Ryan Reynolds doesn’t just play one of the most iconic superheroes on the big screen, he also stars in one of the best time travel films of the last few years, The Edge of Tomorrow. In it, he plays Adam Reed, a time pilot who risks his life to try and uncover the truth behind his wife’s disappearance after an alien invasion hits London. This time-hopping sci-fi flick perfectly blends action and drama, making it one of the best movies of 2014—and it’s not even close! Ryan Reynolds Brings a New Time Pilot to Life

The actor’s physical transformation

The actor has slimmed down and bulked up for his role in The Sound of Metal, bringing his character’s physical transformation to life. It’s no secret that the Canadian star had to become more fit and muscular in order to portray an F-14 fighter pilot, but after seeing photos of him on set, fans will certainly be impressed with his dedication. Now, it appears that he’s closer than ever before to realizing Reed’s true look.

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The film’s inspired costumes

If there’s one thing that sets an action film apart from most other movie genres, it’s its costumes. Even more so than in other genres, these intricate outfits must be able to make their actors appear both totally badass and 100% believable at all times. That can be easier said than done. Still, there are certain trends that seem to come back year after year in Hollywood—and sci-fi/action movies often employ some of them most frequently. Here are 10 examples

Ryan Reynolds Brings a New Time Pilot to Life
Ryan Reynolds Brings a New Time Pilot to Life

The CG assistance

Computer-generated imagery has become an essential component of modern film and television. Nowadays, just about every film you see uses some form of CGI for either background elements or entire characters. With Deadpool, Tim Miller used CGI in some unique ways to create interesting shots that would be near impossible without it. The most impressive use is probably creating Adam Reed’s time machine out of thin air.

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Director Dean Israelite on the film

In our story, time travel has been invented but it’s illegal and no one knows it exists. So we follow a guy named Adam who loves his wife and has one of these devices, but he accidentally gets sent back in time and when he comes back he has lost her. Now, he’s looking for her and trying to find out what happened to her.

Where you’ve seen him before…

If you’re looking for an actor who has plenty of experience at genre films, Ryan Reynolds is your man. After all, he plays Deadpool! In Don’t Stop Believin’, he plays Adam Reed – an officer in time travel police unit tasked with protecting history from those trying to change it.

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