having thought of everything, every possibility and argument that could be thrown at her she was ready for anything. She knew exactly how to run his trial and make sure he was found not guilty. But she was worried about something… something deep inside her wanted him to be guilty. It made no sense but she couldn’t shake it off.

Part 3 – Prosecuting the case

The prosecutor, Josette Simon (already playing a lawyer on television in ‘Judge John Deed’) seems to be playing her part from behind glass. I would have thought she would have been out there leading from front – but oh no. She stayed behind that table or at least trying to stay away from being directly in camera view as much as possible which had me thinking she is not sure how good or bad she will come across on camera.

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Part 4 – Sentencing

Today Judge Moorhead told jurors that he would announce his verdict in four to six weeks. He then turned to Ms. Regan and said she would need two months to prepare for sentencing if he found her client guilty on all counts, but noted that it could take only two weeks if Mr. Shkreli is convicted on fewer counts or if he receives a light sentence. If I don’t find him guilty I don’t want to see you, Judge Moorhead joked with Ms. Regan.

Josette Simon as Angela Regan

The term ‘the best friend’ has been used by many characters to describe Simon in her various roles; however, it can truly be applied to how she played DCI Carol Jordan in L&O: UK. As fans still search for news about whether or not there will be another season of L&O: UK (and maybe even if there will be a series 2), one cannot help but imagine how amazing it would be to see Josette Simon portray James’s defence counsel.

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At the premiere of “Anatomy of a Scandal”, Josette Simon is standout here among all those black gown, wearing a soft yellow feathers cape gown from

British actress Josette Simon is best known for playing Louis Theroux’s mum in My Scientology Movie (released February 2017), but she has also had an illustrious television career spanning more than thirty years. The South African-born actor is currently starring in BBC Two’s political thriller The Casual Vacancy. She plays prosecutor Angela Regan, who has a mysterious past with lead character Krystal Weedon.

graduating from Central School of Speech & Drama.

Following two years of training at Central School of Speech & Drama in London, she decided to specialise in acting for film and television. After leaving drama school she found herself playing lead roles in several British films such as Rappin, On The Black Hill and later working with Hollywood actor Mel Gibson on his Oscar-winning feature Braveheart. Shortly after her performance in Braveheart she moved to Los Angeles with her family.

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Josette Patricia Simon OBE is a British actress

she is best known for her role as Yvonne Von Stidworthy in Birds of a Feather from 1989 to 1998 and its film spin-off Beauty and the Beast (1997). She has also had an extensive stage career, appearing in musicals such as Starlight Express and Evita. Her film appearances include Sense and Sensibility (1995), Love Actually (2003) and Bridget Jones’s Diary (2001). On television she appeared in A Touch of Frost and Lilies.

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