Charlie Vickers as Halbrand in Peter Jackson’s The Lord of the Rings films was an interesting departure from his original character in J.R.R Tolkien’s book, The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring. The film adaptation changed Vickers’ character Halbrand into a Saruman-like wizard (though still human) who travels with Saruman to Valinor, where they fall under the influence of Sauron and are changed into orcs by him. Charlie Vickers as Halbrand: A Human on the Run from His Past


In the time before time there was nothing but darkness. Then the Great Enemy came, and cast a shadow across the hearts of Elves and Men. – Galadriel to Frodo, J.R.R. Tolkien’s The Fellowship of the Ring

In his innermost ring he had hidden his only power that should not be known-the power to rule men’s minds. It was strange and potent . . . In appearance it resembled a clear cold water in which an eye seemed at times to reflect itself; but closer inspection revealed beneath this surface dark shapes moving formlessly together in an indefinite depth.

Charlie Vickers as Halbrand: A Human on the Run from His Past
Charlie Vickers as Halbrand: A Human on the Run from His Past

What Is the One Ring?

The One Ring is the symbol of power in Middle-earth, forged by the Dark Lord Sauron. It allows those who carry it to dominate, enslave and even kill others. In the books of The Lord of the Rings, it was created as a powerful and unbeatable weapon in order to subdue all other rings and grant Sauron’s dominance over all Middle-earth. Though he does not appear in the film adaptation, Halbrand is one of Tolkien’s original characters that will be featured in this prequel series. He has an essential role to play within Galadriel’s past, though his true identity remains shrouded in mystery for now.

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Morgoth and Sauron

Morgoth forged the One Ring, while Sauron created the remaining Rings of Power. Every time Sauron put on a Ring he became more powerful and his power stretched out into Middle-earth, but if the Ring was taken away, Sauron’s physical form faded and died. The Elves were afraid that when they wore the Rings, they would become like Morgoth and Sauron.

Charlie Vickers as Halbrand: A Human on the Run from His Past
Charlie Vickers as Halbrand: A Human on the Run from His Past

To keep the elves free, Galadriel has devised a plan to destroy all the rings but one. She would then give her own ring to someone she trusts and send them into hiding. When the time comes for her to claim back her ring, she would be able to take back Middle-earth and defeat Sauron once and for all.

How Does He Fit Into Fellowship of the Ring?

Halbrand first appears in Fellowship of the Ring when Frodo wears the ring and walks into Lorien. The elf maid Galadriel sees that he has never before been there and worries about his identity. He is later seen in The Two Towers, when he kills the orcs at Emyn Muil with a sword. At this point it is unclear whether he lives or dies. When the Nazgul fly over him he falls to the ground but does not react to their presence. Halbrand’s death is confirmed in Return of the King during The Scouring of the Shire, when Saruman orders Bolg to slay him for opposing his rule in Middle Earth.

Charlie Vickers as Halbrand: A Human on the Run from His Past
Charlie Vickers as Halbrand: A Human on the Run from His Past

What Happens Next?

Halbrand is the one human in The Lord of the Rings that most identifies with Middle-earth. He has felt like an outsider for a long time and has always searched for meaning and understanding. But, there is no escape from his past, and he can’t make it stop haunting him. In order to escape his past, he breaks away from everything he knows and goes out into the wilderness by himself. It’s not until he meets Galadriel that he finds some sense of belonging, but now it’s too late. When she chooses him to be her emissary and commands him to take up arms against Sauron, he refuses her request and commits suicide.

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The rings of power can be overwhelming, but do not let the ills that follow prevent you from being who you are. With bravery and a bit of perseverance, you can defy the odds, too. Charlie Vails’ and Galadriel’s story is full of hardship and pain that result in Galadriel coming to recognize her humanity. In their own way, they have both defied the odds and been tested in many ways. They were willing to give up their mortality for something greater–something that ultimately mattered more than life itself. When things were at their worst for them, they found strength in one another–a closeness that was forged by what they experienced together.

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