a crush on his dream girl (and their subsequent relationship) as well as his strained friendships with a close-knit group of guys at school. Taking us from heartbreak to triumph through Charlie’s adventures, it was clear that although circumstances may have changed since we were 12 years old (turn off SnapChat, please!), human nature has not. Whether you’re in middle school or beyond, you will be able to relate to Charlie’s plight—and fall in love with him yourself in the process.

Main Characters and Storyline

You know what it’s like when your heart stops for a second? That feeling of excitement that comes with new love. Now imagine if your heart didn’t start beating again. Heartstopper, Netflix’s latest teen romance drama streaming now, tells just that story. It follows Kit Connor as she falls in love with Joe Locke while they help her mom run her struggling business. But as their relationship deepens, Kit finds herself falling deeper into despair as she realizes that everything Joe loves could disappear because of his severe asthma attacks… Spoiler Alert: Things get complicated quick.

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How Long Is The Show?

Heartstopper has 8 episodes. Each episode has run time of around 23 minutes, so that makes it just under 2 hours per episode. This isn’t too long compared to other Netflix series, although it could be slightly longer to tell more of Charlie and Zara’s story. Still, we’re not complaining! We love shorter series because they allow us to watch all at once. Plus, if you have a busy schedule or want to binge but don’t have much time, you can easily finish one episode in around 15 minutes!

Things to Know Before Watching

If you’re familiar with Kit Connor, she was absolutely breathtaking in Skins. Connor plays Charlie Spring in Heartstopper, and her performance just might make you tear up—in a good way. If you loved My Mad Fat Diary, there’s plenty of similarities here. And if you’re looking for something new to binge-watch on Netflix that’ll fill your feel-good romantic comedy fix, go no further than Heartstopper . It’s not only easy to love but feels super lighthearted despite how young adult romances tend to be presented onscreen. The series has 14 episodes so far , so grab some tissues before starting (just because). You’re going to need them as soon as Charlie enters her first heartstopping adventure!

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Reviews From Critics

While many British television series are compared to Downton Abbey, Netflix’s new original series follows in Downton’s footsteps as it comes across as almost an equal match for the popular PBS period drama. The show has been called everything from sweetly British to like My So-Called Life meets Bridget Jones. Kit Connor stars as Charlie Spring, an out gay teen struggling with his sexuality while navigating senior year in high school…Charlie faces typical teen problems of popularity and peer pressure in addition to coming to terms with his sexuality.

Netflixs Heartstopper is a Sweet and Touching Romance
Netflix’s Heartstopper is a Sweet and Touching Romance

A Quick Overview

In 2002, just four years old, Alice Oseman created an account on DeviantArt under her pseudonym heartattack. Over time, she started drawing more frequently and with more passion. In 2009 she decided to draw her webcomic (at first called The Shyness of Amphetamine), later retitled as Heartstopper which was then published in 2014 by Breakdown Press. The success of it led Netflix to option for a television series adaptation, now streaming worldwide! If you haven’t yet watched it, we highly recommend you do!

What Other Critics Say , Netflix’s Heartstopper is a Sweet and Touching Romance

Heartstopper is like its creators; it doesn’t beat around any bushes. This series has no time for small talk or extraneous scenes. It has one job, to depict falling in love, and it does that superbly. Alice Oseman created one of my favourite young adult romances with her graphic novel Heartstopper, so I knew I was going to enjoy her show as well. While Gossip Girl meets John Green may be a bit reductive, it also isn’t too far off from what you get here.

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What’s Coming Up For The Show

While not as explosive as The Kissing Booth, Netflix’s latest teen rom-com still manages to bring plenty of emotion, laughs, and moments that will have you reaching for your Kleenex. Kit Connor stars as Charlie Spring, who develops feelings for her popular friend Leo (Joe Locke) after he breaks up with his girlfriend Amy (Rachel Petladwala). The heartwarming comedy follows Charlie through first love while coming to terms with the distance between them when she moves back home. While it’s not groundbreaking material—Charlie goes on an awkward date with a boy before confessing her feelings for Leo; teens use social media to solve problems—it works in its simplicity.

Q & A

Let’s Talk to Charlie Spring: You star in your own television series, Heartstopper. Tell us about that experience: How was it different from performing live theater? Was it more difficult or easier? And what can audiences expect from season two?

Is Heartstopper inappropriate?

 Netflix’s new British television series Heartstopper was released. Described as a teen romance with bittersweet undertones, viewers immediately began to question whether or not it was appropriate for teenagers.

Is Heartstopper a bl?

Netflix’s first British series, Heartstopper, has proven that quality comes in all sizes. With its first season consisting , many might assume it to be an unlikely candidate for success. However, Heartstopper takes you on an exciting journey with Charlie Spring (Kit Connor) as he uncovers new discoveries about his family history. It may be short in length but what it lacks in quantity it makes up for in quality!

Is there gonna be a season 2 of Heartstopper?

Yes. After its premiere, Netflix announced it had ordered season 2 of Heartstopper for production. The next season will consist of 6 episodes each around 50 minutes long. Filming for season 2 started in late 2017. It began airing in July 2018 to great critical acclaim.

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