Holi, the festival of colors, has finally arrived. And this year, you don’t want to miss capturing your friends and family members in the spirit of Holi! Here are five handy tricks and tips to click some awesome photos on this special day. Read on! Top 5 ways to click good photos on Holi , holi 2022 , holi festival, holi images

The new iPhone’s camera features an excellent High Dynamic Range (HDR) option, which combines multiple exposures into one image for more detailed photos. It’s not just for landscapes: Try it when you’re in a crowded area—it will help get rid of some of those pesky dark corners.

Turn your iPhone camera into a slo-mo camera
You might not be able to get a professional slo-mo camera (I’m sorry), but you can make use of your iPhone’s built-in slow motion feature. If you own an iPhone 7 or above, go into settings and enable 120 fps at 720p HD. With that setting enabled, once you press record in slo-mo mode it will drop your video down from 120 fps to 30 fps while saving it as 60fps. The result?

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Get a wide angle lens
One of your best options is an iPhone lens kit. This set will give you three lenses (Wide, Telephoto and Fisheye) with a magnetic attachment that slips over your iPhone’s camera. It won’t feel heavy on your phone, yet it gives you a wider field of view and makes it easier to shoot in low light. Plus, you can share instantly using any Apple device or upload directly to social media sites.

Top 5 ways to click good photos on Holi
Top 5 ways to click good photos on Holi

Remove background blur in pro mode
Background blur is an effect in photography that can make a photo more interesting by making it unclear what is in focus. Although Apple’s camera software includes a manual mode, you’ll have to access pro mode from a secret menu. To turn on pro mode, go into settings, choose photos and then switch between modes until you reach pro. Now when you take your picture, background will be blurred out.

Use Live Photos
The Live Photos feature in iPhone 6S/6S Plus takes your photography experience up a notch. It takes a video of what happens 1.5 seconds before and after you take each picture, giving it that extra bit of life. You can view them as a series of pictures in your gallery or share them directly with friends and family. The video is captured at 720p HD resolution, making sure it’s crisp, clear and dramatic enough to make all your friends jealous!

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