Windows 11 has been in beta testing since 2017 and was finally released to the public this week. With any new version of Windows, you’ll find new features that can improve your gaming experience, whether you’re trying out the brand-new release or an old favorite game that’s running on the latest operating system. Here are 11 great gaming features you’ll find in Windows 11 that will give you a better experience while playing video games! 11 Exciting New Gaming Features in Windows 11

The return of Solitaire

The most popular game on the original release of Microsoft Windows was Solitaire. This classic game has been updated with a new look and new features that make it more fun to play. There are three different types of Solitaire games available: Klondike, Spider, and Freecell. The graphics have been upgraded and they now have animation effects to make them more visually appealing. Players can use their fingers to flip cards, drag and drop them into piles, or even shake the table for a random shuffle.

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The new 3D Paint app

Windows 11 now includes the new 3D Paint app which lets you create models with ease. You can paint, sculpt and even add a 3D object to your drawing with just a few clicks of the mouse. Plus, it’s easy to share what you’ve created because you can export your work as a jpeg or png file.

Cortana comes to PC games

Cortana’s presence on PC is a big deal. When you’re playing a game, you can use Cortana to do things like change the resolution, turn off your computer and save your progress. Cortana’s integration with games means that it could fundamentally change the way people play games.

New ways to connect and broadcast

Whether you’re an avid player or just a casual one, there’s something for everyone. You can connect your Xbox to your Xbox One and use it as a second screen with the Game DVR feature; or broadcast your gameplay to the world with Mixer, Facebook and YouTube Live.

11 Exciting New Gaming Features in Windows 11
11 Exciting New Gaming Features in Windows 11

Game Mode

Windows 11 will be the first operating system to ship with a Game Mode feature, designed to optimize your PC for improved performance while you’re playing. You can easily turn on Game Mode by opening the Settings app and clicking Gaming. If you have an Xbox One or Xbox 360 gamepad connected to your PC, Game Mode will automatically be enabled when you start a game.

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Better support for multi-GPU PCs

We’re also working on better support for multi-GPU PCs. Our new graphics stack supports DirectX 12, which allows multiple GPUs to work together more efficiently. You’ll be able to enjoy the benefits of multiple GPUs more often, such as higher frame rates on more demanding games and improved image quality with certain multi-GPU configurations. With DirectX 12 we’ve also eliminated some of the overhead that was previously required by drivers, which will help us improve the performance of AMD and Intel integrated graphics over time.

Improvements to Xbox Live on PC

One of the many great new gaming features that you’ll find with Windows 11 is the ability to play your Xbox games on your PC. With this feature, you can wirelessly stream your Xbox One game library to any PC running Windows 10. And when you’re playing on a PC, there’s no need for a separate console; just connect to Xbox Live and keep playing! You can also interact with friends and send messages right from your desktop.

The return of the Start Menu

Windows 95 introduced the iconic Start Menu to millions of users around the world, and now it’s back. The new Start Menu features Live Tiles from your favorite apps and games, giving you a quicker way to find what you need. It also includes a Recently Added section that shows you all the apps and games you’ve been using recently. Plus, it lets you pin your favorites to the left side of the menu for easy access. You can also see currently running processes right on the menu!

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Game Mode

For developers, Game Mode will allow them to create games that can run on lower-end devices and that are more responsive because of the hardware’s resources being dedicated solely to gameplay. Games can be designed for devices with limited hardware specifications and still provide an engaging experience.

The new Xbox Adaptive Controller

The Xbox Adaptive Controller is designed to be customizable so that gamers of all abilities can find the setup that’s just right for them. The controller features multiple ports, including a USB and Bluetooth connection, allowing it to be connected to a variety of assistive technologies. Built-in accessibility support has been added to many of our existing Xbox One games and we are committed to supporting additional titles going forward.

11 Exciting New Gaming Features in Windows 11
11 Exciting New Gaming Features in Windows 11

Beam Streaming

Beam lets you record your gameplay and share it with others on a livestream. Beam will also allow viewers to interact with the streamer through chat and by giving them virtual gifts. The gamer can then choose to take the chat feed off-screen or keep it on the screen while they play.

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