Crash Landing on You follows young Ri Jeong-hyeok as he joins the military and becomes an elite paratrooper within the KPA, all to fulfill his dream of being reunited with his family. He quickly rises through the ranks, earning the respect of his fellow soldiers while also causing a few rifts along the way. But what happens when Jeong-hyeok’s efforts in the military bring him closer to reuniting with his family, but in ways he could never have imagined? And can he really fit into this new life after being separated from his loved ones for so long? Crash Landing on You: Who is Ri Jeong-hyeok?

Fact 1: Hyun Bin as Hyuk

Kim Seung-chan as teenage Jeong-hyeok was so good that he beat out Hyun Bin in a competition of who would portray young Ri Jeong-hyeok. When they had to make a decision, director Han Jae Ho went with Kim instead. I watched both Ojakgyo Brothers and On Air (the tv show) before I saw DMZ. Despite not being his usual role, Hyun Bin was still fantastic in those dramas. His portrayal of immature, sometimes jealous and petty Kook Sun in Ojakgyo Brothers had me laughing hard even when he was ‘faking’ crying with his thumbs covering his eyes.

Fact 2: Supporting Cast

Kim Seung-chan, Lee Chun-moo : While more popular in recent years, Hyun Bin rose to international fame thanks to his role as a renegade North Korean Special Forces officer in KBS’s Iljimae. Aside from The King and I, he starred alongside Song Hye-kyo in SBS’s Secret Garden and next to Han Ji-min in MBC’s romance drama, Time Between Dog and Wolf. His upcoming film projects include an action thriller with Ha Jung-woo called Inside Men, an adaptation of Japanese manga author Suihō Tagawa’s hit series of novels.

Crash Landing on You: Who is Ri Jeong-hyeok?
Crash Landing on You: Who is Ri Jeong-hyeok?

Fact 3: Song Hye-kyo as Soo-hae

Soo-hae is portrayed as an emotionally damaged woman who lost her family in a North Korean air raid. However, she has spent much of her life deep undercover living as an entertainer at a nightclub in Osaka, Japan. We will learn that Soo-hae actually had no familial connection to North Korea other than her father who was a Southern sympathizer and brought her up along with his own daughter in Osaka after he made his way across DMZ following its collapse. While undercover, Soo-hae grew to understand both cultures and have affection for both South and North Koreans. Her dream of reunification manifested itself into a love for Hyun Bin’s character which makes her later plot line involving Lee Chun-moo’s character all the more difficult to resolve.

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Fact 4 – Producers’ Comments on Crash Landing

Prior to meeting Kim Seung-chan, producer Shin Won-ho had initially thought of Lee Chun-moo. However, he later received many calls from fans after news of his casting was made public. He said, I’m not sure whether they’re going to support him or feel awkward seeing him in it because he didn’t finish college due to his involvement in a scandal… Whatever we did right as producers back then has now become our fault. Kim Seung-chan plays two different versions of Captain Lee Jeong Hyeok at two different ages and shares many similar physical features with actor Ji Sung who appeared in 2013’s Cruel City.

Lee Chun-moo Play as young Jeong-hyeok

Chun-moo graduated from Hanyang University’s department of Theater and Film. When he was in his senior year, he won a KBS talent audition which led to his first appearance in Ruler of Your Own World (2006). He also appeared in The King and I (2007) and other works. His acting career expanded with Spring Waltz (2010), The Blade and Petal (2011), and other work. In 2010, Chun-moo played a supporting role in SBS TV series ‘Gloria’ as Park Young Doo.

Crash Landing on You: Who is Ri Jeong-hyeok?
Crash Landing on You: Who is Ri Jeong-hyeok?

Kim Seung-chan Play as teenage Jeong-hyeok

Kim Seung-chan was born in Seoul in 1983. He graduated from Konkuk University with a bachelor’s degree in Theater and Film, where he majored in acting. Kim made his acting debut when he was 19 years old in television drama Love and Ambition (2002). In 2005, Kim earned popularity by playing a serial killer named Moon Young-joo (Three Guys) and later appeared as Kang Cheol in KBS1 drama Road No. 1 (2006) alongside Jo In-sung and Lee Si-young… etc.

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Who is Hyun Bin wife in real life?

Jang Nara (born October 21, 1983) is a South Korean actress and singer. She began her career as a child actress in 1987, appearing in television commercials before landing her first major role in 1992 drama White Badge. Since then she has become a prominent figure in Korean entertainment industry, starring in films and TV dramas such as SBS’ Lovers (2000), KBS2’s Adolescence Medley (2003), MBC’s Bad Guy (2004), KBS2’s The Royal Gambler (2016) and tvN’s  (2017). In January 2014 she made her musical debut with single Cinderella, which topped various charts upon its release.

Who is Hyun Bin first love?

Although Hyun Bin has been in many great dramas and movies throughout his career, he was first noticed for his appearance in a 2004 Samsung Telecom commercial. He was then chosen to play second lead in 2005’s Smile Again, which skyrocketed him to fame. Since then, he has appeared in various television series and films, most notably as Goo Jae-ha in Secret Garden. Hyun Bin married fellow actress Lee Na-young (who played Kim Da-ri) at a private wedding ceremony held at Shilla Hotel in Seoul on April 27th, 2014.[7] They are expecting their first child due November of 2014

Crash Landing on You: Who is Ri Jeong-hyeok?
Crash Landing on You: Who is Ri Jeong-hyeok?

Why did Hyun Bin change his name?

The actor formerly known as Lee Hyun-bin, or better known by his stage name Hyun Bin, made a fairly big change. The actor announced via SNS and his personal website that he would now be called Hyun Bin and that he had dropped his last name. I’ve decided to go with a single name as it has become difficult to keep up with things… I also wanted to maintain my individuality and wanted something easier for fans to remember when addressing me, he said. Many famous people have changed their names in Korea but there are still very few who use a one-name stage name instead of two names. To find out more about what led him to make such a decision we spoke with him.

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What is the real name of Captain Ri Jeong-Hyeok?

The real name of Captain Ri Jeong-Hyeok from ‘Goblin’ is Kim Min-Seo. Born in 1982, he was a former model before becoming an actor. He graduated from Myungdong High School and studied Korean Language and Culture at Kyunghee University. After finishing his studies, he participated in several online competitions such as Superstar K Season 2 and Star King to prepare for his acting career.

What languages can Hyun Bin speak?

Hyun Bin can speak Korean, English, and Mandarin. He has a number of movies and dramas under his belt. Some of Hyun Bin’s well known works include Hyde, Jekyll, Me, Secret Garden, My Love from Another Star, and others. Hyun Bin’s first drama was 2006 KBS2 ‘My Rosy Life’ as a young boy named Yong Hwa who grew up in poverty due to his parents’ death. After that he did SBS ‘Iljimae’ as Kim In as a teenage version of Iljimae in 2008 which made him well known throughout Korea as an actor to watch out for.

Crash Landing on You: Who is Ri Jeong-hyeok?
Crash Landing on You: Who is Ri Jeong-hyeok?

Are Hyun Bin and Son Ye-jin engaged?

Actor Son Ye-jin and actor Hyun Bin are reportedly in talks to get married. On September 3, a news outlet reported that, The two have been dating for about four years, since around 2013. Their reps said that it was true that they had been talking about marriage but didn’t confirm anything else. The couple has co-starred in dramas like My Daughter Seo-young (2008), Moon Embracing The Sun (2012), and One More Happy Ending (2016). They were also previously involved romantically when they were in drama school together, but broke up soon after.

How long has Hyun Bin been married?

Hyun Bin and Yoon Eun Hye married in April of 2012, following a four-year relationship. How did they meet? A source from their agency said that Hyun Bin’s mother was a fan of Sungkyunkwan Scandal and it was through her that he got to know Yoon Eun Hye personally. Although they both shared an interest in music, they officially began dating only after Sunkyunkwan Scandal wrapped up its filming in 2010. There are so many events these days where we get to meet each other, Hyun Bin told Star News. The more time we spend together, though, the more fun it gets!

Does Hyun Bin have IG?

Fans are buzzing about whether Descendants of the Sun star Hyun Bin has an Instagram account after a supposed screenshot of his page appeared online, drawing much attention from fans who believe he does.

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