Adam Reed, who plays Adam on Teen Wolf, and Walker Scobell, who plays young Adam on Teen Wolf, met when they attended the same school in real life as kids. I was actually the only one who talked to him, said Reed at the 2016 ATX Television Festival where he and Scobell were participating in a panel about the series. As they got older, they continued to hang out together, though they weren’t really friends until their senior year of high school. Adam Reed and Walker Scobell’s Friendship

Coincidence or fate?

12-year-old Adam is faced with a difficult decision: he has been invited to a birthday party for one of his classmates, but he does not have an outfit suitable for such an occasion. Suddenly, a mysterious gift appears on his doorstep—an outfit just like all of his classmates will be wearing! Surely it’s fate that leads Adam to attend said party in style. He dons his new suit, feeling happier than ever before.

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A dream come true

My name is Adam, said Walken. I want to go to school here. It was his first day of seventh grade, a day that would change his life forever. It wasn’t hard for him to see that some kids were being treated differently than others by their classmates, even though they were all in seventh grade. One kid in particular, Walker Scobell, seemed like he was being tortured on a daily basis.

Adam Reed and Walker Scobell's Friendship
Adam Reed and Walker Scobell’s Friendship

The courage to change

Every day, I am inspired by my friend Walker Scobell. While his disorder makes his day-to-day life more difficult than most, he is a happy young man with a rare attitude about life. Whenever I am feeling low or ready to give up on my dreams, I think of Walker and how he has become what others thought he never could be: an athlete, comedian, public speaker…the list goes on.

Putting it into action

It’s hard to be a bullied kid. But it can be even harder to stand up for others who are being mistreated. In his TED-Ed Live lesson, Adam Reed encourages us to do just that—even when it seems scary or daunting—because doing so makes us better versions of ourselves. It was a trait he honed from a young age, thanks in part to his first best friend: an actor named Walker Scobell.

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Letting everyone know about it

You can’t move forward in life if you’re afraid to reach out. Just because no one’s there to hear your cries for help doesn’t mean you shouldn’t make them. Go ahead—reach out for help when you need it. In fact, go ahead and let everyone know about it! Write a post on Facebook or Twitter, send emails or texts to friends—just put it out there that you need help, love, support, compassion… whatever.

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