There are seven children in the Bridgerton family, each with their own distinct personality and quirks. One of the greatest challenges, then, is choosing which child to play when someone adapts Julia Quinn’s beloved romance novels into a movie or television series. If you’re an actress who wants to land the part of Eloise Bridgerton, you might consider looking at one of the youngest actors in Hollywood, 10-year-old Claudia Jessie. Claudia Jessie Is the Perfect Eloise Bridgerton

What makes a character unforgettable?

Claudia Jessie is a fresh face on literary scene with her first novel, The Girl’s Guide to Rakes. The book features Claudia’s well-known character, Eloise Bridgerton. Since publication, however, readers have been asking for more novels about her like it’s second nature. If you’ve read any of her novels, you know that she writes romances as though they’re historical fiction stories with a deeper plotline than just love. To top it off, she interjects these stories with witty banter and endless humor that makes you keep turning pages until your eyes can’t stay open any longer. So what are some things she does to make characters unforgettable? Here are a few tips

Why should I read Love in the Afternoon when I already know how it ends?

The Bridgertons are coming to a big screen near you! Claudia Jessie is perfect for Eloise, and her passion for acting will help her play a variety of characters. But don’t worry—she’s not getting kicked out of her own story just yet. She will still be cast as Mrs. Darcy in The Darcys . Besides, if we can have Henry Cavill and Colin Firth both playing Darcy (and man do I want that!), then why can’t Claudia play two different parts? If they do film Love in the Afternoon , it would be great to see some crossover between The Darcys and other contemporary works. We could have an entire series of literary adaptations with famous romance stories!

Claudia Jessie Is the Perfect Eloise Bridgerton
Claudia Jessie Is the Perfect Eloise Bridgerton

Perfect Eloise is too perfect

The key to writing a good Eloise is understanding that while she’s strong, smart and independent, she needs some reassurance from time to time. The problem with Bridget Jones is that her character is so perfect; even though it appears she needs somebody to love her, Bridget would never actually accept help if it was offered. She always does everything on her own (and often does things wrong). If you’re looking for inspiration for how to write a well-rounded Eloise , watch Julia Roberts in Erin Brockovich . Erin is flawed, but not too flawed — and once George Clooney comes along and helps out with legal advice, Erin knows exactly what she wants . It’s a perfect match.

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She was not in the least like her sisters… Section: What are some of your favorite moments with Eloise?

My favorite is Anthony, as played by Simon Woods in A Christmas Promise. Oh, who am I kidding? I love them all. On Her Own was released on Dec. 6, and it was so much fun getting to know Anthony better and seeing what he was like before Tessa came into his life. However, out of all of them (present in A Christmas Promise), I think Marcus is my favorite brother to read about; even though he’s only a secondary character in that book, he made an impression on me! It must be because of his dedication to duty! So yes…I suppose you could say I do have a bit of a soft spot for Marcus Bridgerton!

Who’s your favorite Bridgerton sibling, other than Ms. Eloise?

Lillian! She is so smart and I love her (really, I do!) My favorite relationship in all of Julia Quinn’s books is between Colin and Lillian. It’s absolutely adorable to see their little sister/big brother relationship. It makes me wish my own siblings were more like that! And what about your other siblings? I really liked Lydia as well, but she was just…so different than everyone else. There isn’t a specific relationship I connect with her—she just seems like she would be fun to hang out with. And everyone loves Dorothea! Her friendship with Gregory made me laugh because they are such opposites in every way possible—and yet they get along so well together.

Claudia Jessie Is the Perfect Eloise Bridgerton
Claudia Jessie Is the Perfect Eloise Bridgerton

What else has Eloise from Bridgerton been in?

Eloise has appeared in 4 books by Julia Quinn. She’s first seen in SEDUCING AN ANGEL and then returns for a second appearance in THE SECRET DIARY OF LADY JANE SMITH (which is published as three separate novellas). She’s also briefly mentioned at some point during THREE FATES AND A PRINCE.

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Why Eloise is the best Bridgerton?

The Fifth Bridgerton Novel, Blakes novels are always full of surprises, and that is one of my favourite things about them. I will be honest and say that during my first reading of It Takes a Duchess I was not terribly impressed with Lord Blake’s choice for his next novel in his favorite series. It seemed to me at that time as though he had chosen as his subject Claudia Jessup, youngest sister to Benedict and Beatrix. He has been rather vocal about not liking her character; even before its publication he referred to her novel as dreadful (Kingsley 478). For a long time Claudia was a much-maligned character among fans of JQA; she seemed shallow, vapid and vacuous.

Who is Eloise love interest in Bridgerton?

In A Lady by Midnight, Eloise falls in love with Lord Anthony Bridgerton, a writer and explorer who shares her interests. He is surprised when she takes an interest in his explorations, but they enjoy each other’s company very much. They are both interested in various kinds of music, which creates a strong bond between them.

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Does Eloise find love in Bridgerton 2?

The answer is a resounding yes! I have read some of Julia Quinn’s other books, but I have to say that she outdid herself with The Bridgertons: Happily Ever After?. Ms. Quinn does a great job of developing her characters, especially Eloise, in such a way that you feel as if you know them personally; by reading about their heartaches and triumphs you can’t help but fall in love with them as well.

Who is Mrs whistledown?

Mrs. Whistledown is a character in the Bridgerton series by Julia Quinn and Cecelia Holland. She’s an old woman who strolls through Mayfair, listening to people’s conversations and sharing them with other people. Most of what she says is scandalous, which makes her a favorite topic among Londoners. Her identity has never been revealed — even after Cecelia Holland’s confirmation that she was Lady Whistledown, Mrs.W still remains a mystery to fans around

How old is Daphne in Bridgerton?

Daphne is almost 10 years older than her youngest brother, Anthony. All of the Bridgertons are 31 at book one, The Bachelor, and we learn that Tony is born after she turns 20. That means she’s about 30 or 31 when he’s born and 32 when book one starts. Daphne is definitely much older than her brothers in Book 1. We also know from watching The Boys Next Door movie that Daphne was 7 years old when Piers was born so we can conclude that she must have been at least 3 years old by the time Sukey was born to be close to that age difference between Piers and Sukey. This means that Daphne was probably around 15 when her mother gave birth to Anthony.

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