In the most recent trailer for Marvel’s upcoming film, Thor: Ragnarok, Mark Ruffalo’s character, Dr. Bruce Banner, warns Thor that time travel cannot be taken lightly. He explains that even with the most advanced technology, their actions could change the future in unpredictable ways and they could never know if they made the right choice. While this advice may seem like common sense to many of us who are not scientists, Ruffalo was able to convey its necessity to his character in just seven words. Mark Ruffalo Takes Time Travel Very Seriously

Professor Dan Hill

We are dealing with a lot of complicated science and we’re asking our audience to understand a concept that could be kind of mind-blowing. It’s one thing to ask them to just suspend disbelief, but when you’re talking about quantum physics there is some truth that we want to convey in how we deal with time travel.

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The Basics of Time Travel

Listen, time travel is not what it seems to be in science fiction, says physicist J. Richard Gott III. You don’t need to invent wormholes or warp drives or any of that stuff. What you do is move at relativistic speeds—which means 99 percent of light speed or above—and then turn around and come back to Earth before you left.

Our Universe Is Inherently Flawed

Because our Universe is expanding, scientists have come to an important conclusion about time travel. If time traveling were possible, we would be able to go back in time and change our own past—and then we wouldn’t exist. Scientists can’t even explain how such a thing could be possible. If you do find a way to go back in time and meet your younger self, don’t tell him or her anything…at least not until they finish their Master’s degree.

Correcting Our Mistakes Through Subtle Correction

It’s a lesson we all learn in kindergarten: when you make a mistake, say Oops! and fix it. Well, if we want to prevent mistakes in our own lives—whether they be personal ones or professional ones—we need to follow Mark Ruffalo’s lead.

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The Best Way To Use Time Travel

The science of time travel is incredibly complicated and difficult to explain, so we asked Adam McKay, director of Back to the Future and writer/director of The Big Short, about how he would use it. I like to imagine you having lunch with Doctor Emmett Brown, who came up with time travel in his DeLorean car. What would you ask him? How does it work? Is there a loop or are your memories deleted when you return? So many questions!

Don’t Mess With History

Actor Mark Ruffalo is famous for his roles in award-winning films such as Spotlight and The Kids Are All Right. He recently took a part in science fiction thriller Infinity Chronicles which explores space-time. His character, Louis Reed, is a brilliant quantum physicist who wrote an algorithm that’s capable of controlling time travel. In an interview with People Magazine he said, This movie deals with very complex ideas and theories regarding our existence.

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