gmail labels disappeared ,gmail labels not showing,gmail label notifications,gmail label notifications,gmail label colors,gmail label rules,gmail labels vs folders , Have you ever wished that you could label your email with the push of a button? It’s easier than you think! Follow this tutorial to learn how to set up labels in Gmail so that you can quickly categorize and move emails without ever needing to leave your inbox. How to label and move email with the push of a button

Email is often overwhelming
I have 27 unread emails right now, mostly newsletters. It’s not very pleasant to look at, nor is it easy to take action on all those messages. Thankfully, Gmail has tools that can help you sort your mail into categories—you just need to know how they work. In today’s post, I’ll go over three ways you can use labels in Gmail

Organizing email into labels helps me stay on top of things
It’s easy to organize my messages using just one click. I can set up automatic filters and rules so that new messages get labeled right away. Labels make it easier for me to find important emails when I need them, saving me time and effort in sorting through irrelevant mail. These labels can be color-coded so they stand out from all other emails in my inbox, making it easy for me to scan through various categories of information as quickly as possible.

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Automatically labelling emails by category makes it easy
To prioritize emails by assigning them to specific categories. To assign related emails to an Action category for easy follow-up. To quickly create email-based reminders for yourself (and others). In short, it saves you from having to think about which category your emails belong in—they just go there automatically! Here’s how.

How to label and move email with the push of a button
How to label and move email with the push of a button

Using keystrokes for moves lets me go faster than using mouse clicks
In fact, I’m able to make quick moves without having to take my fingers off my keyboard. With that in mind, here are my instructions for three keystroke-based moves: marking messages as important or unimportant, archiving messages and moving specific messages.

Pushing the enter key does it all
Labeling and archiving (or deleting) emails is easy with Gmail’s auto-complete feature. This nifty service does all of your hard work for you—automatically! Simply type label: in front of an email, then press enter. Gmail will finish typing label: followed by whatever word comes next. Press enter again, and you’re on your way to achieving inbox zero.

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