The newest season of the hit Netflix series House of Cards has fans and critics buzzing with each new episode. With Season 3 coming to an end, it’s time to step back and review the facts: Is Tomer Capon (as Serge / Frenchie) actually the serial killer? Is Tomer Capon the Serial Killer?

The Villainous Potential of Drifter

The second episode of Overwatchs fourth season, called The Archives, is set to come out on April 10. There are two new maps being added: a casino in Havana and a junk yard in Hollywood. Additionally, there will be five new playable characters: Ashe (support sniper), B.O.B.

What is Known About Frenchie

In episode 8, we learn that Frenchie was a member of The Boys in his youth before rising to prominence as an international arms dealer. It’s suggested by Butcher that he may have killed civilians during his time with The Boys, and Frenchie himself admits to killing people who threatened him or his friends.

Is Tomer Capon the Serial Killer?
Is Tomer Capon the Serial Killer?

Real-Life Similarities Between Frenchie & Real-Life Serial Killers

The following is a list of traits that Frenchie and other real-life serial killers have in common. The consistency with which these traits are seen in multiple serial killers may help explain how they were able to elude law enforcement for so long.

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Evidence Against Frenchie Being a Murderer

First, there’s no direct evidence linking Frenchie to any murders. Second, assuming that he had something to do with Roxy’s murder (maybe he didn’t kill her but he saw who did), why would he go on a killing spree at Tech Noir? It would draw too much attention to himself. Third, Frenchie is not in Season 2.

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