Hyacinth Bridgerton, born in 1876 and raised in the summer of 1888, was the eighth and youngest child of Gilbert and Violet Bridgerton. There are many similarities between Hyacinth and her older sister, Lady Benedicta Bee Bridgerton—both were maids of honor at Queen Victoria’s 1897 wedding to Prince Albert Victor; both raised their younger siblings when their parents were no longer able to care for them; both were unofficially nicknamed Hy; and both were suspected of having romantic feelings toward their brother-in-law Lord St. Bridgerton’s Florence Hunt as Hyacinth – the Eighth and Youngest Bridgerton Child

A little about Florence

When a friend of mine wrote to me and asked me to write about Florence Hunt as her most beloved character, I found myself at a loss. This is because it’s hard for me to separate my own experience from that of being completely enthralled by what Mr. Mc Kinlay wrote. She was magnificent in every way – smart, spirited, a bit brazen but also passionate, kind-hearted and loyal. And I say all of these things knowing full well that she didn’t really exist in real life (or does she??), yet she is so unforgettable to us who read it. As per my friend : I have been an Emma fanatic since I read Captain Wentworth’s Letter when i was only 13!

The family tree

It’s not enough to write a book about a family; you have to give an authentic representation of what it would be like to live there. So, if your novel has ten kids, have them all appear in varying degrees of prominence. If you have an oldest child who is extremely protective of his siblings, he’ll always be looking out for them. If your youngest child is prone to creating chaos, she’ll always be getting herself into mischief. And if you have a tight-knit family with little privacy between its members—in other words, they know everything about each other—consider making one character known for poking around in everyone else’s business.

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The books

The first three books in her new series, The Seduction of Scandal are available now. You can also see Florence on ITV’s The Coroner. She was appointed to Queen Elizabeth II’s royal warrant in 2011 and has twice been named a Global Influencer by LinkedIn, voted one of The Top 5 Most Followed Public Relations Professionals on Twitter by Twiplomacy, nominated for PRWeek PR Leader of the Year, Cosmopolitan Magazine Ultimate Career Girl, and MSN Careers UK Top Women at Work. She is also a former President of London Press Club. Florence lives in London with her husband and children.

What you may not know about Hyacinth

Although many might think that Florence Hunt is a seasoned actress who made her theatrical debut on stages around London, she actually stumbled into acting by chance. Growing up, she never planned to become an actress. Her father, an earl in his own right, strongly disapproved of show business and had no intention of letting his daughters follow in their mother’s footsteps. As a result, all three sisters were home schooled. But when Florence was eighteen, she decided to attend one of her mother’s plays with her older sister Prudence (known professionally as Penelope Norton). She immediately fell in love with theatre!

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Where can you find out more?

Do you want to learn more about Florence? Are you a fan of The Bridgertons? Do you wonder if there is ever going to be another novel about Henry or Anthony? You can find out all of these things (and so much more) on Nia’s website , where she answers your burning questions. Go ahead and give it a visit now. While you’re at it, consider following her on Twitter . You never know when she might drop a new factoid! (New sentence) That’s what makes Nia so great – she doesn’t let us down! If you don’t believe me, go ahead and ask one of her other avid fans.

Final thoughts

I liked meeting Hunt, whose naturally sunny disposition is balanced with a matter-of-fact perspective. I don’t really see any reason to complain, she says of her rare role on a popular television show. There are worse things in life than being an actress, after all. And although it may be unlikely that Hyacinth will grow up to become an Oxford professor—at least for now—Hunt does plan to eventually return to school. She wants to study computer science and may pursue a graduate degree in education before entering academia herself. One thing she’s certain of?

Who is hyacinth bridgerton?

Florence hunt, Earl of Northbrook. She is not actually related to the Bridgertons; she married into them when she wed Michael, Marquess of Allingham, who died in a carriage accident four years ago. Hyacinth does not appear in any of Julia Quinn’s novels, but has since been included in sequels about several other characters and their progeny (Romancing Mr.

How old is hyacinth bridgerton in real life?

The character of Hyacinth Bridgerton was born on May 8, 1811 in book eight of The Bridgertons. She was first introduced in 1812 in book one when she is three years old. In 2011 (the setting for most of my novels), that would make her 102 years old.

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Who plays Hyacinth of Bridgerton season 2?

Florence Hunt plays Hyacinth, who is more commonly known to her family as Hy (which drives her husband insane). She’s in many ways a typical ditzy English aristocrat, but there’s a lot more going on under her surface. Throughout season 2 of Bridgerton’s, you get to know her better. She has her younger brother Max with whom she is very close—even though they bicker.

Is Florence a British hunt?

The first way to tell if a Bridgerton novel is set in Britain or America is to check for spelling. In Handsome Ransom, we see both versions of words used interchangeably. This might seem a bit confusing at first, but once you start paying attention, it’s rather easy to figure out.

Is Lady Danbury a duchess?

When Cecilia first arrives at Brookfield, she assumes that Danbury is a duchess because of her regal presence. In actuality, Danbury refers to herself only as Mrs. This distinction is important because it allows readers to better understand who Danbury is when reading The Viscount Who Loved Me–her husband was a viscount, thus making her a viscountess.

Is Hyacinth older than Gregory?

In researching how to start a new business, there were some interesting facts that I found out that had to do with Hyacinth. For example, Hyacinth is older than Gregory by three minutes and thirty-seven seconds! Now, while many people think that she might be younger than Gregory, it is in fact true. She was born on May 7th at 6:37 pm while he was born three minutes later at 6:40 pm. That is why he is always trying to compete with her and why they are often fighting over something silly or unimportant; but I digress. While most people think she would be younger because of their arguing, she really is older. Just another fun fact about Hyacinth! 🙂

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