Scott Speedman as Barry Baz Blackwell, Smurf’s adopted son who is the leader in the Cody family’s heists but begins to question how Smurf runs their jobs. (seasons 1–3) Barry didn’t have it easy growing up and was raised by his grandfather following his mother’s death and father’s abandonment when Barry was young. With his grandfather teaching him the ways of being a career criminal, Barry began studying how to plan and execute successful heists from very early on in his life. Baz Blackwell: The Leader of the Cody Family’s Heists

Why We Admire Him

Scott Speedman’s character Baz doesn’t want to be a part of his family’s criminal business. But as his mom Smurf always says, It’s in your blood. From running their heists to managing his relationships with Lacey (Lydia Rose Bewley) and Robin (Jack Gordon), Baz never stops trying to figure out who he is and what he wants. Even if it means hurting those closest to him, including Smurf. Hopefully we’ll see more action-packed Baz in season four! — Rochelle Pittman , Rochelle Pittman Communications Director at GigaOM

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What Makes Him An Iconic Character?

Scott Speedman plays Baz as someone who has an undying loyalty to his family. Baz has been around since Season 1 and we have witnessed him mature from a kid into a young adult. What makes him one of my favorite characters is that he doesn’t really play by any rules except for protecting his family.

Baz Blackwell: The Leader of the Cody Familys Heists
Baz Blackwell: The Leader of the Cody Family’s Heists

That said, he is also willing to grow and evolve as a character. As seen in earlier seasons, Baz felt like it was necessary to eliminate those that threatened his family in some way or another, whether they were doing so intentionally or not. This changed throughout Season 4 where he took off with Sabre after they got into an argument regarding Sabre’s relationship with Elly.

His Interactions With Other Characters

Baz has been seen to have a strong bond with Smurf. Baz and Donny are shown to be close friends, in spite of their different personalities; in particular, they often play chess together during down time, and have known each other for over 30 years. Not much is known about his relationship with Derek Rayne (the youngest member of The Seven), but when it was announced that Derek had joined The Seven instead of Baz, he stormed out without saying a word.

How His Character Has Evolved

Baz was Smurf’s son, who she took in after his mother died. Baz loved her deeply and would do anything for her; however, he quickly began to see that there were serious issues in Smurf’s leadership skills. When Marlo attempted to take over their operation after Smurf was arrested, Baz acted as their leader and helped them realize that they deserved better. By season 3, he has stepped down from his position at his family’s business and is now helping Dell with his campaign. So why does Baz still have a connection with criminals if he’s working for Dell?

Baz Blackwell: The Leader of the Cody Familys Heists
Baz Blackwell: The Leader of the Cody Family’s Heists

And Who Should Play Him In A Live Action Film Version?

One season before White Collar ends, Scott Speedman will have to make a very hard decision. Barry Baz Blackwell is an ex-con who was sent to prison for stealing with his father (Gibson, played by Dennis Farina). While in prison he met Neal Caffrey and they became friends as they worked on computers together. After he is released, his probation officer demands that he stay away from Neal and live a clean life so he can return to society better than when he left it. Although Baz misses Neal and wants to reunite with him after his release from prison, Gibson does not want his son associating with criminals or people who got him into trouble in the first place.

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The Argument For & Against

There are few things in life as terrifying as standing up for what you believe in. When push comes to shove, it’s often better to keep your head down and avoid an argument than stand up for yourself. That isn’t to say that you should be a doormat or pushover – but there is a delicate balance between speaking up and overstepping your bounds. Consider carefully whether your ideas are worth putting yourself out there and potentially earning enemies in some cases.

Baz Blackwell: The Leader of the Cody Familys Heists
Baz Blackwell: The Leader of the Cody Family’s Heists

Who is Barry Baz Blackwell on Animal Kingdom?

Baz is an incredibly charismatic con-man that has lived his life as a scoundrel. His upbringing, as well as his relationship with Smurf, is what made him into who he is today. While Baz grew up with loving parents in Australia, they were considered to be wild. As a result, Baz and his two brothers (one older and one younger) spend most of their lives getting into trouble both at home and at school. This behavior continued until Baz and his brothers were taken in by Smurf after their parents passed away.

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Why did Smurf adopt Baz?

Smurf has always been a family-based criminal who likes to take on projects and shape them into successful criminals. Baz was a young kid that Smurf found at one of his heists and decided to raise as his own. Smurf doesn’t have any blood children, so he was looking for another way to make up for lost time. Baz also reminded him very much of Patrick Swayze, which is why Smurf decided to give him more responsibilities than most other robbers in Los Angeles would be given at such a young age.

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