Death on the Nile is the third novel by Agatha Christie, first published in the UK by the Collins Crime Club on 10 September 1937, and in the US by Dodd, Mead and Company later in the same year. Christie subsequently adapted the book into a play which premiered at the Princes Theatre, London on 20 October 1937; it ran until 1939 with 1,076 performances, starring Ursula Jeans as Poirot and Nan Grey as Jacqueline (Jackie) de Bellefort. Death on the Nile Emma Mackey as Jacqueline Jackie de Bellefort

Emma Mackey as Jackie in Death on the Nile

Emma Mackey’s portrayal of Jacqueline Jackie de Bellefort in Death on the Nile is one of her most memorable roles. This movie is a sequel to Agatha Christie’s Murder on the Orient Express and follows our characters as they travel down river by boat. Anyone who has seen Death on the Nile will immediately remember poor Jacky running from one male character to another screaming for help; however no one can seem to hear her cries. While running from Dr.

Emma’s Acting Career

Last month’s release of Kenneth Branagh’s film adaptation of Agatha Christie’s classic murder mystery, Death on the Nile has been met with acclaim. Though it may be difficult to recognize behind all that period costuming and makeup, New York-born actress Emma Mackey stars in her second leading role in a film based off a classical British novel after last year’s All Quiet on the Western Front.

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Jackie in The Shining

Emma portrays a haunted former nurse who works at an institution for people with dementia. She lives with her husband and his son, Danny Torrance and in order to convince her husband that she’s more than capable of caring for his son she volunteers to look after Jack Nicholson’s character Jack Torrance and things go from bad to worse. Emma Mackey is set to take on another iconic horror movie role in 2018; playing Annie in Stephen King’s IT movie.

Jackie in Phantom of the Opera

This year’s Phantom of The Opera has many outstanding actors and actresses. One actress who stood out to me is Jackie De Bellaforte. This year’s Phantom played by Chris Mann was amazing in a very strong role for a male actor but what made his performance unforgettable was how well he worked with all of his actresses.

Emma’s Other Roles

You may recognize Mackey from her roles in Dancing with the Stars and Mulan. Other notable acting credits include Winter’s Tale and Dirty Sexy Money. She is a graduate of New York University’s Tisch School of Fine Arts and has played leading roles in over twenty stage productions. While her film career is only beginning to blossom, it seems like she’ll soon be able to add fame and fortune to that growing list of credits! Visit our partner IMDB for more information about Emma!

Awards & Accolades

Death on the Nile is a three-hour long British television mini-series based on Agatha Christie’s 1937 novel of same name. This adaption was first televised in 2005 and starred Emilia Fox (as detective Hercule Poirot), Zoë Wanamaker (as Linnet Ridgeway), Marc Warren (as Simon Doyle) and Kris Marshall (as Inspector Charles Charlie Parker).

Death on the Nile Emma Mackey as Jacqueline Jackie de Bellefort
Death on the Nile Emma Mackey as Jacqueline Jackie de Bellefort

Where Can I Watch Emma?

While some television series are not available to watch at any given time, there are services like Netflix and Hulu that do have a wide selection of older shows. These services provide a monthly subscription that allows you to watch your favorite show when it is convenient for you. As long as you have your television set or computer in good working order, you can begin enjoying old TV shows just by paying a small fee every month. Check out Death on the Nile where Emma plays Jacqueline.

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How Can I Follow Emma Online?

You can keep up with my BAFTA-winning actress and singing/songwriting royalty Emma Mackey’s career by visiting her social media accounts. These include Twitter and Instagram. Of course, she is starring in Death on The Nile at all London venues right now and you can purchase tickets to see her live! You can also support her by checking out her music: links below! INSTAGRAM

Emma Mackey as Jacqueline de Bellefort in Death on the Nile

in 1978 Agatha Christie published her mystery novel Death on The Nile. Agatha Christie is considered to be one of history’s most prolific authors. Her first book was published in 1920 and she continued to write until 1975. Throughout her writing career she wrote 66 detective novels, 154 short stories and 16 plays.

The Importance of Being Jackie

Film history is littered with great female roles that could have (and in many cases should have) been played by women. However, screenwriters often find themselves stuck between a rock and a hard place when it comes to casting. The characters they’ve created may be complex and intriguing—but who will play them?

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Emma Mackey in Later Films

Some of Ms. Mackey’s later films include major roles in Alfred Hitchcock’s The 39 Steps (1935) and in a Laurel and Hardy comedy Stanley and Livingstone (1939). She also had a supporting role in Michael Powell’s classic horror film The Black Narcissus (1947). In 1959 she appeared in Stanley Kubrick’s highly regarded anti-war film Paths of Glory, playing Vivian Passey opposite Kirk Douglas.

Does Emma Mackey look like Margot Robbie?

Let’s get straight to it: Not even a little bit. Robbie plays Jacqueline Jackie de Bellefort (deceased) in 2017’s The Legend of Tarzan. A member of Belgian royalty and daughter of Inspector General John Pierpont (Richard Harris), she is bored with her life until she meets up with manly man lord-of-the-jungle Lord Greystoke (Alexander Skarsgård).

Is Emma Mackey in a relationship?

Yes, she is in a relationship. On 11 September 2016 she was seen in public with a boyfriend at Pippo an Italian restaurant in Camden Stables Market. It looks like they are enjoying their date together. No one knows if they have been dating for some time or just started recently but we can assume that it is going well between them because he is spending quality time with her and that means he likes her more than just being friends.

Has Emma Mackey deleted Instagram?

The mother of five deleted her Instagram account late last night. It’s a social media account that she has built up over five years and has almost 40k followers. The internet is in meltdown right now but what’s going on? Well, let’s start from when we first heard about it! News broke overnight that a 36-year-old woman called Emma Mackey was missing. Her family had last seen her two days ago at home and they were so worried they reported her missing to police.

What happened to Emma Mackey?

On Sunday, November 4th at 12:35 p.m., actress Emma Mackey (Jacqueline Jackie de Bellefort) fell victim to a tragic and mysterious accident near Riverside Park. According to an inside source close to investigating authorities, police are classifying her death as a homicide committed by an unidentified killer or killers.

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