Andrew Katchadourian (portrayed by Indian actor Ali Fazal) is the odd man out in Agatha Christie’s Death on the Nile, which follows the murder of Linnet Ridgeway Doyle. Andrew, who acts as Linnet’s trustee and cousin, considers himself to be one of the most boring men in England – an opinion his wife shares. Death on the Nile star Ali Fazal talks about playing a murderer

About Death on the Nile

Death on the Nile is a 2019 television crime drama directed by James Hawes. It is an adaptation of Agatha Christie’s 1937 novel of same name. The series stars Kenneth Branagh as Hercule Poirot, David Suchet as Chief Inspector Japp, Laura Linney as Linnet Ridgeway and Michael Palin as Reverend Hugh Price. Ali Fazal plays Andrew Katchadourian, Linnet’s cousin and trustee.

When did you get into acting?

I started doing theater in my hometown when I was 8 years old. That’s how I got into acting, and then I went to college for it. It was kind of natural for me to keep going with it. My parents were very supportive. They never said no to anything that I wanted to do or any opportunity that came my way. So I just kept going with it, and here we are today! [laughs]

How many films have you done so far?

My first film was in 2009, called Sugar. And my latest film is Death on The Nile, directed by Agatha Christie. I did another one in between but I don’t think it’s released yet.

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What was it like working with director James Marsh?

It was great working with James Marsh, he is a director that has done so many brilliant films. He really gets into character and works with his actors to make sure they are portraying what he wants them to be. It was incredible watching him direct an actor because you can tell how passionate he is about his art, there’s no force and it comes through in every scene. I hope to work with him again in another film one day! The atmosphere on set was great.

How does this role compare to your others?

The main thing that drew me to Death on The Nile was that, as an actor, it’s important to challenge yourself in roles. I don’t want to play safe. I want to play characters who are different from me and I think Andrew is just one of those for me.

What were you most excited about for this role?

This is probably one of my most challenging roles I’ve ever played, Andrew Katchadourian. When I was offered to play him I really wanted to take it as he’s such an interesting character and it was something different from what I had done before. Also, since its Agatha Christie, that automatically gives me love for it. She’s been in my thoughts since childhood. So when you ask me how am I feeling before accepting such a role? I say why not! Let’s go for it!

What was challenging about this role?

Playing a serial killer was very challenging. It was an unsympathetic role and that was tough to sink my teeth into as an actor, but I really enjoyed it. When you play someone who is essentially good – as I have done in most of my roles – you are automatically drawn towards trying to justify their actions, but with such a bad guy there’s no justification needed.

Any fun anecdotes from filming? Death on the Nile star Ali Fazal talks about playing a murderer

I met Andrew Katchadourian (the character I played) before I started shooting. He was an incredibly intelligent man, kind of awkward and nerdy. We would bump into each other every morning in Alexandria, grab a coffee and talk for hours about Middle Eastern politics and religion. There was one time that we discussed Hitler’s Mein Kampf, which turned out to be quite prophetic because later on in filming he mentions to Linnet how much he hates Jews!

Death on the Nile star Ali Fazal talks about playing a murderer
Death on the Nile star Ali Fazal talks about playing a murderer

Other Q & A

Q. Your character, Andrew Katchadourian, is accused of killing his mother by pushing her out of a window. What is that like to play? A. It was fun! As an actor you’re just asked to do it over and over again and each time there’s no indication as to whether you will live or die, so there was something liberating in that and I found it quite liberating as an actor because there wasn’t much analysis involved in terms of motivation.

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Which movie is Ali Fazal in Hollywood?

Ali Fazal (born 17 October 1984) is an Indian actor who appears in Hindi and Telugu language films. He started his career with minor roles in movies like Love Khichdi (2002), Aur Pyaar Ho Gaya (2003), Darna Zaroori Hai (2005), and Luck by Chance, where he played Imran Khan’s friend. The film was directed by Zoya Akhtar, who previously cast him in her short film Jab We Met.

How did Ali Fazal make it to Hollywood?

It was actually quite difficult and challenging because I didn’t have an agent or manager. No one knew me, so they couldn’t be my representatives. A director called Nia Parr gave me my first major role in The Black Waters of Echo’s Pond . She then got me an audition for David Fincher [The Social Network]. After that I had six months where I was auditioning every week for things.

Who is Joy Lobo in real life?

The stunning Joy Lobo, who plays Linnet Ridgeway in Death on The Nile is an Indian actress born and brought up in New Delhi. She is also represented by 2A Talent Management (London) and Heart Actors Management (Los Angeles).

Is Ali Fazal pakistani?

His father was born in Kerala, India, and came to Pakistan for education purposes. During his stay he met with his Pakistani wife who gave birth to him. He belongs to Punjabi family from Okara district of Pakistan. However, he has spent most of his life in India before moving back to Pakistan. He is married to an Indian actress Priyanka Bose who too belongs to Punjabi origins.

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Is Ali Fazal in relationship?

American Crime Season 2 fan-favorite Ali Fazal is back as Andrew Katchadourian in ABC’s mystery-drama series American Crime Story: The People v. O.J. Simpson, and he’s back to play a more sinister role than that of Jessica Lange’s boyfriend in Ryan Murphy’s FX hit horror anthology American Horror Story: Hotel. In an interview with Vanity Fair, he talked about how his character would not only emerge as one of jury members who voted for O.J.

What is the age of Ali Fazal?

At 32, Ali is older than most Hollywood actors when they get their first big breaks. And he’s certainly not complaining. A lot of younger actors will say they want to be at a certain place in their careers earlier than I did and that’s fine, he says. But I can tell you right now that nothing good ever came before its time.

Where was Ali Fazal born?

In New Delhi, India. I was born in New Delhi and grew up there. And then I moved to Canada when I was nine years old. I lived in Toronto for 10 years and then we moved to Vancouver, so we have been here for eight years now. My parents are from India and my mom wanted me to be educated in an English-speaking country. That’s why she decided to move us all to Canada.

What is the height of Ali Fazal?

The young, mop-haired British Indian was born in Derby, raised in Oadby, Leicestershire and educated at Aylesbury Grammar School. He is 5 ft 61⁄2in (1.69m) tall.

Who is Ali Fazal wife?

When I met my wife. Richa Chadda ..I was working in Telugu films in Hyderabad, and she was doing her computer engineering. As soon as I saw her for the first time, I fell in love with her. It took me two years to talk to her! But when we started talking, we talked for two days straight; then we stopped talking but only wrote letters back and forth every day. We did that for six months before we actually met again. Then after three more months of knowing each other, I proposed to her through one of those Will you marry me? things at Disneyland Paris—and it worked! (Laughs.) We were engaged for another year-and-half until we got married in 2010. We have been married now for five years.

What is the age of Richa Chadda?

Richa Chaddha is 34 years old, Born January 21, 1984. She is an Indian actress who appears in Hindi films. Chaddha made her feature film debut with Anurag Kashyap’s Dev.D (2009). She went on to play supporting roles in films like Shanghai (2012), Go Goa Gone (2013) and Goliyon Ki Raasleela Ram-Leela (2013). In 2014, she played a politician in Mr.

Is Lobo brother of Ali?

No, says Fazal, explaining that he’s been billed as Linnet’s cousin, but isn’t related to her. He is not her brother. He is not really anybody’s son. So why is he known as Andrew Katchadourian? Because Andrew’s mother changed his name when she married.It was very convenient for my character to be named Andrew because in real life, I go by Andi, says Fazal.

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