onenote chrome extension,voice note chrome extension,quick note chrome extension,chrome sap note extension,notepad chrome extension,chrome extension note board,chrome extension note taking . Google Chrome Password Manager makes it easy to access your online accounts from any computer or mobile device, but did you know that it also helps you keep your sensitive data secure? In this article, we’ll share 8 simple steps to help you stay safe with Google Chrome Password Manager. 8 Google Chrome Password Manager Tips to Help Keep Your Accounts Safe

1) Create a master password
The biggest security risk to your accounts is often yourself. Setting a master password will ensure that if one of your accounts gets hacked and you need to reset all of your passwords, you don’t have to worry about forgetting it again. This means that if someone breaks into your account in two years and tries using a password reset form, they won’t be able to gain access.

2) Take your time setting up your accounts
We’re all on a never-ending quest for convenience, but remember that we also want security. When signing up for services or creating accounts online, it’s important to take your time and double-check your information. Make sure you’re using secure passwords, two-factor authentication and other measures to ensure that only you can access your personal data. This little extra effort will help protect your accounts in case something bad happens.

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3) Use biometrics whenever possible
Biometrics are one of those words that can seem intimidating, but if you’re using a smartphone or any kind of electronic device, chances are you’re already interacting with biometric security—and it’s easier than you think. For example, if your phone has a fingerprint scanner and you want to use it for unlocking your phone or accessing your email account, simply place your finger on the home button or power button.

4) Take advantage of autofill features
One of Chrome’s most useful features is also one of its most hidden: autofill. This handy tool can save you time by automatically entering in saved logins and passwords on all your devices.

5) Change up your passwords periodically
We know it’s a pain, but also a necessity. With so many accounts in your life, you need to set up some sort of system so you don’t resort to using 123456 or password for every one. Here are two ways you can set up a password scheme

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6) Consider using security keys (U2F only supported in beta version, but it’s secure and works on any device!)
U2F security keys (such as Yubikey) are one of two supported two-factor authentication methods for Google accounts and you can use them across multiple devices. The second factor is a small physical device that displays a code when you login to your account. For example, with U2F, after entering your username and password on a new computer, you simply tap the security key which transmits a one-time password on your account.

8 Google Chrome Password Manager Tips to Help Keep Your Accounts Safe
8 Google Chrome Password Manager Tips to Help Keep Your Accounts Safe

7) Check out these lesser-known settings
One of our favorite new features in Google Chrome 70 is a built-in password manager. This feature lets you save your passwords, credit card info, and more, so you don’t have to remember them all. The best part: if you’re running iOS or Android 8.0 or higher, these passwords sync across devices automatically! There are also several other features within Chrome that help keep your accounts safe—like Incognito Mode—that most people aren’t aware of.

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8) Use an extension like SelfKey or 1Password if you prefer something that doesn’t come with Chrome by default.
The SelfKey and 1Password extensions allow you to sync your passwords across all of your devices, meaning you’ll never have to worry about remembering them (or losing them!). And because they are password managers, they help keep hackers out. You can also set permissions for each device; if a friend wants access, you can turn it on for them so that they can borrow your laptop and check their email.

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