A small disclaimer before we begin. I have not read the book by James Patterson that this show is based on, nor have I seen any of the other shows in Netflix’s Criminal anthology series (the US series or the Brazilian one). This being said, I do know quite a bit about Spanish culture and the legal system in Spain, having lived there for 6 years so far. This will come in handy as we dive into whether or not this show is worth watching. So, without further ado, let’s see how good Criminal: Spain really is! Criminal: Spain – A police procedural anthology series worth watching

What it’s about

This is a review for the Netflix series Criminal: Spain. This Spanish-language show has a good combination of excitement and intrigue. It makes you feel like you’re actually part of the investigation. This detective show does an excellent job of keeping you on your toes with lots of twists and turns that are sure to keep you entertained. If you enjoy shows like Narcos, then this will be right up your alley.

This show definitely isn’t easy to binge watch, so make sure you have time before tuning in because it’s hard to stop once you start!

If you love watching detectives work their way through solving cases, then this show is perfect for you!

You can watch all 12 episodes of this series on Netflix now!

The plot

Each episode is set in a different Spanish city and tells the story of the high-stakes investigation of a major crime, told from the point of view of both an outsider looking in and someone invested in the action.

As mentioned earlier, each episode is set in a different Spanish city and tells the story of high-stakes investigation of a major crime. We follow as one outsider looks in on what may turn out to be an unfinished game or we get some insight into what’s really going on.

Criminal: Spain - A police procedural anthology series worth watching
Criminal: Spain – A police procedural anthology series worth watching

The actors

Emma Suárez plays Angélica López, a key investigator at the National Police’s High-Tech Crime Unit. Carmen Machi stars as her partner Clara Lerma, while Álvaro Cervantes is Sergeant Perera, in charge of the Cyber Unit.


Carmen Machi As Isabel Ferradas Pérez

Carmen Machi (Isabel Ferradas Pérez) is a detective for the Criminal Division of the Madrid Police Department who balances her work with her personal life. Whether it’s at home or in the workplace, she fights to be in control of every situation and has little patience for people who don’t do their jobs well. As a divorced single mother to two children, she must also deal with her demanding career and raising children who are constantly looking for independence. That independence may have been the cause of Isabel’s divorce, but now it has opened up new opportunities that she never would have had if they had stayed together.

The show opens with a murder scene where Isabel works alongside El Cid (Álvaro Cervantes), another criminal division detective, to solve the crime. From there we see how each character deals with various crimes through their own perspectives as each episode brings something new and challenging for our detectives.

Inma Cuesta As Carmen

Inma Cuesta played Carmen Machi in the first season of Criminal: Spain. She has been acting for twenty years and has done a lot of television, film, and theater work. What is her best-known role? Probably a detective she plays on a Spanish drama called Los misterios de Laura. Inma just became an honorary citizen of Buenos Aires because she is so popular there. Her films include Sombras del pasado (2007), La habitación de Fermat (2011), Amar es para siempre (2013) and Besos robados (2014). She also won Best Actress at the 2017 Goya Awards for Un lugar en el mundo.

Eduard Fernández As Carmelo Al Huzaini

Carmelo Al Huzaini, a Detenção e Investigación Criminal (Civil Guard) officer and protagonist in the series, teams up with Emma Suárez, a young detective that just arrived at the Madrid headquarters, to help him solve crimes. Suárez’s inexperience doesn’t take away from her intelligence and the way she sees how things happen in front of her eyes. The strong female protagonist is an asset to the show, as it features a largely male cast. The writers also offer an interesting look into Spanish society with various social commentary themes such as immigration, feminism and gender roles throughout each episode.


José Ángel Egido As Commissioner

Murder, mystery, and suspense are what Criminal: Spain is all about. In the first episode of the Spanish-language Netflix series, we meet a group of detectives including Comisario Joaquin Manero Alted. Manero has been called in to work on a gruesome discovery in an apartment building. The occupants inside have all been killed as part of what appears to be a home invasion gone wrong. What was once a bustling town, it seems that now gangs roam the streets terrorizing its citizens. José Ángel Egido’s character, Commissioner (Comisario) Joaquin Manero Alted, has a whole lot on his plate with not only this investigation but also the disappearance of his own daughter. As he continues to delve into both cases, he must confront whether or not justice can really be achieved when you’re up against such odds.

Criminal: Spain - A police procedural anthology series worth watching
Criminal: Spain – A police procedural anthology series worth watching

Emma Suárez As Chief Inspector

Emma Suárez plays Chief Inspector María de los Ángeles Toranzo Puig, the no-nonsense leader of Madrid’s Criminal Brigade. She’s a kinder and more emotionally attuned boss than the last one she replaced and her investigations often put her into conflict with authority. Even though she has high-powered connections to the higher ups at police headquarters in Madrid, she takes orders from only one person – herself. One of María’s first cases is the death of Mariano Ruiz (Manuel Marota), a respected professor who was found strangled on his living room floor. But when it’s revealed that Ruiz had ties to a violent criminal gang, what seemed like an open-and-shut case suddenly becomes much more complicated.

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Jorge Bosch As Inspector

Jorge Bosch stars as Inspector Carlos Cerdeño Varona in Criminal: Spain. Carlos is a tough, talented and respected homicide detective who doesn’t take crap from anyone. As the pilot begins, he joins the Special Task Force for Organized Crime and he decides to approach his new job with gusto. As a veteran cop, Carlos Cerdeño is pretty much up for anything that crosses his desk at work or in life outside of work. He’s constantly juggling two very different lives which are both equally demanding. His wife has had enough of him being gone all the time so she takes their daughter and leaves him. He then meets a woman who shares his passion for detection so they start dating but there’s always one thing or another that keeps coming between them and we don’t know if they will make it through this difficult time together (yet).

María Morales As Inspector Luisa

María Morales is Inspector (Inspectoría) Luisa. She was chosen to be part of the new Criminal, Spain team. She has been struggling with her choice, but she knows that this job could give her stability and also put an end to any suspicion of having a hidden agenda.

She knows she must be careful because it doesn’t seem that others are happy about their selection or eager to take on their new position. The meeting starts in the room they have been assigned at headquarters. The atmosphere seems tense; everyone keeps their eyes down as if they were hiding something. It’s only when María turns around to see what Josep Miquel is doing that she catches his stare and feels as if he’s judging her every move.

Álvaro Cervantes As Sub Inspector Raimundo Messeguer Ortiz

Álvaro Cervantes is a Spanish actor and subinspector (subinspector) in the Spanish Guardia Civil. In Criminal: Spain, he plays subinspector Raimundo Messeguer Ortiz who goes undercover to catch the corrupted social workers whose paperwork of migrant children has been compromised by human trafficking. He also acts as narrator and later on protagonist after recovering from an assassination attempt that killed his girlfriend.

Along with actress Emma Suárez, Álvaro had starred in Adiós Amigos, a film which won Best Screenplay at Sundance Festival 2018.

Daniel Chamorro As Officer Jorge

As a young, insecure and recently orphaned Daniel Chamorro (Álvaro Cervantes) arrives at the Ferreras Police Department in Galicia, Spain he meets his new team of colleagues. Mariana Ferrera (Emma Suárez), chief of security, Uxío Ferrera (Luis Callejo), head of forensics and investigations, and Óscar Martín(Carmen Machi), second in command with experience in judicial matters. They are joined by Ángeles Lago (Sara Carrín), who has just returned from maternity leave.

The day before starting his job as officer, Jorge is informed that his wife has died in an accident while being pregnant with their first child.

Milo Taboada As Officer Leo

Milo Taboada, played by Álvaro Cervantes, is a committed Oficial de Policía and yet ironically one of the most flawed characters on the show. He has a lack of empathy and honesty which would be characteristic of someone with BPD. However, he seems to be deliberately blunt in his interactions with those around him which shows some level of insecurity. The introspective scenes throughout the season show that this is not a choice but rather a strategy for dealing with difficult emotional situations.

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Another aspect of Leo’s personality that emerges over time is his arrogance, but this appears to be as much self-preservation as anything else because he does not want people to think badly of him.

Leo’s ego often gets in the way when it comes to doing any type of investigative work because there are many other officers who do it better than he does.


Nuria Mencía As Clara

Nuria is the young, strong-willed and independent investigator who risks her life to try to close the cases. Detective Clara is cold and distant, but when things go bad she will do whatever it takes to solve a case.

This crime drama that you have never seen before on Netflix does not disappoint. The complex storylines are so well-written that you feel as if you’re living in this world with these detectives as they get closer to solving each mystery one step at a time. You don’t need any background knowledge of Spanish culture because each episode has subtitles and is available in English too!

Javi Coll As Carmen’s lawyer

Police procedurals have always been a go-to genre of TV shows. Criminal: Spain is different than any other show you’re likely to find, because it takes place in the country of Spain and stars Emma Suárez and Carmen Machi, both Spanish actresses. The show features Álvaro Cervantes as well. The criminal part refers to the protagonist Villar (Suárez), who has an ethical dilemma. She’s investigating her twin sister’s murder case and she has to choose between two very different paths. One would make her the head of criminal investigations in Madrid; the other would be investigating murders with Barrio de los Oteros (Machi). In this way, Criminal: Spain touches on themes like women empowerment or gender equality at work. Furthermore, this new Netflix show is packed with action and suspenseful scenes which will keep you hooked from episode one!

How does it relate to real life?

We see criminals from the other side of the law. This series shows that crimes are not black and white, but rather, there are many shades of grey. The viewer is made to think about their own position and the positions of those they feel they can judge. It allows viewers to open their minds and step into a different reality to contemplate crime as it is- not just read about in books or see on TV.

When is it available?

The episodes are available as of January 24, 2019. Criminal: Spain is part of Netflix’s Criminal, an anthology series consisting of twelve episodes. The new show has been a successful addition to the original program, receiving rave reviews and media attention for its gritty yet atmospheric style. Although it was not picked up for a second season by Netflix, it has been renewed for a second season in its home country by TVE2.

Where can I watch it?

Watch the entire season for free on Netflix now! Criminal: Spain tells a story in which cops try to get the upper hand on an escalating drug war that’s been threatening their country. Set in Madrid, the show stars Emma Suárez, Carmen Machi and Álvaro Cervantes as they search for leads to track down and arrest people responsible for distributing drugs. The season features cases with political twists, family drama, red-herrings and suspects who turn out to be innocent.

Why should I watch it?

If you want to understand the complexities of modern day policing, both from the law enforcement and from the perspective of the criminal, then this show is for you. Criminal: Spain provides a riveting exploration of what justice means in a multicultural society.

Is criminal Spain worth watching?

What makes Criminal so good? The stories are first and foremost. Unlike the typical cop drama with a long, winding plotline that the actors have to try to wrestle back into shape each week, these episodes are more like hour-long dramas. It’s not an open-ended show where they’ll just keep dragging things out forever in order to stretch out the story. These stories have a beginning, middle and end — in one hour!

Is Criminal UK the same as criminal Spain?

No, Criminal:Spain is a Spanish-language police procedural anthology as opposed to the UK edition of Criminal. It stars Emma Suárez, Carmen Machi and Álvaro Cervantes. This series is based on the original BBC One Series called Broadchurch. The entire season lasts for 12 episodes with all episodes being released on Netflix. Unlike the other seasons of criminal that can be found on Netflix, this one only follows one crime story in depth.

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How many episodes in Criminal Spain?

If you love solving crimes and exploring the human psyche, this show is for you. The stories are fun to watch and each episode is completely standalone so it’s perfect for binge-watching. Also, viewers get a look into the investigative process in different Spanish cities–a truly eye-opening experience.

How many seasons of Criminal are there in Spain?

Netflix has a wonderful Spanish-language drama series on their network, which is called Criminal. This show features stars Emma Suárez, Carmen Machi and Álvaro Cervantes and was created by George Kay and Jim Field Smith. Now this crime drama will be set in Spain for the first time, as it becomes part of the Criminal anthology.

Each season will cover a different crime committed against society, but overall I think you will find this to be an excellent series with twelve episodes in total.

Which Criminal is best Netflix?

Fans of Criminal, a 2019 Spanish-language police procedural anthology series created by George Kay and Jim Field Smith, can get more of their favorite show in Criminal: Spain. The first episode was released on June 27th, 2019 and it stars Emma Suárez, Carmen Machi and Álvaro Cervantes. Though there is no official release date yet for the next episode, Netflix will surely have some other exciting things to share in the near future.

Is Criminal UK realistic?

Criminal is not a show that portrays reality in the conventional sense, but it has elements of reality. The plot revolves around crimes and criminal events that would happen if it wasn’t for investigators and lawyers getting involved. The way crime is explored on the show is unusual because most crime shows focus on a single crime or event, but Criminal does a deep dive into the whole system by showing how things like evidence are used in court and how a trial works out.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which Criminal should I watch first?

There are three Criminal Anthology Series you can start with. The first one, Criminal: Season 1, is about a brilliant and mysterious criminal who has been pitting the American and Russian intelligence agencies against each other for decades. But now she’s being hunted down to find out what her plan is before it happens.

Do you need to watch Criminal in order?

While not necessary, I would recommend that you watch the other Criminal seasons before starting this one because they fill in a lot of the backstories and character development. But what is great about Criminal: Spain is that it can stand on its own and provides some storylines that might not have been there if you were forced to watch the previous seasons first.

Where is the Criminal located?

Having only launched in late 2019, Criminal: Spain is a Spanish-language police procedural anthology series created by George Kay and Jim Field Smith, starring Emma Suárez (Asesinato en el canal), Carmen Machi (Matadero Madrid) and Álvaro Cervantes. Criminal is set in the present day, which gives a real sense of relevance to the issues that are raised by the stories being told.

What is the best episode of Criminal UK?

Out of the 12 episodes of Criminal, one episode that caught my attention was Episode 1, Framing. The show starts off with a robbery where a renowned art critic and art restorer named Fiona David (Sophie Okonedo) is shot dead. As more about her work is revealed in the investigation by Lieutenant-Inspector Natalie Pereira (Victoria Smurfit), the line between public and private life becomes blurred and it’s clear that she had an important role in many facets of life.

Is Criminal available on Netflix?

The Spanish-language mystery thriller Criminal is available on Netflix. The show is made up of 12 episodes, each focusing on a new case and different investigation by the Unit. Season 1 takes place in Barcelona, and Season 2 (Criminal: Spain) moves the unit to Madrid. The ensemble cast includes Emma Suárez, Carmen Machi and Álvaro Cervantes.

Where can I watch Criminal Minds Spain?

Netflix is the best place to watch Criminal Minds Spain. Not only can you binge-watch all twelve episodes, but you also get access to all the other seasons and TV shows available on Netflix. Plus, there are many ways to stream Netflix in addition to just using your computer or smart phone—you can watch it from a TV screen (using a set-top box), from a video game console, on your computer or even through a game console like Xbox One S.

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