Some of you may remember Rebel Without a Cause as one of the best movies of all time (if not the best). While James Dean was undoubtedly the star of that classic, he wasn’t its only memorable actor. In fact, Luke Whoriskey may have been even better at playing James Dean than James Dean himself was! Watch the two actors side by side in this video and decide for yourself! Luke Whoriskey is the New James Dean

About Luke Whoriskey

Born in Spokane, Washington, Luke’s family moved to a suburb of Salt Lake City and he attended Cottonwood High School. As an actor, he has played many different characters that take him to new places and encourage him to step outside his comfort zone. His breakout role was as James Dean in Netflix’s blonde netflix. The photo above is from filming for the show. I think what makes James Dean such a compelling character is not just his image but also how he presents himself, says Luke. He wants to be someone who knows what they want and goes after it with their full heart.

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About His Role James Dean

In BLONDE NETFLIX, Luke plays a 60-year-old man, who after being told he only has a few months to live, embarks on a romantic adventure with the Bombshell of his dreams. After finding out that he might not have much time left on earth, his Hollywood housekeeper tells him about this idea she’s had for a TV show which becomes an early prototype for Tinder. He then falls in love with a bombshell and they embark on an epic love story set in Southern California in 1963.

Luke Whoriskey is the New James Dean
Luke Whoriskey is the New James Dean

Who Is He?

Luke Whoriskey stars as James Dean in Netflix’s The Other Side of the Wind, a film that had been shelved for over 40 years. The story focuses on director and Hollywood legend, John Huston. Some of his most iconic movies include Wise Blood, The African Queen and Freud. The movie takes a deeper look into both Huston’s life as well as his past work. It also portrays celebrities from this era, including Marilyn Monroe and Lenny Bruce.

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His Movie Career

Luke Whoriskey has a new acting role in The Edge of Seventeen. The director of the film said he was eager to work with Luke because he’s this new breed of actor, incredibly well trained and mature beyond his years. In an interview on blonde netflix, Luke responded to being called the new James Dean, saying that he wasn’t even aware of who James Dean was before being told by his agent. He went on to say that it’s flattering but doesn’t fit him.

His Work on Netflix

Netflix has added another actor to their list of notable stars with Luke Whoriskey playing T.J. Hammond in High Octane, an upcoming drama-thriller set to premiere on Netflix later this year. With his work mostly composed of television shows, including recurring and guest roles on series such as Lucifer and Handmaid’s Tale, as well as voicing video games, he has been receiving a lot of attention from fans lately. I love when people comment about my acting, said Whoriskey. It means that I’m doing something right.

Luke Whoriskey is the New James Dean
Luke Whoriskey is the New James Dean

Other Actors Who Could Have Been Cast in First Man

Director Damien Chazelle was going for a very specific look in his newest film, First Man. He wanted to cast an actor who could more accurately capture the dynamic between Neil Armstrong and Yuri Gagarin. So while it’s clear they could have found other actors to play some of the roles in this film, there are definitely other actors who would have been better suited for one of them. In this blog post, we’re going to discuss our thoughts on who those actors might be.

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The Critics’ Opinion on the Film First Man

This would be considered an average film, were it not for a few standout moments. Ryan Gosling stars as Neil Armstrong, the first man to step foot on the moon. Gosling does a decent job playing this iconic hero, but First Man doesn’t explore Armstrong’s personal story or highlight his accomplishments as much as it should.

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