A few months ago, Netflix announced that the much-loved sitcom The Defenders would be returning with its 11th season in 2019. According to IMDb, it will also be its last, making this the perfect time to binge-watch the previous 10 seasons (or re-watch, if you’re already a diehard fan). Because while we’re sad that there won’t be any more new episodes of this comedy classic, we’re still thankful that its 11 seasons are available on Netflix now! The 11-Time Emmy Winner Returns

The 11 Time Emmy Winner

When it comes to television, Netflix has pulled ahead of the pack. With over 91 million subscribers in over 190 countries, the company is making a name for itself by offering an impressive array of high quality, original shows like Stranger Things and House of Cards. The staggering global success of Netflix is no accident—the company employs some of the best talent in the business with an eye toward cultivating great content.

The Cast

The Netflix original series The Crown has finally released its second season on the streaming giant, and it will not disappoint. If you’re in the mood for something new to watch that’s guaranteed to keep you on the edge of your seat, then look no further than The Crown. With a stellar cast, an interesting plotline, and beautiful cinematography and soundtrack, The Crown is bound to keep your attention until the very end.

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Season 1 – A Little Problematic, But Good

In spite of the show’s flaws, it is definitely a solid winner. The acting was flawless and the story line was heartwarming. I think we can expect some very special things from the coming seasons and I am looking forward to them with my entire being. All in all, a fantastic show and highly recommended.

Season 2 – A Tremendous Improvement On What Came Before

As with any new series, Season 1 was full of growing pains. Some characters were mishandled, some plot points didn’t make sense and some problems that should have been addressed early on in the season were dealt with way too late. Luckily, season 2 looks to be a tremendous improvement on what came before. In fact, it’s shaping up to be one of the best seasons of television in recent memory.

Season 3 – An Even Bigger Improvement From the Second Season

One of the most highly awarded shows in television history, Netflix’s House of Cards is back for its third season. After winning eight Emmys last year and dominating the Golden Globes and Screen Actors Guild Awards as well, Season 3 promises to be an even bigger improvement from the second season. The Peabody Award-winning series takes a deep look into American politics, making it an exciting watch for political junkies and fans of Kevin Spacey alike.

Season 4 – Excellent, One of the Best Shows on Netflix

Stranger Things is a Netflix original series that debuted on July 15, 2016. The show was created by The Duffer Brothers and stars Winona Ryder, David Harbour, Finn Wolfhard, Millie Bobby Brown, Gaten Matarazzo, Caleb McLaughlin, Natalia Dyer and Charlie Heaton. The first season consists of eight episodes and the second season consists of nine episodes. The third season will consist of eight episodes as well.

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Season 5 – Undeniably Spectacular

Yes, we said it: spectacular. We realize that’s a strong word for TV, but after watching the newest season of House of Cards, we’re confident in our choice. Based on the feedback from viewers like you, House of Cards is being touted as one of the best shows to ever hit Netflix . And why wouldn’t it be?

Final Thoughts On The OA

While we’re all bummed to have to wait until 2017 for more The OA, the premiere was truly worth the long wait. Let us know what you thought of the Season 1 premiere and share your reactions with us in the comments below! Also, remember to check back here at CinemaBlend for our official review of The OA when Netflix releases the first season on Friday, December 16. In the meantime, check out our fall TV premiere schedule and fill out your viewing calendars accordingly! WATCH: 7 Cancelled Shows That Definitely Aren’t Coming Back To TV This Fall Blended From Around The Web Facebook

The Good, The Bad & The Ugly

The Bad & The Ugly is the final installment in the Clint Eastwood spaghetti western trilogy starring Eastwood himself, Lee Van Cleef and Eli Wallach. The plot follows two bounty hunters named Blondie (Eastwood) and Tuco (Wallach) as they try to escape from a United States Army fortress. They are also pursuing $200,000 buried in a grave by bandit Bill Carson.

The 11-Time Emmy Winner Returns
The 11-Time Emmy Winner Returns

Top 10 Emmys & Netflix Originals

The streaming service has announced the top 10 Emmys and Netflix Originals to be presented at its upcoming awards ceremony. The ceremony will stream live on Netflix Sept. 18, starting at 8 p.m. PT/11 p.m. ET, from the University of California, Los Angeles’ Royce Hall in Westwood, California . Titles include: Black Mirror , Marco Polo , Marvel’s Daredevil , Grace and Frankie , Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt and more .

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Watch Out 2019

The first episode of Sex Education was nominated for four Emmys in 2018, including the big prize: outstanding comedy series. Now the 11-time winner has returned with its second season, winning Emmys again and boasting new episodes that continue to delight both fans and critics. Season 2 debuted on Netflix Jan. 4.

How Many Emmys?

In honor of The Emmys tomorrow night, I have a Netflix recommendation for you: The Square. The movie is actually nominated for best documentary at the awards, and it’s about the Egyptian revolution in 2011. It is an award winner and will be great to watch the award show and then watch The Square on Netflix. #KWLF (Keep Watching Life)


Netflix has been honored with more than 35 Emmys® and 100 nominations, including the 2011 Outstanding Drama Series award for House of Cards. Netflix was also the first network to win a major Emmy Award for an online-only web television series (beating HBO and AMC) when Kevin Spacey won Best Actor in a Drama Series for his role as Francis Underwood in the Netflix original series House of Cards.

The Production Companies Behind Netflix Originals

A new wave of original content is fueling the streaming service’s resurgence—and it may be good news for your 401(k). The Hollywood Reporter breaks down the production companies behind some of Netflix’s most popular shows, including House of Cards, Orange Is the New Black and Stranger Things. Viewers may not think about producers when bingeing on TV, but it turns out these same creatives are helping to shape our entertainment preferences today.

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