When I’m at Harvey Greene Grammar School, I love to hang out with Charlie and Tao, which isn’t always easy because they’re boys and I’m a girl . . . who used to be a boy. They don’t care that I used to be Aaron Finney, that my birth certificate says M, or that I was once in love with Charlie (I still am). And although sometimes it feels like it, being transgender doesn’t mean you have to pick sides between girls and boys. Charlie and Tao’s Friend Yasmin Finney Comes Out as Transgender

Yasmin Finney as Elle Argent

What do you want to achieve?

As a high school student I am constantly worrying about my gender identity. The Gay Straight Alliance (GSA) at Higgs has helped me to learn that it is okay to be who you are, regardless of others’ thoughts. This past year I have been working with GSA advisor Mr. Sampson in addition to other staff members to get an authentic gender neutral bathroom at school. Since then, I’ve taken a big step forward by coming out as transgender and changing my name from Chloe Elizabeth Smith-Argent to Yasmin Claire Smith-Argent.

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Do your research

Higgs is featured in both Charlie, Charlie, Charlie and Heartstopper. Before you begin writing, it’s important to do your research! Read Higgs’s first appearance in Charlie, Charlie, Charlie carefully. Review both of these book’s plots to fully understand all of Higgs’s development as a character—as well as what her future might hold for her. You can also visit Ms. Milburne’s website for more information about Heartstopper by clicking here . Ms. Milburne has promised to reveal more about Higgs on Twitter . Be sure to follow @AshleyMilburne on Twitter so you don’t miss any updates!

Have a plan

As of 2017, there are no concrete plans for a sequel. Yes, screenwriter Susanna Fogel is set to write another movie about Charlie and her BFFs but no further details have been released. Moreover, Kat Graham told Glamour in 2016 that she was unsure whether anyone would get her character’s name right – Like if I went into Starbucks tomorrow, how many people would say ‘Mina?’ she said – so perhaps Mina will stay on-screen for a while yet. If a second movie does materialise though, you can be sure Elle Argent will be right there with Charlie and co. As Scarlett Johansson put it: I wouldn’t miss it for anything.

Do not hide it

I am very proud of being trans. When I came out to my friends, I expected some questions and a little bit of confusion—how could they not be? But what I didn’t expect was their unconditional love. Charlie is one of my best friends, but even he was worried that my transition would ruin our friendship. When I started taking hormones, he told me that we should keep it quiet because we might lose some people along the way. I wasn’t scared at all; I thought it was time to be authentic with everyone around me. And you know what? He was right about losing people—we lost a few people—but for every person who left us because they were uncomfortable with me transitioning, three more showed up in their place.

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Be nice

Transitioning can be a challenging experience, but it’s an exciting one as well. Though many people are supportive of transgender youth, there are also those who aren’t; that is why it is so important to educate people on what being transgender really means. This also includes adults in Charlie and Tao’s friend Elle Argent’s life, including her parents. It will take time for them to come around to Elle Argent’s new name and identity; but if they know her parents before she came out—as well as they love her—they will do their best to come around eventually.

Push your limits

We all know that everyone is different, but it can be difficult to understand how another person experiences life. To some people, gender identity may feel like a straightforward concept, something that defines a person for their entire lives. Even those who are close to someone who identifies as transgender often have never really thought about what that might be like until they have to. In many ways, most people will never really understand how another person experiences life. That’s okay though; we’re all just doing our best—and being there for someone without judgment is always a good start. If you’re having trouble understanding why someone would transition from one gender to another, maybe you could ask them—they may even have answers for you.

Charlie and Taos Friend Yasmin Finney Comes Out as Transgender
Charlie and Tao’s Friend Yasmin Finney Comes Out as Transgender

Celebrate yourself!

Many transgender women say they feel great after starting hormones. It’s OK to take your time coming out, but don’t wait too long. If you feel you are ready to come out, take a minute to appreciate how far you have come in terms of acceptance—and tell yourself that, no matter what happens next, at least you were brave enough to be honest with yourself and those around you. The most important thing is that you feel happy with who you are. If someone doesn’t accept who or how you are now, it’s their loss—not yours! And remember: You never need permission from anyone else to live authentically!

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