In First Kill, Jason R. Moore plays Jack, the abusive father of Cal (Tye Sheridan). In this clip from the movie, we see how Jack takes out his anger on his son Cal when his girlfriend doesn’t respond to his text message. This scene was one of several that took place during a pivotal scene in the movie, where Cal finally puts an end to the abuse at home and then in school that he had endured throughout his young life. First Kill – Jason R Moore as Jack Cal father

Who Is Jason R. Moore

Jason R. Moore is an actor and producer, known for First Kill (2016), Under Suspicion (2000) and Wrongful Death (1996). With a long career that began back in 1979, it’s safe to say he knows what it takes to be successful in Hollywood. He was born and raised in Texas but spent some time growing up in Oklahoma while his dad was stationed at Tinker Air Force Base during World War II. While that might have been a dream come true for other kids his age growing up there – he actually wanted to move back to Texas!

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Jason R. Moore Play as Jack, Cal’s father

Jason has had a string of credits since his film debut in 1989’s Men Don’t Leave, including a supporting role in John Hughes’s classic 1990 film Uncle Buck. Moore appeared opposite Drew Barrymore and Jodie Foster in 1990’s coming-of-age drama Little Man Tate before returning to television for roles on both network (on thirtysomething) and cable (The Days and Nights of Molly Dodd) dramas.

First Kill - Jason R Moore as Jack Cal father
First Kill – Jason R Moore as Jack Cal father

Parent/ Child relationships are what shape us

Mother and son / Father and daughter relationships are unique to us all; no relationship between a parent and child is ever quite like another. They’re almost like fingerprints of some kind; they develop their own identity over time based on any number of factors that vary from family to family. The relationship between Cal (Jason R. Moore) and his mother (Joan Allen) is not unlike many other families in that way: it’s complex, loving, and difficult at times—just like most everything else worth having in life. This week we get a chance to watch Cal navigate one of those difficult patches in First Kill on NCIS: NEW ORLEANS Tuesday March 12th at 10/9c on CBS!

Movies we love influence our perspective on life

Certain scenes stay with us forever and make us see things in a different light. I recently watched First Kill, starring David Morrissey (Governor from The Walking Dead) and Josh Duhamel (CEO from When In Rome). Though both actors portray well-developed characters in their own right, there is no doubt that the focus of First Kill is Cal’s story – played by Logan Miller of The Stanford Prison Experiment fame. Cal goes through a lot during First Kill: he faces life-altering decisions about whether to leave his family for another woman, comes to terms with being on parole after committing a violent crime and begins to face emotions he has pushed away for years concerning his terminally ill father’s imminent death.

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Filmmakers tell stories they want to tell

As a filmmaker and writer, my approach is always to focus on stories that interest me or that I think will interest others. More often than not these stories come from moments in life that intrigued me and demanded an examination of why they had such an impact. In my first film, Cal’s Father, I found myself drawn to Cal’s relationship with his dad and how a tragedy affects it—making Cal ask some tough questions about life and what might have been had his dad lived (played by actor Jason R Moore).

First Kill - Jason R Moore as Jack Cal father
First Kill – Jason R Moore as Jack Cal father

While it was certainly challenging for Cal to see his pain captured on film, it was a powerful story for me to tell because it deals with themes that deeply resonate with our humanity—most importantly: loss and forgiveness.

No movie is perfect

There are so many different ways to mess up a movie or TV show. For example, you can change too much of what made it great in the first place and alienate long-time fans or you can stay too true to those original ideas and risk creating something boring. The key is striking a balance between honoring what already works and taking risks to give your audience more of what they’ve been asking for. With that said, I think THE WALKING DEAD did an excellent job with First Kill, because it paid homage to both its source material and also served as a great lead-in for Season 4 (and beyond).

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If a story doesn’t resonate with you, then it isn’t meant for you

I watched all of Logan and though it was a good film, I wasn’t wowed by it. It also didn’t make me want to look up any of his previous films which is kind of a bummer because I’d heard so many good things about him in other films and roles he had taken on. But that’s okay! As an actor (and storyteller), you don’t have to like every role or piece you’re cast in! If a particular script just doesn’t click with you or if it ends up being unsatisfying when all is said and done, then don’t apologize for feeling that way! Don’t feel bad for not liking something that didn’t resonate with you; sometimes that means your time will be better spent elsewhere.

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