The Bridgerton family from Julia Quinn’s Bridgerton series has always been one of my favorites, and I’ve been especially fond of the third son, Colin Bridgerton, since reading about him in It’s In His Kiss. I can remember not being able to put down that book until I finished it, even though it was 2 am at the time! What is it about Colin that makes him such an irresistible hero? Let’s take a look… Why Colin Bridgerton Is the Most Swoon-Worthy Bridgerton Brother

The Brute: Gregory Bridgerton

Gregory is adored by his family, but he’s a little bit of a brute. He’s not just a brute, though; he’s also kind and loyal, which makes him all kinds of swoon-worthy. Luke Newton plays Gregory in The Bridgertons: Season One and is no stranger to playing brutes—he plays another one in Penny Dreadful. Newton shared with us why Gregory is so memorable: Gregory was my favorite character to play in The Bridgertons because he was really funny and really vulnerable. It’s an interesting mix for me because I’m more comfortable playing characters who are a little more standoffish than someone who you really get behind, even if they’re being awkward.

The Rebel: Benedict Bridgerton

A playboy and law school dropout. He fights for a cause but doesn’t like to follow rules. He is also often stubborn, hence his refusal to continue at Oxford when he lost his father’s favor. Despite his flaws, however, Benedict manages to come out on top and ends up with a life that only adds to his swoon-worthiness. His story is truly one of the most romantic in all of Julia Quinn’s novels. The moment I read about Benedict defending Lady Caroline (and facing down her mother), I knew my life would never be quite complete without him as a part of it…Luke Newton knows how we feel: What every girl wants! An outlaw! A hero!

Why Colin Bridgerton Is the Most Swoon-Worthy Bridgerton Brother
Why Colin Bridgerton Is the Most Swoon-Worthy Bridgerton Brother

The Charmer: Dukes & Earls of Lovelace

As a man with a title, Colin had responsibilities. He was to study hard, learn what he could from his tutors and eventually attend university. As heir to an earldom, he was expected to marry well and become someone of influence in society. Like all lords before him, he would live up to his obligations as required of him in order for his family’s legacy to remain intact for future generations. In addition to being a dutiful son and brother, Luke Newton is best known for his charming smile and cheerful personality which captivates everyone he meets including Miss Mabelle Watson. This character trait brings her endless joy because she feels as if there are no worries or concerns only happiness that comes with it’s connection when they are together.

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The Cynic: Lord John Whittlesby

The third son of an earl who, at 32, is growing tired of being on his own and ready to settle down. Intelligent, kind, good with money; he’d be a good catch if he weren’t so cynical and jaded about love and marriage. Why? His older brother killed himself when John was 14 (over unrequited love) and his younger brother eloped when John was 16. Now all he cares about is making sure his friends don’t suffer as his family did. He’ll go out on occasion but it will never mean anything to him–that is until he’s sent by his father to talk some sense into Annabelle Peyton…

What Makes Him Different from Other Protagonists?

Now, some of you may be thinking that there are several aspects of Luke’s personality that make him different from other male protagonists. And I agree, he certainly is different. However, even though he seems like a lovely young man on the outside (and he is), there are still many reasons why Colin Bridgerton is by far one of my favorite heroes to date! What Makes Him So Adorable?: In short: everything! From his good looks and charm to his dependability and intellect, it’s almost impossible not to fall in love with Mr. Bridgerton. He has been described as having curly hair, eyes dark enough to reflect secrets, an athletic build and tall stature – all qualities women admire in a man.

Why Colin Bridgerton Is the Most Swoon-Worthy Bridgerton Brother
Why Colin Bridgerton Is the Most Swoon-Worthy Bridgerton Brother

His Personality Strengths and Flaws

Luke is often referred to as adorable and British, which we find completely endearing. He has a charming smile and warm eyes. What really gets our heart pumping is his roguish nature! He’s not afraid to get his hands dirty (literally) or make a fool of himself on purpose—which usually just results in more girls falling for him. Our favorite part about Luke Newton is that he can definitely take care of himself—and we love that he does. Luke has been described as having untamed hair, which might sound unusual for most people, but it only adds to his charm! We hope you loved our list of reasons why Luke Newton is so awesome; did we miss anything? Let us know in the comments below!

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Our Favorite Quotes About Luke Newton and Colin Bridgerton From Readers

There is something about reading a love story that you know is going to end up well. It has always been one of my favorite types of books. And when I read [Colin and Julia], it was just as good as I imagined. – Amazon Reader Review In addition to her excellent writing skills, Quinn brings to life a cast of lovable characters–the Bridgertons’ household staff as well as their friends and neighbors. – Kindle Reviewer Quinn has created some very amusing characters in these two characters, but not only them, there are some absolutely hilarious members of Colin’s family: his brothers with their different personalities and personal circumstances. His parents make for entertaining reading too. – Goodreads Reviewer The interaction between Juliette and William was perfect.

Is Colin the same actor in Bridgerton?

Not all of them are. Ed Westwick, who plays Anthony Bridgerton in Bridget Jones’s Diary, also played Simon in EastEnders. Hugh Grant, who starred as Christian Stokes in Four Weddings and a Funeral, also portrayed Michael Brandon in Fawlty Towers. Colin Firth himself played Mr. Darcy (twice), Mark Darcy and Mr.

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Who is Colin on Bridgerton?

For a little while now, I’ve been saying that I like Colin better than Gregory. And I know you all think that’s a blasphemous thing to say. But when I look at it logically—really just look at it—I have to conclude that he’s just an objectively better match for Felicity. Here are a few reasons why…

Who is Luke Newton in Bridgerton?

Luke Newton is an English actor who portrayed a character on The Duchess of Duke Street and now stars as one of five new aspiring writers as part of Bravo’s first original drama series, Girlfriends’ Guide to Divorce. He also plays Colin Bridgerton in Julia Quinn’s six book series The Bridgertons.

Does Penelope end up with Colin in the Bridgerton books?

Penelope Featherington and Colin Bridgerton are married at year’s end. That’s all we get. They first meet in Bridgertons, which is only book 2 of 3, but they announce their engagement in book 3, Kissing Strangers and are married before the end of that book.

How old is Daphne in Bridgerton?

The idea of marrying me off was an alarming one to Daphne. A year ago, she had woken up in a morning gown, ringlets hanging about her head and a bit of vomit on her bodice. She and Colin did not have that much in common.

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