Jessie Eden was one of the last remaining members of the Peaky Blinders, the notorious gang known as much for their razor blades sewn into the brims of their caps as they were for their violence and criminal activities. Charlie Murphy as Jessie Eden in Peaky Blinders

The Character of Jessie Eden

Did you know that many of Winston Churchill’s personal secretaries were women? During World War II, a woman would often replace a man on leave to work with him. With war comes significant responsibilities, so Churchill’s choice to fill roles like these with women was really just practical. But there is something more to Churchill’s approach than that. After all, his secretary had no authority or influence when it came to actual policy decisions. It seems likely that Churchill valued female perspectives; he believed they could add something unique and special to his team. In today’s modern world, I can’t help but wonder if we still hold onto these values about men and women working together in business situations.

Charlie Murphy’s Performance

There are a lot of shows out there that focus on crime and mystery. But not all of them allow you to jump right into what’s going on, rather than having to sit through an hour of backstory before getting down to business. Peaky Blinders is one such show—and it has a lot going for it aside from its intriguing plotline. The acting is top-notch, for starters. And each season of the show is set in a different era, so you get to see how fashion changes over time alongside all those other changes we can see and enjoy (or not) on television!

Charlie Murphy as Jessie Eden in Peaky Blinders
Charlie Murphy as Jessie Eden in Peaky Blinders

Spoilers Section

Let’s talk about Paul Anderson…one of my favorite directors. I believe he is seriously underrated, and he can literally do anything he puts his mind to. His best work to date would have to be Let Me In (2010), Alien vs. Predator (2004), and his masterpiece; Mortal Kombat: Annihilation (1997). However, I’ll leave it at that for now. So how does Peaky Blinders stack up against his previous work? Simple: It stacks on top of them like a stack of dimes and won’t stop getting better every episode! The Season Finale, episode 4, is an extraordinary follow-up to one of 2018’s strongest opening series!

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When Peaky Blinders was first released

Charlie Murphy was not popular enough to be casted for the role of a main character, however after his death, he has become more and more well known. Due to Charlie’s popularity rising due to his passing, he would make an excellent addition to a show that already features so many great actors like Cillian Murphy and Sam Neill. I feel that Charlie would fit right into Peaky Blinders by portraying Jessie Eden so well on screen. He is talented, multi-dimensional actor who was just not given enough chances in life. In my opinion he would have made it big if he were still alive today.

Charlie Murphy’s role in the TV series

In The Gate, Charlie Murphy played Jessie Eden, a young girl trying to prove herself to her father and help him out of his financial difficulties. He tried to kill her fiancé Arthur Shelby by ordering Lizzie Stark (Paul Anderson) to shoot him through his bedroom window, but inadvertently shot Thomas Shelby (Joe Cole) instead. After she had been arrested for stealing from a shop owned by Charles Gray (Tom Hardy), she met Tommy, who visited her at Bessie Street police station. He got her released by offering to pay back all of her debts if she became an informant and told him everything that went on at work. She tried it and informed Tommy that Lizzie intended to betray his uncle Chester Campbell.

Charlie Murphy as Jessie Eden in Peaky Blinders
Charlie Murphy as Jessie Eden in Peaky Blinders

Costume design

In season 1, episodes 2, 4 and 5 Jessie is seen wearing a red dress with white polka dots that is buttoned up to her neck and a square cut at her bottom. It has long sleeves with three-quarter length gloves. She’s also seen wearing high heels which are open in front showing her ankles.

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Overall reactions from fans

They are all very similar and are usually extremely positive. Fans love to see Charlie Murphy’s portrayal of Jessie Eden, even though she is a fictional character. People enjoy hearing about Charlie’s experiences with playing a hard headed, independent woman because they want to know if she feels that way outside of her role on TV. A lot of fans say they find it interesting how easy it is for Charlie to get into character when playing someone like Eden. She really brings out an attitude that people do not normally associate with her. Overall there were comments saying that fans love how good at her job she is, they adore how unique and creative she has become, and they look forward to seeing more from her.

Who is Jessie Eden based on?

A feisty Northern singer, who’s become quite successful on stage and radio. She’s charming and beautiful, but with a reputation for having her own way. When Tommy is arrested and locked up she becomes involved with him again, using her connections to release him. At first she seems attracted to Tommy because of his celebrity status, but in reality it turns out that she’s been romantically involved with Thomas Shelby for some time before he left England for Canada.

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Is Charlie Murphy from Peaky Blinders related to Cillian Murphy?

With a history of working with British television, Charlie Murphy has been nominated for several awards for his work, including winning best TV supporting actor at The Royal Television Society Awards. Despite his impressive resume, few people know that Charlie is actually related to none other than Cillian Murphy. While many have speculated about whether or not Cillian’s character Tommy Shelby is based on real-life gangster Charles The Killer Kray Jr., very few have put two and two together regarding Charlie and Cillian. Although they may not share any physical resemblance between one another and share little in common when it comes to their actual acting styles; their current level of success proves that they are both talented individuals who have mastered their craft.

Why did Jessie Eden leave Peaky Blinders?

Jesse’s decision to leave his brother and his family behind was a personal one. He has seen too much, been through too much and just doesn’t want to deal with any of it anymore. Unfortunately for him, with someone like Tommy Shelby (Cillian Murphy) around, you’re never truly free from anything or anyone. Did you enjoy Jesse’s return? Or do you think it was unnecessary? Sound off in the comments below!

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