TikTok, the latest craze in video-sharing platforms, has become quite the sensation, with more than 200 million users to date! And now, Instagram’s parent company Facebook Inc has launched their own version of the app — named Reels — to compete with TikTok and other social media apps geared towards short-form video sharing. Let’s take a look at why this app is such a big deal… and why it could pose serious competition to TikTok and its followers. How Instagram is one-upping TikTok

The beauty of short videos

With 80 million active users and 100 million daily video views, it’s clear that short videos are hugely popular. This makes sense—while they can easily be posted in their entirety on other platforms like YouTube or Facebook, short videos work well on social media because they can be consumed quickly and easily while still packing a punch.

The fascination with loops

What’s happening here? Well, it appears that people love to watch short video loops. In fact, hundreds of millions are watching them on TikTok every day. It’s like a competition to create something that keeps going and going—and keeps people watching. But as fun as these videos can be, there’s an added advantage for businesses: You can work to keep your content interesting by adding humor or unexpected elements—like leaving out a few seconds of content here and there.

How Instagram is one-upping TikTok
How Instagram is one-upping TikTok

The allure of being famous

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There’s an allure to being famous. Some people just want everyone to know they exist and having a lot of followers helps them achieve that fame. But what exactly do you get from more likes and follows? For many, it’s extra affirmation; for others, it’s validation for a post or a message. Still others use their following as bragging rights when meeting new people or trying to impress someone. But how many likes do you need to feel good about yourself? How important are followers?

What brands can learn from this launch

Launching something similar to a popular competitor can be tricky, because it opens you up to being labeled the copycat. But when it comes to social media, there’s no such thing as innovating without imitating—and in that sense, imitation can be a form of innovation. This launch leverages what worked for its competition but adds in elements that should improve user experience.

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